My friend, Cathy, heard about a recently opened new age store near us in Grand Blanc so of course we had to check it out last weekend! So if you live in the Flint, Michigan area I thought you would like to hear about this great place as well and maybe drop in yourself. Seers N Sayers is located at 5521 S. Saginaw St. in Grand Blanc Township and just opened in January.


The owner, Rose, is a beautiful soul and, like her shop, has a great vibe! The space is colorful and welcoming, with a large space for classes and yoga. She has one wall painted in chalkboard paint where she lists upcoming events and I think the idea is darling, along with her fairy artwork that decorated the wall when we visited.


There was a Reiki practitioner there during our visit and there are also psychic readings available. I found the assortment of polished stones to be diverse and reasonably priced. There was a beautiful display of Himalayan salt lamps and a couple of my friends in the group each took one home. I also liked the stock of incense, which smelled fabulous, but since I just bought a few new packages recently at another store I didn’t buy any. That’s just a reason to go back!

What I did purchase was a gorgeous turkey feather, a large piece of selenite and a bar of soap that I intend to use for ritual bathing.


The only drawback was that there wasn’t a vast amount of stock in the store, which I think can safely be attributed to the fact that it’s only been open for about three months. What is there is quality and for me that speaks volumes and I think that with time the store has potential to be very successful. I even looked into the possibility of teaching something there. Time will tell!

So I highly recommend this store. And because I liked it so much I’m going to initiated a rating system for further blog entries where I’ll be reviewing products/places/books. I’m giving it 4 out of 5 brooms!


You can visit the store’s Facebook page by following this link:

You can also visit the store’s website here:

NOTE: All of the pictures that I am posting in the blog entry are found on the store’s Facebook page since I was too excited to take any of my own!