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Hey guys! Sorry to have been away for so long. Work has been a little crazy lately and it’s been leaving me feeling pretty drained by the time I get home and decompress. But I’m going to try to not let it happen again and I’ll even try to get a couple of posts done this week to make up for lost time. That said, let’s turn our attention to this weeks posting… a review of Inner Temple of Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve referenced this book. You should see the condition of my copy! Its cover is ragged, there are notes and highlight marks all through it. It’s a much loved part of my practice!

Inner Temple of Witchcraft is the text material covered in the first year of Christopher Penczak’s school of mysteries. I first read this book with my best friend and magickal partner, Cathy (Amethyst Cat), about 5 years ago and I really wish that I’d had the book 5 years earlier.

If you’ve read the blog post on my history then you’ll remember that I’ve studied under a few different Wiccan traditions. I have to say that I think Christopher’s approach to when and how he teaches certain subjects speaks to me the most from all I’ve been exposed to so far. When talking about ITOW to others I like to explain that Christopher teaches you to establish ‘good witchy habits’ right off the bat in your magickal practice. He stresses the importance of daily journaling so you have a record of your experiences and discoveries. I feel that this is extremely important because those journals will become a really valuable reference tool in your future. After all, who better to learn from than your own experiences?

Even so, journaling has been a tough skill for me to personally master. It’s been hard for me to set aside time every day to write, but I understand the value of it so I never stop trying.

Christopher also teaches new witches how to meditate and this, my friend, is so, so, so, sooooooo important. Man, it was really hard to me to quiet my rambunctious mind in the beginning, but after some practice I was really able to slip into that unconscious state with ease. Again, wish I’d had the book 5 years earlier than I did!

Each of Christopher’s books in the temple series are set up so that the first 4 chapters give an introductory/history lesson that pertains to what the book will cover. Then there are 13 lessons meant to be taken one a month so that you complete the book in that year and a day cycle our ancestors learned by. There are exercises that go with each chapter that vary from sensing energy for the first time to an introduction to chakras. I like the fact that the text includes loads of pictures that help in understanding concepts and I’ve actually taken to copying some of them into my Book of Light for easy reference.

The book (like all in the temple series) also has a companion set of meditation cds that are incredible. Seriously, I think Christopher’s led meditation cds are probably the most valuable tools he could give his students in the beginning.

All in all I think this book would be good even if you don’t plan on continuing on with the other years of the temple series. Once you know that witchcraft is the way for you than this is a great starting off point for what comes next. The information in the book is very practical, too. Let’s face it, there’s lots of Wicca 101 books out there that cover all the Sabbats and how to set up an altar and they are great for that purpose. But I think what you find in Inner Temple of Witchcraft gives you an understanding that helps you appreciate your religion so much easier. If I’d read this book sooner I don’t think I would have stumbled as much as I did.


I hope you find this review helpful and as always I welcome any and all discussion! Until next time!