As a child, the holiday season was always filled with wonder. There was snow on the ground, a tree to decorate and the eagerness of waiting to see what Santa would bring. As I grew older I came to understand the deeper meaning of the Christian Christmas story and gained a new wonder for the Christ Child. Now that I’m an adult, my path has led me to a place where my worldview has become a vast galaxy of possibility, filled with anything I can imagine.

The month of December is a special time for all communities because nearly every religious and cultural group host some kind of celebration as the year draws to a close. I still love to drive around town and see beautiful light displays and watch all the classic shows I grew up on replay on television.

My coven had our Yule celebration and ritual last night and it was as lovely as always. Years ago, when we used to have small children in the coven we used to turn all the lights off in the house at the beginning of ritual. At the chosen time we would send the kids forth to turn on every single light they could find to celebrate the birth of the Sun King. I remember the laughter of little girls (I don’t remember if Crystal’s boys were ever at a Yule ritual) ringing through the two story house as they went from room to room. Those little girls aren’t so little anymore, one is actually a freshman in college, and I often miss their presence in the circle.

Now we celebrate Yule a little differently, but the heart of the day is still the same. Part of ritual set up requires the placement of tea lights. Lots of tea lights. Over a hundred, though I’m not sure we had an exact count this year. I love how the ritual space looks after we’ve lit all those white candles and it’s a good thing there’s a door and window right there because it certainly gets warm!

Welcome Sun King!!

yule04yule01yule03yule02I guess what I’m realizing as I put these thoughts together is how much I’ve changed through the years, but also how I’ve stayed the same. I love my family and I love my friends. We always make time for each other and even if we may be separated for whatever reason, know that each of you have a special place in my heart and that you are remembered.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season, whatever you celebrate. Be kind to one another because there will be situations that will stress you out. Travel safely, don’t over indulge and remember to tell folks what they mean to you. I ask that you remember those who can’t be with their families because they are in the armed forces and stationed overseas.

I’d love to hear how you celebrate the holiday season so leave a comment telling me what the name of you holiday is and what you do to celebrate it and as always, thank you for looking into the heart of this witch’s path. BB