2017 Yule Gift Ideas Pt 3 – My List






First off, previous year’s lists!

2015 List:


2016 List:



Okay, here we go! Here’s what I’m hoping to find under the tree this year!



Christopher Penczak Books

Believe it or not, I still don’t have all of Christopher’s books! I know, crazy right? He just keeps writing more!!

I haven’t seen a copy of either of these books to thumb through them, but I’m really interested in both based on what I’ve read. Christopher has always had a scientific approach to magick and I think he expands on those exercises in The Casting of Spells book. Here is a blurb from the Amazon page for the book:

“In this book, you’ll learn all of the basics of writing spells, along with magickal techniques you can use to enhance your spell work, exercises to improve your spellcasting, examples of spells throughout history, magickal scripts, and how to bring it all together to help you live a more magickal life!”

Ancestors of the Craft really appeals to me because, as a Witch, I feel like we really need to look to our history and our Elders to understand how we’ve come to where we are as a spirituality and as a movement. Helena Blavatsky, Gerald Gardner, Aleister Crowley, Alex Sanders… these are just a few of the names that are common to our histories, but there are many more. I think this book would be an asset to any magickal library.

Amazon link to purchase The Casting of Spells:


Amazon link to purchase Ancestors of the Craft:



moon lamp

3D LED Moon Lamp

Oh, my goodness, I’m borderline obsessed with these! They are so freaking amazing!!!

Whether you’re looking for a nightlight, an educational tool, or just a really cool conversation starter, these lamps are fun. They are available in different sizes, starting at around 3.5 inches and moving up to about 7 inches. The sphere depicts the actual surface of the moon!!! They have dimmers and some even have varying light colors. They are cordless, coming with a rechargeable battery and USB cord.

I would love this for a child’s bedroom. Heck, I want it for my own bedroom!

Amazon link for 3D Moon Lamps:




Animal Statues for my Elemental Altars

I’m still developing my Elemental altars and taking the time to really find the animal statues and other items to that speak most to me. A bear statue is something that I’m still looking for and the above picture is quite interesting.



Mortal Instruments Tarot Deck

I love all of Cassandra Clare’s books! Some more than others, but this tarot deck is gorgeous! Gah!!! That’s all I can say… Gah!

Okay, now that I got that out of my system, really, this is a pretty cool looking deck. The artwork is done by Cassandra Jean, who is pretty much the official illustrator for the world Cassandra Clare has created. That means there is a beautiful cohesiveness to the deck and I like how there are splashes of color in this mostly black and white set. There’s even a matching bag! Any lover of the Mortal Instruments or Infernal Devices books would like this.

Link to purchase deck:




Mortal Instruments Coloring Book

And then there is a coloring book!?!?!?!?

Oh man, this is really a guilty pleasure. It’s not something I NEED, but it sure is epic! More artwork from Cassandra Jean and the pictures I’ve seen from it makes me want to frame them.

Amazon link to for book:



crafting bags

Magical Art of Crafting Charm Bags Book

I follow Elhoim on Instagram and that’s how I heard about his most recent book. I don’t have much experience with charm bag, but I’ve always thought to use them more. I’m hoping this book with have some good suggestions, if I can only get my hands on it! 😉

Amazon link for book:




That’s that is all for this year. I hope you all have the most wonderful of holidays and that the new year is filled with love and peace and happiness. 2017 has been a crazy busy one and I think 2018 is going to have some live changing experiences to look forward to. As always, thank you all for reading the blog and watching videos on the channel. Thanks for walking this Path with me and until next time… Blessed Be!!!




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Fiction Friday – Lost and Found – Chapter 26


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Glenn made a gate that opened facing the stone circle and the Fates went with us to help in what they could. Ashrem came as well and I figured that it was because he felt that he had to see this whole thing through to the end. Os-tur opted to remain behind with Peorth because she was still feeling too weak to be up. Kenaz stayed behind as well.

“So, we’re bringing Taeynd here, and we’re going to kill her?” I asked, thinking this was one of the worst ideas we could have come up with.

“Are you helping bring her here?” Siofra asked me pointedly.

I hesitated in answering and Mac asked a question of his own. “Where are we bringing her to?”

“I suggest we form a circle and bring her in the center of it,” Siofra answered.

“Is there any way we can take away her ability to do magick without killing her?” I asked, hoping they would see reason. “Let’s look at this; justice would be to leave her with no ability to control these people like she’s been doing. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate revenge instead of just killing her?”

“No,” Ashrem replied vehemently as he stepped forward.

“You have another stake in this,” I told him, hoping the others would listen to me. We couldn’t just kill her in cold blood, no matter what she had done. It wasn’t right.

“She has to die. If you can’t stomach it, turn your back,” Ashrem came back a little too harshly.

“We do not have the right,” I insisted, looking around at the others for support.

Eliza came to my side and put her hand on my arm. “Corrine, maybe you should take Joel over to that tree over there and sit down,” she suggested.

Siofra came closer as well and tried to explain why we couldn’t just leave Taeynd alive. “For all the bad she’s done with no remorse, for imprisoning people against their will, for killing a small child’s parents.”

