Dear 2014,

It seems that you ended up being a rough twelve months for so many people so I thought I would drop you a line, hoping to reflect on what the last 365 days meant for me personally.

You started off by giving me one of the coldest and harshest winters I can remember. Temperatures dropped to single digits and into the negatives for most of January and February and even into March. This was a really hard thing to deal with. It meant getting up early to make sure we had enough time to let the car warm up before heading out for work. It also meant keeping our household a little more prepared in case we were snowed in. Mother Nature kept us on our toes and I was so relieved when Spring finally came.

The end of February brought another wonderful time of community with another successful ConVocation. I love spending four days with my brother and sisters of the craft and learning from all of you! I also love spending time with my coven and strengthening our bonds.

In April, I was able to spend some great times with two of my ladies. Traveling with those two crazies will always and forever stand out for me. Thank you 2014 for giving us more of those times! Was that a bear!?!?!? 😉

So much of my time in 2014 was spent readjusting myself to a life without an organization that I’d spent the last 10 years with. Our parting was the right thing for me, but it also left a large hole in my life that I needed to fill. I had to figure out what it meant to be home more. I needed to figure out who I was and I want to thank you 2014 for giving me time to do that.

I think something that helped me get through the year was that I started over in my Witchcraft 3 course with the Temple of Witchcraft. Christopher and his work has spoken to me in ways I can never fully express and this course puts me one step closer to joining the Temple’s work. Maybe bring it more into my state!

August brought a little trauma for me when I was in an accident and totaled my car. Family and friends were really supportive and that’s what I needed, but it was scary for a while. No one was seriously hurt thank goodness!

I shared more bonding with my coven in October when we had our second Rhea Lured Away weekend. It was like a mini ConVocation with some of us teaching classes while others dealt with meals. What was even better was the setting… a beautiful cabin on a channel, surrounded by the colors of fall. It was a lovely weekend.

All in all you weren’t horrible 2014. I am reconciled to the fact that I was a bit like a butterfly in a cocoon during those 12 months and I’m hoping to face 2015 in a new form, bursting with light.

Thanks for the memories 2014!