Like many witches I have a Book of Shadows, a book where I collect knowledge that speaks to me in a central location that is easy to find. I actually have two BOS, one that is a physical book that I’ll cover in another post and an electronic one that I keep on my Kindle. I’m constantly on the look out for graphics that are appealing to the eye to use in my electronic version and I thought I’d share my Top 5 that I happen to have found on Pinterest. Enjoy.


I actually picked two pins that deal with the Ogham and each for a different reason. I picked this one because you have the Ogham paired with it’s letter(s), it’s corresponding tree and the dates. These are all important and it’s nice to have it all in one place. The graphic isn’t pretty, but sometimes the information is sometimes more important the prettiness.


The Witches Alphabet… This seems integral to any witch, right? I like this graphic because the Witch characters are clear and big, making it easy to replicate. I think I may have printed this to add to my physical BOS as well.


For me, stones are tricky to remember what they look like in some cases and I like this reference guide because the pictures are color and there’s great correspondence information as well.


Hands down this is one of the most basic reference tools any witch could use. Runes are beautiful and so many uses from sigils to divination. I like the content, it’s gives you what you need without a bunch of excess stuff. Again, this graphic may not be pretty, but that’s okay. It’s the information that you need.


I saved the best for last! This graphic is so good. It has really good information, a lot of it, and it’s visually pleasing. I actually found this today and it inspired this post. As a shamanic student I loved the addition of the animals and I’ve never seen stones with the Celtic Zodiac so that was nice, too.