I glanced at Joel, hoping for one last bit of support in this sea of chaos my family insisted upon. But he looked at me with remorse in his eyes as he gently took my hand in his. Without a word, he led me off toward the tree that Eliza had pointed out a minute ago and turned my back to the circle. A sense of regret took over my heart knowing that I had somehow failed, but I knew that there was no way I was going to stop them, so I let him lead the way.

I felt Siofra and Glenn’s magick as they brought Taeynd unknowingly into their trap but I refused to look, concentrating on the material of Joel’s sleeve as he rested his hand on my shoulder. I heard her scream and closed my eyes tightly and leaned towards Joel. They were horrible screams that sounded like she was being eaten alive from the inside out and I felt his hand touching the back of my head. Then I heard a single gunshot and I tried to pull away from Joel, but he took me in his arms and held my head against his chest comfortingly.

“This isn’t right,” I told him in a whisper.

“There was no other way,” he said solemnly. “It had to be done.”

We waited a moment then Joel took my hand again and led me back to the circle of stones. I carefully averted my gaze so that I wouldn’t see Taeynd’s lifeless body and as we approached I heard La’usel tell Siofra that she and her sisters would take care of Kenaz. The knowledge made me feel a little better, knowing that the child could stay in her native world and have a loving environment to grow up in was a comfort. One of the few I would leave here with, the biggest one being that Joel was returning with us.

Siofra gated back to hut to tell Kenaz goodbye and as the opening closed behind her Mac looked at me and said, “Get the medallion out, we’re going.”

“We’re waiting for Siofra,” Glenn told him, making me wonder what had happened before we rejoined them to set Mac off. His face was harsh and set in stone like it was when he was irritated.

Eliza moved over to me. “Are you okay?” she asked.

I nodded. “Yeah.”

“You realize it had to be done,” she said.

I looked away from her. “Can we not talk about it?”

She looked at Mac like he should take care of this, like he was any better at the emotional or comforting stuff. “What do you want me to do about it?” he asked gruffly.

“Make her feel better,” Eliza rebuked, using her thumb to indicate me.

Mac glanced at me and then back to his wife. “About?”

It pissed me off when they did that. “Can we not talk about it, and can we remember that the child is here and she can hear you?” I asked irritably as I went back to where I had left my pack to make sure it was all set to go. I was grateful when Joel followed me and Eliza moved off to find something to get together before they left as well.

I pulled the medallion out from under my shirt and left it on top of my clothes so it would be easier to pull off when the time was right. I turned to Joel. “Are you ready to get out of here?” I asked.

He smiled and moved closer so that I had to tip my head to look at him. “Yes, please,” he said in a half relieved, half smoky voice that make Goosebumps spring up in my skin.

“I’d like to wait for my wife,” I heard Glenn comment to Mac.

The two looked at each other challengingly. “We can get ready,” Mac told him, not really doing a good job of making me think that he would wait for Siofra to return.

I allowed my gaze to move over to where I knew Taeynd’s remains were and was half relieved to see that there is no sign of the body. The three Fates must have done something with it while everyone was talking, which was fine by me.

Siofra return with Kenaz for goodbyes and we learned from the women that the medallion could be used again to come back whenever we wanted and that Joel obviously knew the way and could lead us back as well.

The women and the child moved off to one side of the circle with Ashrem and we took our places to perform the ritual that would take us home. The wolf took his place on the center stone with the medallion around his neck and we pushed the correct sequence of stones to activate the spell. I took Joel’s hand comfortingly in mine and closed my eyes as the magick stirred around us. When I opened them again we were in the cave.




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ABCs of Angel Mythology – Poyel


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Poyel is patron angel of fortune and support. He can bring into your life modesty, altruism and simplicity. Poyel is the creator of positive thinking, ideas, atmosphere and ambiance. He can bring hope, optimism and even humor in your life. He is the angel who can help you to express yourself clearly and simply. When you feel misunderstood, Poyel can even bring good health.

Prayers for Poyel’s interaction are helpful when facing financial problems, abundance issues, lack of resources, as well as pride and ambition. He can remedy those who have lack of modesty and altruism. He is the one you need when you are driven by excesses, exaggeration and worldly pleasures. He can change our materialistic lifestyle and bring some spirituality to it. Poyel can help you deal with criticism, controversy, inhibition and mediocrity. Pray for his guidance when there is a big absence of happiness in your life. If you have to face health issues and illnesses. Poyel, Angel of Fortune and Support, can remedy false joy and fake smiles or laughter.




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2017 Yule Gift Ideas Pt 2 – Presents You Can Buy





And now… on to a list of gift ideas you can buy. I really love every item on this list this year. I like the idea of them. I like how they are either tied to my practice as a Witch or to conservation. I’ve bought many of the items on this list, for myself or as a gift. Oh, and here’s past lists if you’re interested. I try to keep all the lists different from year to year.


2015 List:



2016 List:



Okay, here we go!



bulk stone

Bulk Stones from Ebay

A couple of years ago, Cathy and I split an order of crystal points and it was really affordable, I think it was about $15 for a pound. If you have a person on your list who is into stones this would be a great gift. There are even items of assorted stones, so what better activity to give a stone lover than a bag to sort through and catalogue!?

