There are so many different types of divination out there. I’ve always found it fun to learn about new methods or to discuss what’s worked for me and what hasn’t. I really love to do readings for my friends, especially when they have a positive experience or received a helpful message. I think its part of our human nature to want to know what the future holds. Will we live a long life and have a happy family? Will we be rich? Find the perfect mate? These are questions we would love to know the answers to ahead of time and sometimes using divination can answer them. Here’s my top 5 methods of divination that I regularly use.

5. Pendulum
I don’t have a traditional pointed stone pendulum. If I choose to use this method of divination I use my pentacle necklace that I wear nearly every day and a board that I received as a gift years ago from my beautiful teacher and friend Crystal. The board is the perfect size to either fit into my witch’s bag or use on my altar if I choose. I always find it best to do some test questions with this method to make sure it’s in sync with me.

4. Runes
I’m really lucky that most of my divination methods have some kind of personal connection for me. These runes were a gift from two of my coven sisters and it’s a set that they made for me out of sculpy clay. I think they turned out beautifully because the ladies picked out colors that they knew were perfect for me. There are all different varieties of runes out there, but I always think that magickal items will vibrate better with you if you can craft it yourself, or if someone who knows you crafts them for you.

4penny3. 4 Penny Divination
I first heard of 4 Penny Divination from Jackie Smith. Jackie is a HooDoo practitioner and her company, Coventry Creations, makes the best magick use candles I’ve found! All you need for 4 Penny Divination is just that… 4 pennies! There isn’t any particular kind of pennies required, but what I did was found ones that were minted in the year I was born. I happened to have a really cool wooden pillbox that a friend had gifted to me that I house them in. All you have to do is have a yes or no question in mind, toss the 4 pennies down and the results of how many are heads versus tails will give you an answer. I like how quickly this method can be used. If you’re interested in trying this method out, here are the results:

2 Heads, 2 Tails – Peace, Balance and In Harmony – best possible roll
4 Heads – Definitely Yes
3 Heads, 1 Tail – Yes, with a struggle
1 Head, 3 Tails – No, there’s opposition
4 Tails – Definitely No – Stop whatever it is you are doing NOW!

2. Celtic Wisdom (Ogham) Sticks
I am definitely an Eclectic Witch, but if I had to pick just one pantheon to work with I would certainly go with the Celtic one. The Ogham are based on the Celtic or Druidic alphabet involving trees. The set that I have is really neat to use. You pull out 4 sticks and drop them, then read them based on how they landed. I forgot to take a picture of my set to include in this post and I’m kind of glad that I did because when I looked them up for purchase on Amazon I found that they are REALLY expensive now! I’m sure there are other sets available, but I think if I wanted a new set I would craft them myself.

1. Tarot
Tarot cards are my favorite method of divination. I like the feeling of shuffling the cards. It’s almost hypnotic… the rhythm… the sounds the cards make as they move against each other. It really speaks to me. I received my first deck as a Christmas present back before I was even a baby witch. It was a Rider Waite deck that I still have. I actually collect tarot decks. I don’t even know how many decks I own anymore, but I definitely have my favorites. The one that I’ve been using the most is Barbara Moore’s Steampunk Tarot. The artwork is gorgeous for a steampunk lover like myself and I like how the book is set up.

So, that’s it… my top 5 divination methods. These aren’t the only ones I’ve tried but they are the ones I have the most knowledge of. One of my teachers urges students to pick a different form of divination to work with each year and I think that’s a really good suggestion. I think I’d like to look at ceromancy, which is dripping melted wax in water.

What kinds of divination do you use? What methods would you like to try or use more?