I’m currently working on a book review post, but it isn’t ready yet. In the meanwhile, I came across an interesting article this morning on the Yahoo homepage that I felt compelled to share.
As a witch, I’m concerned about our beloved Mother Earth, especially now that my coven has just connected with Gaia as our patron Goddess. I’m trying to be aware of the footprint that I’m leaving for the next generation, which is hard to do in the ‘disposable’ society we find ourselves in. I find my thoughts are turning more and more to living green and recycling more so I was more that a little concerned when I saw the title.
Sunken Great Lakes Oil Pipelines Raises Spill Fears
The article hit me on two levels, the first coming from that conservation angle that sparks my witchy concerns for our environment. The second one feels even more personal. I live in Michigan and I love my state. I love all the different things you can do here. I love seeing acres of green growing things in the fields when I drive to work in the summer. I like being able to go to a beach and never having to travel more than an hour or two to get to one. I love spending a Saturday afternoon with friends as we discover unique shops in small down towns that are filled with antiques and yummy bakeries.
I also love the Upper Peninsula. I went to college in Sault Ste. Marie (Go Lakers!!) and crossing the Mackinaw Bridge became second nature during the four years I spent there. I don’t think I was ever really aware of an oil pipeline running through the Great Lakes, but it was there. I urge anyone reading this post to also read the article and if you are moved by it like I am then I urge you to contact your congressional representatives and share your concern. I’ll share a link below if you don’t know how to go about doing this.
I’m going to be keeping an eye out for more information about this so feel free to post any other links in the comments.


How to contact your representative