I’ve done some checking at various times that there seems to be a good selection of stone options available from reputable dealers all the time so this is a great gift idea for any time of the year.


aukey lamp

Aukey Lamps

I heard about this brand of lamps from a fellow YouTuber that I follow who recently purchased one and I was immediately intrigued by this product. The picture above is a rechargeable LED lamp that has adjustable brightness as well as a range of 256 colors it will cycle through. Since this lamp is rechargeable, that means you can take it with you (perhaps to an outdoor full moon ritual) or use it as a night light. It has an elastic band on the bottom of the base that allows it to be hung in a tent or from a wall. The price point is good, too, at right around $25.

The company also makes other desk lights that plug in and I like their designs. Some are a true desk lamp that has a standard light, while others are smaller and have the colors you can cycle through. I found them all on Amazon and all the prices are pretty reasonable.

Amazon link for Aukey Lamps:



stone pendant

Stone Pendants and Chains from Michael’s

Recently, I did a Helen’s Helpful Hints video, sharing the awesomeness that is the stone pendant and chain selections available at Michael’s craft store. I’ve heard that similar options are available at Joann’s as well, but I haven’t been to one to check.

I’ve purchased many of the chains and a couple of the stone pendants and I really like them so far. The cost is AMAZING, but you need to pay attention to the stones because some are real and some are created stones. Just be aware and keep your eyes open. One of the pendants that I purchased is an amethyst point that has a power amount of energy to it and very much wanted to go home with me.

Link to a Michael’s search for stone pendants:



Helen’s Helpful Hints video link:



smudge pot

Smudge Pots

I’m seeing more and more of these pots in stores and I love the idea. What you have is a ceramic pot with an inner ring that is large enough to hold most sizes of smudge sticks. A coven sister purchased one and I’m in love with it. Obviously, you would use it to hold a lit smudge stick bundle that you could then either leave on a surface to burn, or carry it around if you were maybe clearing a space.

I was thinking that you could also put sand in the outer part of the pot to hold incense sticks, adding another use to the item and you know I’m all about multi use things! I think this could be helpful because at the moment I have one of those long wooden incense burners and it takes up quite a bit of room on my altar. This pot is smaller and has more uses.

Here’s a link to an Etsy shop that sells them:



diffuser ToL

Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Oil diffuser necklaces have been around for a while and I have one that my “work wife” gave me that I love. Many of the diffusers that I’ve seen are like a locket and you get felt shapes in different colors to us with different essential oils. There are other styles that hold flat lava stones or are round instead of a flat locket, there’s one that I’ve seen that looks like a Snitch from Harry Potter!

However, recently I purchased a second necklace from a company called Organ Neck that I’m really loving. They have witchy loving designs, like the Tree of Life, Zodiac signs and others and they are really nicely made. Very sturdy. I like that their felt pads are thicker than the other diffuser necklace I have. The company also had earrings, bracelets and car diffusers in the line.

Organ Neck website:



salt lamp

Salt Lamp

I have wanted a salt lamp for years! A good friend has many in her home and they give off a wonderful and homey glow. Of course, there are health benefits to them and salt is a great way of keeping negativity away.

You can find them all over and in various sizes, I even found them at Walmart for under $20 recently. And yes, I bought one! Replacement light bulbs are incredibly reasonable as well. I got a 4 pack for $2.


ravpower 24w

Mini Solar Panel

On a previous year’s list, I featured a solar rechargeable portable battery, and this is a step up from that. This unit can charge up to three USB devices at once. It’s great for camping, hiking or for that bug out kit you may be putting together. I’m attracted to the idea of solar power and if I were a home owner, I would for sure have solar panels for electricity. This kind of charger is something that I can use, no matter where I go.

Unfortunately, the item in the link below will not charge a laptop because it takes more power than the unit can produce, but there is a larger solar panel that will. I am not afraid to admit that I am not an electrician and know very little about how it works. That’s why I included an additional link for a video that explains how this exact charger works. It was pretty informative, and I feel like I know a bit more about electricity than I did before.

Amazon link for panel:


YouTube Video explaining how well the panel charges:




That’s this year’s list! I always like putting these together so I’m hope someone is finding them useful! 😉


There’s only one more list left for next week. See you back then!


Thanks for walking the Path a little while with me… until next time… Blessed Be!



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Lovely Article



I came across this blog post and found it utterly enchanting and I felt moved enough to share it. I hope you check it out.




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Fiction Friday – Lost and Found – Chapter 25


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I took a deep breath, attempting to center so that I could effectively heal Joel when Siofra stepped forward to help. “I’ll deal with him,” I told her, looking down at my hand and noticing for the first time that I had his blood all over them both. “Get Mac. Get Eliza, she’s hurt.”

I felt Glenn and Siofra drew more magick and I was aware when they transported Eliza out as I continued to pull myself together. I glanced over my shoulder as she appeared on the ground and saw that her clothes were bloody like Joel’s were, but hers had a lot more blood on them than Joel’s did. Siofra bent to heal her as I turned back to Joel.

I could feel the tears of desperation in my eyes as I tried to focus, knowing that I would never be helpful to anyone unless I pulled myself together. Joel moaned a little, not really coherent at the moment and not aware that he was no longer being held by Taeynd’s men.

I tried talking to him, trying to reassure him that he was safe and that soon he would be home. Finally, I was able to get a reaction out of him and he opened his eyes and looked at me, reaching for my face with a filthy hand and whispering my name.

