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What a weekend!


Summing up ConVocation is always trying because there’s just so much that you pack into four seemingly short days. There’s classes, meeting up with other pagans you only see at Con, shopping, rituals, the art show… it’s so much to take in and experience. For me, it’s a yearly recharging of my magick batteries and even though it’s an expensive weekend, it’s so worth it to me.


So this week I thought I’d attempt to break the weekend into smaller, more bite sized pieces to share. I hope that by doing this I’ll be better able to get all my experiences into an order that I’ll be able to look back on. With that in mind, I give you my top 5 presenters. I only considered the classes I went to which was tough because I doubled up on a couple of people. Here we go!


5. Geralyn Mystic

Geralyn is one of the Michigan natives that make up the core group of teachers at ConVo. She taught a great class about breaking the masks of judgment. Masks that we put upon ourselves and masks that others place on us as well. I liked her style so much. She was sure of her topic and was very supportive after a meditation that allowed the class to shed those masks.


4. Ellen Dugan

Ellen has written 15 books and is well known in the pagan community. She’s a master gardener and kitchen witch extraordinaire. I truly enjoy her wit and how fast she can talk! Wow. She’s also incredibly knowledgeable and I attended two of her classes. The first was on coven drama and whoa, did she give great advice! She shared what to look for and how to organize your coven to hopefully keep the drama out. The other class was all about psychic abilities and how to determine/enhance those abilities. Very informative.


3. Michelle Belanger

Michelle is always a great presenter. She is so dynamic and you can tell how well read she is when you listen to her. I only went to one of her classes this year, but it was one of the most interesting. It dealt with how to evaluate psychic experiences and how it’s okay to question what you’ve gone through. As a featured psychic on Paranormal State she’s had a great deal of practice on the subject. She also usually has some pretty good behind the scenes stories about the show!


2. Jackie Smith

Jackie is the owner of Coventry Creations, a wonderful candle company in the Ferndale area and a Santarian/HooDoo practitioner. She’s a wonderful teacher and always makes herself available to help those looking for magickal advice. Her class that I attended this year involved Elegba, the Dark Rider at the Crossroads and going to him for all types of magick. It was an interesting experience that had me up this morning at 3am to make an offering and ask for Elegba’s blessing.


1. Kirk Thomas

Kirk is the person I was most looking forward to seeing this year. He is the Archdruid of Ar nDriaocht Fein, A Druid Fellowship and lives in Washington state. His classes all involved the Celts and I attended two of them. The first was about Celtic History and the other was about the Nature of Sacrifice. I believe he mentioned that he was working on a book involved the later subject and I’m hoping that’s true. I hope that he comes back because I want more!!