I smiled down at him and felt a tear slip down my face at the knowledge that he recognized me. “Can you stand?” I asked, hoping that if he could get to his feet I would be able to figure out where exactly he was hurt and be able to focus my magick better. I didn’t know a lot about first aid and was relying totally on what my magick was doing to heal him.

Joel winced uncomfortably and attempted to shift himself to get his arm under him. “I can try,” he said and tried to push himself up. I helped him as much as I could and Os-tur came forward to help as well.

Joel was leaning on me heavily, but he got to his feet and the moments it took to get him there gave me the time to get myself together enough to properly heal him. A sob caught in my throat when recognition came to his eyes and he was able to breathe easier. “Thank you,” he managed, his hand coming up to touch my cheek with the back of his fingers.

I was so relieved to see him okay that I couldn’t think of a thing to say so I pulled a skin of water from my pack and gave it to him as I used my cloak to wipe his face free of blood.

“Let’s get Mac,” I heard Glenn say. “Then take Taeynd with us somewhere other than the castle where we have more room to kill her.”

I was still had mixed feelings about killing Taeynd and I turned to face the others just as Siofra was attempting to give Eliza, who was now sitting up, water. Eliza was ignoring her, though, as she looked toward me then said, “I don’t want water, I want Mac.”

“We’re getting him,” Siofra told her comfortingly.

Siofra and Glenn linked again and soon Mac appeared in front of us, holding a large sword in his hand. Eliza quickly scrambled to her feet and ran to him to check him for injuries while he looked her over as well.

“I fixed her,” Siofra told him quietly, causing her brother’s gaze to move to her.

“I highly doubt that,” he replied dryly, but concern was clearly written in his features as he pulled Eliza close to him for a quiet moment.

Siofra rolled her eyes. “She has no more injuries,” she retorted just as dryly.

Mac smiled down at his wife and kissed her forehead. “Oh, okay,” he said half heartedly, having eyes only for Eliza as he said without words how much he loved her. “Let’s go,” he told her, then glancing up at the rest of us.

Eliza put her head on his shoulder briefly. “Yes, please.”



With Joel still leaning on me, we moved closer to the rest of the group so that I could link magick with Glenn and Siofra and the next instant we were back in the common room of the Fate’s hut. An’daril was once again carding wool, but this time she was sitting by the fireplace, the little girl once again at her side to help her. Cal’lore was weaving at a loom near the window and La’usel was making tea. All of them stopped what they were doing and looked at us in surprise when we poofed unexpectedly into the room.

“We’re back,” I announced unnecessarily, looking to my left to make sure that Joel was still with us even though I had my arm around his waist tightly.

An’daril sniffed. “We don’t have to ask if they worked,” she said, meaning the cloaks.

“No, they worked quite well, thank you,” Siofra said with a smile as she took Glenn’s hand and held it tightly.

Joel was still looking a little pale from his last encounter with Taeynd’s men and even though he protested a little, I was able to ease him down into a nearby chair as La’usel asked, “Is she dead?”

Siofra shook her head. “No,” she informed the women as Mac led Eliza to another chair to have her sit on it.

“I’m fine,” she tried to insist.

“Bullshit,” he countered as he pointed to the chair. “Sit.”

“You sit, too,” she insisted, clearly but all to certain that he was fine.

Mac’s mouth set firmly, like it always did when she mothered him too much. “You sit first.”

“You sit with me,” she pressed.

“Sit down!” he boomed, and she did.

Since it was really the first break in the action I turned to Eliza and used Life just to set my mind at ease that she really was okay. I gasped at what I learned.

Joel was half out of his chair before I knew it and had a steadying hand on my shoulder. “Are you okay?” he asked, his voice full of concern.

I nodded, unable to believe what I had just learned as I urged him to sit again. It was Siofra who asked Eliza, “How long have you known you were pregnant?”

She gasped in shock and Mac looked around the room questioningly. “What the hell is going on?” he asked.

When no one answered he looked at the wolf. “Gwrhyr?”

“I’m fine,” Eliza insisted, her hand grabbing the hem of Mac’s tunic to reassure him.

Mac looked at his sister. “Sprite?”

“She’s not dead?” La’usel asked again, taking everyone’s attention away from Siofra’s sudden disclosure of Eliza’s pregnancy and back to the immediate problem at hand.

Siofra glanced around the room and shook her head. “No, she’s not.” All three women were clearly disappointed in the news, but Siofra was quick to reassure them. “We’re working on it. It was more important to get the injured ones out.”

“We need to go back and take care of her,” I said, not wanting to see her dead, but resolved in the understanding that she couldn’t be left in power either.

“We’re not going back,” Siofra said. “We’re going to bring her to us.”

I looked around the crowded room and recommended, “I suggest that we go somewhere a little less populated.” I didn’t think the women would appreciate an altercation in their living room.

Siofra agreed. “I think we need to get cleaned up and get ready first.”

An’daril objected. “Is it a good idea to give her time to prepare for you?”

“We need to get out of the hut,” Siofra said.

“Then let’s gate somewhere,” I suggested, anything to get this over with to get home. I was keeping at least one hand on Joel at all times as everyone talked. I wasn’t about to loose him again.

My aunt nodded. “Why not the circle?”

I had to agree that it seemed like a good a place as any. “Let’s go?”

“Armor?” Mac asked.

Ashrem came forward. “There is armor here.”

The next half an hour was spent in handing out the weapons that Os-tur had brought to the cottage with us and the extra supply that Ashrem had to spare.

Mac handed Joel an extra sword and I moved to his side to put my hand on his arm. “Are you sure that you’re okay?” I asked him. There was no need for him to further injure himself when there were plenty of us to take care of the situation.

Joel smiled and cupped the side of my face for a quick moment. “I’ll be fine, don’t worry about me. Just let your family take care of Taeynd. Are you okay?”

I nodded and relished in the small contact of his skin against mine. I prayed to the Gods this would all be over soon so that we could go home.



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2017 Yule Gift Ideas Pt 1 – Presents You Can Make Yourself


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I’ve done this series of gift idea posts for three years now and I think it’s one of my favorites things to work on. Since I am a crafty witch, this particular list has a special place in my heart. Here’s my ideas for this year and make sure to check out the lists from past years because they are always different.


2015 List:



2016 List:



For this year’s list, I went to my Pinterest boards for inspiration. Some of these pins I found years ago and have wanted to try, while others I’ve actually made. I tried to include crafts for all experience levels so hopefully something here inspires you!



I still have the dreamcatcher that was made for me years ago by the wife of a dear friend of mine. I always thought that it would be a craft that I wouldn’t be able to do because of how complex they look. That was, until I found this pin. I still haven’t tried it myself, but man, it sure looks easy, right!?

I like the idea of adding stones and feathers in colors that are either favorites of the person you are gifting it to, or colors that are soothing and would inspire peaceful sleep or creative dreams.



Terrarium Centerpiece

I remember when I first saw this pin… a really good friend had just found out her daughter was pregnant with her first child. The first grandchild even! We all immediately started thinking about baby shower decorations and since the daughter was a Star Wars fan, I thought this would be perfect.

I love the versatility of this idea and how it can work for any interest. As a matter of fact, another friend bought this beautiful oil lamp that is made from a raw piece of copper and she put a terrarium together with broken shell pieces in the bottom of the container.

I had a terrarium in college that was a 5-gallon fish tank that I planted some small cactus and aloe plants in and displayed my collection of pewter wizards and castles in. I’ve seen some really elaborate glass containers in Michaels and Walmart stores, so you can get as fancy or plain as you want.


zipper jewelry

Zipper Jewelry

I’ve actually done this one! Super easy!!! I was inspired to make this pin last year as a Yule gift because a coven sister has a thing for zippers and she really liked it.

The hardest part was drilling the hole and the Roomie only messed up one zipper… cuz yeah, me and power tools… not a good idea. Anyhow, there’s loads of ideas out there for zipper jewelry and they all seem pretty basic so this idea is a bigger winner!


stepping stoneStepping Stones

Stepping stones are another adaptable gift idea and I’ve seen kits available that have everything you need in one box. I like the spiral idea show in the picture, but there are all kinds of other witchy symbols you can make with small stones.

I’m of a mind to make some stepping stones to get in my flower beds next year! What a great project!!!


fairy garden

Fairy Garden

Oh, my goodness, who hasn’t seen fairy garden accessories in stores? It seems like you can find them everywhere the there is so much you can do with themes! It’s a bit daunting, but a fun project all the same. Even if you have a black thumb and aren’t comfortable putting a garden together yourself, there are lots of possibilities out there to put together a kit for that fae lover on your list.


travel altar

Travel Alter

This type of crafting project is not for the faint of heart.

I found this pin years ago, when I first joined Pinterest and this made my crafty witch heart go all pitter-pat. I already have a travel altar that I love, but something like this is serious witchery. I have an old, wooden suitcase that I’m thinking of seeing what I can do with to try to replicate this idea.

This idea is high up there in the crafty-meter and I’d love to see what other folks have come up with.



There’s my ideas for Yule gifts you can make. If you are a crafter, I’d love to see what you’re making this year so please share and post a link! Have a safe week and thanks for walking the path for a little while with me! BB




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ABCs of Angel Mythology – Nanael


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Nanael is known as the angel of spiritual communication and his name means “God Who Humiliates The Proud”.

In Judaism, Nanael is an Elohim and as such, he is superior is Archangel Raphael. But in Christianity, Nanael is one of the Principalities and therefore, is superior is Archangel Haniel.

Nanael is the divine angel of spiritual communication of every kind. Therefore, he inspires you to start a spiritual work, such as meditation. He brings useful knowledge about the spiritual world and the spiritual teachings of enlightened masters. Nanael inspires you to contemplate on spiritual topics, such as The Divine, higher dimensions and plans of existence, etc.

Nananel holds sacred knowledge on mysticism. Therefore, he brings secret and hidden knowledge about the spiritual world. He inspires you to appreciate solitude, because solitude allows you to meditate and contemplate. Nanael facilitates any way of communication with God.






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ABCs of Angel Mythology – Mihr


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The Angel of Relationships

This archangel watches over all relationships including family, business, friends, and lovers. As a social architect, Mihr’s job is to bring people together to combine their gifts and passions to assist Mother Earth in her progressive evolution. Mihr is the Angel to invoke to bring assistance to your current relationships. You can also call upon this archangel to help you attract others of like mind, who are on a similar path as yourself to enter your life and live in harmony.






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Fiction Friday – Lost and Found – Chapter 24


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We rode toward the coast and made pretty good time. Ashrem didn’t want to push the horses too fast so that they would be ready to run if need be. It was hard to me to not worry about Eliza and the others after the story Os-tur told, but I knew that worrying about it wouldn’t do anything except give me a headache. Based on what he had told us, I knew that Eliza was the only one conscious when the soldiers arrived and I had to keep myself from thinking that any of the blood was hers.

Deciding that the best way to keep my mind off what was happening to Joel and the others, I figured conversation was the best course of action to occupy my mind. “How did you learn of this way into the castle?” I asked Ashrem.

“When Bloodmark came to Horsetower I escaped through them,” he answered, his eyes never leaving the path in front of us.

“What were you doing there to begin with?” Siofra asked.

“It was my home.”

Siofra’s expressed turned to one of surprise. “Who are you?”

He glanced back at her. “I am Ashrem Itemron.”

“Are you the true ruler of this land?” I asked.

“My father was.”

Siofra and I looked at each other in amazement that the women hadn’t mentioned this before. “Is your father alive?” she inquired.

“Bloodmark killed him, and my mother,” was his short, unemotional reply.

“Then you are the true ruler of this land,” I remarked, wondering how this new bit of information changed things.

I didn’t think that it was possible, but Ashrem’s spine got even straighter in his saddle. “At this point no one rules until Bloodmark is dead,” he commented, but I could hear his desire to see her removed from power in his voice.

“Well, today might be the day that you have to take over,” I told him. “She may have to die for us to succeed.”

He didn’t turn again when he spoke. “There’s no ‘might’. She will die.”

“Yeah,” Siofra breathed lowly.

“Okay, so it shall be,” I said, not sure that how I felt about the idea of it. Sure, Taeynd wasn’t the nicest person by any stretch of the word, but I had a hard time allowing myself to be part of killing her. She had kept Joel here as her prisoner and slave for two years and that angered me greatly, but I didn’t like being anyone’s judge and jury. It wasn’t my place to be something like that.

A few minutes of silence past before Ashrem turned to me. “Where did your sister train?” he asked me, meaning Eliza.

“The school of hard knocks,” I replied, my thoughts turning back to the fact that Eliza was being held by Taeynd and I hoped to Gaia that she and the others were still alive. I held tight to the feeling that if they weren’t that I would somehow know it. Eliza was the closest person in the world to me as well as my mother. Something time me that if she weren’t alive anymore that I would someone know.

Dwelling on the negative makes it real, I told myself as I prayed that she was okay. Willed it with all my being.

“I’ve never heard of that before,” Ashrem commented, reminding me that we weren’t in our world anymore and my witty euphemisms were lost on him. “Is it near here?”

“She’s been on her own since she was about your age,” I explained, knowing that I would never tell him the whole story so I hoped he didn’t ask too many more questions. “She’s lived a long time; she’s had to fight in the streets to survive.”

Ashrem looked back at me. “She had no family to care for her?”

I remembered Kate and the few stories that that I had managed to get out of Eliza about her vampiric mother. “At that point, no.”

“I can’t see how she could pick up the skills to kill so many of Bloodmark’s black guards,” Ashrem commented, clearly perplexed. “La’usel said she was a Dagger?”

I shrugged. “Some may call her that.”

“My mother was a Dagger,” he said with pride.

“What exactly is a Dagger?” Siofra asked.

Ashrem turned to her. “Your brother-wife is a Dagger and you don’t know what one is?” he asked.

Siofra shook her head. “Nope. We’re not from here,” she explained.

“Daggers are women trained in weapons and defense.”

“That’s Eliza,” I said with a grin.

Ashrem continued. “They guard persons of high rank and will defend them even until death.”

Siofra looked at me and nodded with a grin of her own. “Yes, that’s her.”

“And she learned her skills on the streets?” Ashrem asked.

“In the beginning,” I told him.

“Where we come from there are many ways of learning pretty much anything,” Siofra informed him, prompting Ashrem to name off three or four holdings she might have trained at in his world and Siofra shook her head to each one. “No, no, and um, no,” she told him.

Ashrem, of course, seemed confused. “I once knew all of the training centers for Daggers. They were trained here, once.”

“They will be again,” I assured him, trying to steer the conversation away from the fact that there was no way Eliza could have gone to any of those places since we weren’t from this land.

“As I said before, we are not from around here,” Siofra told him, echoing my thoughts, but not necessarily in a way that would take away his interest from the topic.

“So what do you do to support yourself?” I asked.

Ashrem glanced at me. “I am La’usel’s guard,” he said, as if I should understand everything by that statement. I got the feeling I was missing something.

“And that pays you?” Siofra asked.

Ashrem shrugged. “Yes, more or less.”

That didn’t seem to make sense to Siofra because she crinkled her nose and commented, “You’re the would-be ruler of this kingdom, and you’re just guarding someone?”

Ashrem glanced at her and his expression said that he couldn’t believe what she was asking. “If Bloodmark knew I lived, I would be dead,” he explained carefully. “And it is the way of our people for the men to guard the women.”

I turned to Os-tur, who had been quiet up till now and said, “That must be what you are to Peorth.” I think I was finally understanding a little.

The other man nodded. “Yes, I am.” I nodded in understanding and he asked, “Do you have no guard?”

I shook my head. “No.”

“She has her family,” Siofra told him.

I shrugged and smiled at him. “We protect each other.”

“But you have a guard,” Ashrem said to Siofra.

“I have a husband,” she corrected.

“Some times there is no difference,” he replied.

“I can take care of myself,” she told him.

Ashrem studied her for a moment, and then a knowing smile sprang to his features. “You’re a witch, aren’t you?” he asked.

Siofra smiled back. “Yes, I am,” she confessed.

Ashrem regarded her a little differently now. “Then you can take care of yourself,” he conceded.

“Yes I can. I said that before.”

“So do you only guard one person at a time, or multiple people?” I asked, wanting to know how it worked. “Do you guard all three of them, or just the one?”

Ashrem nodded. “When necessary, I guard all three, but La’usel is my charge.”

“Your charge?” I asked, not understanding the term.

“My Lady,” he explained. “I’m bound to her for a year and a day, or longer if we both find it agreeable.”

“Are you like her husband as well?” Siofra wanted to know.

Ashrem shook his head in embarrassment. “Oh, no. She’s too old for me.”

“My husband is much older than I am,” Siofra told him.

“It is different when a man is older,” he replied adamantly.

“Is there a girl that you are interested in?” I asked, wondering if he was so unwavering because someone else had caught his interest.

Ashrem look slightly embarrassed again. “There is one,” he confided slowly, watching the road ahead.

“Really?” I asked. “What is she like?”

He then told us about a strong girl who was hard willed and stubborn. One who did not always listen to her mother as she should. But there was something missing from his story. Something that made me wonder if he even knew the girl he was speaking of. There was a surety to his voice, but the fact that he never gave her name or spoke of any time spent with her that made me wonder.

“That sounds familiar, Corrinemackenzie,” Gwrhyr said in my head, pulling me from my thoughts and causing me to give him a look that said he wasn’t funny.

“She works hard at learning,” Ashrem finished.

“She lives in the village then?” I asked, wondering if I had seen the girl he spoke of and if she knew he liked her. “You grew up with her?”

Ashrem shook his head. “No, she lives far away.”

“How did you meet her?”

Ashrem never answered my question because at that moment he looked off toward Horsetower and said, “We’re nearly to the cliffs.”



We left the horses in a small stand of trees near the cliffs. Ashrem led the way into the unsteady terrain that was at the base of the high rock walls about twenty feet away and I was happy to be off the horse and on my feet again. I wasn’t used to long hours riding like I’d done as a kid on the farm and my butt was killing me.

Once we were at the base of the cliff, Ashrem soon found a stony path that was hidden until just as we reached it that led downward. It wasn’t an easy path, but we managed, Ashrem leading, then Siofra and myself, and finally Os-tur and the wolf bringing up the rear. We carried torches to light our way and packs that held food, water and the cloaks strapped to our backs. Ashrem recommended that we not use magick until it was absolutely necessary because Taeynd would know.

We walked in relative quiet until we came to a small cave where we would now have to crawl about twenty feet on our hands and knees in order to get through. Once on the other side Ashrem said that we were officially in Horsetower, which caused Siofra and I to then pulled out our cloaks and put them on. As soon as I had mine on I disregarded Ashrem’s recommendation and used magick to try sense the people they’re looking for, but I came up empty handed.

“Where does this tunnel end?” Siofra suddenly asked Ashrem.

He glanced at her. “In the Chamber of Torment.”

Sounds like a charming place, I found myself thinking to myself as I tried to keep my thoughts from going to the fact that we might find all of them there. Now that we were so close, the only thing I could think of was getting to Eliza and the others and getting them the hell out of there. “Can’t we go any faster?” I asked Ashrem. I had edged in front of Siofra when we started again and was close behind the young man. I knew that I was pushing him and doing some serious invasion of personal space, but I didn’t really care.

“If we go too fast, we’ll be heard,” he cautioned.

I tried once again to sense any of them and this time I was successful in locating Joel. Unfortunately, what I was feeling was that he was unconscious and that only made me want to get to him that much quicker. I wondered where Mac and Eliza were and why I couldn’t find them and I wanted to run.

Regrettably, I knew that there was no way Ashrem was going to let me do that, so I decided to bide my time. Siofra was unusually quiet as well, so I was surprised when her voice broke the silence to ask Ashrem how much longer before we arrived at the entrance.

“About ten minutes,” he told her. She fell silent once again after that and I wondered if she were talking to one of them. If she were, then it was likely that she was talking to Glenn.

After about five minutes Siofra spoke up again, “Ashrem, we need to step it up a little.”

He looked back at her as we continued. “Why?”

“Eliza’s unconscious, Mac is bartering for everyone’s release in a rather nice room, and Glenn’s getting pissy,” she informed us, her first comment causing my heart to stop in my chest.

Ashrem glanced back at her questioningly, but to his credit didn’t say anything, just continued to move forward. Apparently this wasn’t his first exposure to magick users so I was glad that we didn’t have to explain anything to him.

For a third time I used my own magick in an attempt to locate any of the four people we were looking for. Surprisingly enough I found Mac first, even though he was the furthest away from us. He was fairly healthy, only having a few minor injuries, and I was able to determine that he was higher in the keep than the others were. Glenn was okay as well and located very close to the next person I found. It took me a minute to realize that it was Eliza because as Siofra had already informed us, she was unconscious and injured very badly.

Joel was the last person I sensed. He was slowly regaining consciousness again and was in a considerable amount of pain that he could feel more and more as he woke up. He was on same level as Glenn and Eliza, which would make it easier to locate him, and I could feel that he had many injuries, but not as many as Eliza had. I knew that we would have an easier time of getting him, Glenn and Eliza, but I had no idea how we would get Mac since he was on a higher floor and would no doubt be under stricter guard.

“We need to pick up the pace,” I said, worried that if Eliza didn’t get immediate medical attention she might not make it. “Where are we coming into the castle?”

“The Chamber of Torment,” Ashrem repeated, making me think that was where Joel was since he was the closest to us.

“How soon will we be there?”

“Five minutes.”

“Why do you feel the need to hurry?” Os-tur questioned from the back of the line. “I realize that they are all in danger, but why the sudden urgency?”

I looked back at him to answer. “Two of those that we seek are seriously injured. Mac is higher up in the castle, meaning that he’s separate from them. We’re going to have to find him.”

“We’ll have to find them all,” he pointed out.

I nodded and continued to move forward. “Well, I can locate them.”

“You should listen to your father and follow his wishes,” Gwrhyr said in my head before starting to list several times when those who should have listened to their father didn’t and came to a bad end. I had the feeling that Siofra was included in the conversation, but I wasn’t sure.

“And what are his wishes?” I asked the wolf since Mac hadn’t told me what he was planning, but Siofra, so I felt no need to allow him to continue with his crazy idea. Eliza watched him die twice already; I wasn’t about to let it happen a third time.

“He wishes you all to leave as he is bartering for everyone’s release.”

I felt my eyes narrow as I looked down at the wolf again in the torch light. “Is he included in this bartering?” I asked dryly.

“I wouldn’t count on it,” Siofra said, adding the conversation for the first time and confirming that Gwrhyr had been speaking to her as well.

“He was not specific, but I’m sure…”

“Then why don’t you specifically ask him if he’s included?” I interrupted, wanting nothing more than to drop this line of conversation. Mac wasn’t getting left behind and that was that.

But the wolf didn’t get my drift. “Cormacalaster is a bright boy, I’m sure he has a way out.”

It was a good thing that I choose not to answer him because at that point a bubble of fluctuating blue light suddenly appeared around us as we continued to move down the tunnel.

“By Ishonmir’s beard, what was that?” Os-tur asked as he started to pull his sword from its sheath.

“Just a little bit of protection,” Siofra answered as if he should have known what the bubble was.

I glanced behind me just in time to see him push the sword back in its sheath as he muttered, “I hope you’re not getting us caught before we even get in.”

“I’ve been using magick all along,” she replied without looking at him. “Relax.”

Finally, Ashrem slowed and motioned for the rest of us to be quiet as we came close to the end of the tunnel where it became a wall of stone about thirty feet ahead of us. I sensed the area around us, expanding my perception into the room ahead and the first thing I felt was how aggressive the people in the room were. I was also aware of Joel, the current of his being filling me with a sense of calm that I needed to keep a level head.

I felt Gwrhyr pop out suddenly as I continued to probe what was happening in the castle above us. There was a thin spot in the stone, one that might indicate the way in that Ashrem had promised, the door.

Siofra edged around me and came to an abrupt halt. “Stop, I’ve got to do something,” she said, reaching behind her for me. “Hold my hand. I have a way to get them out. You need to help me.”

I took a tight hold of her hand without hesitation. “We’re going to do one at a time,” she explained, “starting with Glenn.”

I felt her drawing on my magick before I had a chance to argue that Eliza and Joel both needed help more than Glenn, but the amount of energy she was drawing off of me quickly made me realize that we would need Glenn to help with whatever it was she was doing if we were going to get all of them out quick enough.

I heaved a sigh of relief when Glenn materialized next to Siofra and the two embraced. Then my aunt turned to me and asked, “Joel?”

I gave her a nod as I removed my pack long enough to pull out the extra cloak we had brought from the Fates. Glenn looked and me in confusion when I handed it to him and I said, “It lets you work magick.”

Glenn turned to his wife. “And you didn’t give it to me an hour ago because?”

Siofra rolled her eyes and told him crisply, “Put it on.”

I had no idea what we were doing or why we hadn’t done it before, but we linked hands again as Os-tur and Ashrem stood guard, waiting for the possibility that we might be discovered. Joel appeared in front of us and started to fall forward, face first toward the ground. I tried to catch him, but ended up going down as well so that he was on his side and I was on my knees. There was a great deal of blood on his clothing and he was covered with sweat and grim from whatever it was they had been doing to him. I laid my hands on his chest and used magick to try to heal him, but I wasn’t focusing properly and it didn’t work very well.





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