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I think I’ve mentioned here in the past that I am a student of Christopher Penczak’s Temple of Witchcraft Mystery School. I’ve just begun year four of five in the Temple teachings and this year centers on High Witchcraft and the Qabalah Tree of Life. There are a couple of things that Christopher establishes early on in his teachings as being something that students should strive to do daily, meditation and journaling. To that end he sometimes posts questions for students to answer as part of their journaling process and I thought I would share one, along with my answer to it, here today.

QUESTION: How have my personal magickal correspondences changed based on my view of reality? Or have they?

ANSWER: I think I’ve always valued correspondences in the same way throughout my journey as a Witch. I just have not always been confident in using them. Like much of my life experiences, my personal magickal correspondences have evolved the more I learn and the more I work with them.

As witches, we all come to know and respect the Hermetic Principal of Correspondence: As above, So below; As Below, So Above. We use colors, plants, stones, animals, Deities and a variety of other things in our spellwork to help focus our energies and intentions to bring about change, because everything is related. When I began my life as a Witch I bought books devoted to spells and poured over them, using some and getting varying degrees of success. Some spells worked how I expected them to and some had very different results than I’d hoped for. I used what the spells called for and didn’t take the time to learn why hematite was used for a Peace of Mind spell or why cinnamon was used for a Love Spell.

Then I started to devote myself to learning, really learning, the Craft. I started to ask questions of those who had more experience, like my coven sister Crystal who has a great deal of herbal knowledge, or I read more. My memory isn’t the best, so committing vast amounts of knowledge that I could call up at a moments notice has never been my forte. What I did was acquire good, respectable resources, either books or information I compiled, where I could quickly find information. I began a relationship with correspondences in general, then began more specific relationships with individual archetypes.

My training with Keepers of the Hearth suggests picking an herb to work with every year to strengthen knowledge. They also suggest the same course with divination methods, but I tend to take a longer chunk of time for those. The Shamanic training I received during year three with the Temple of Witchcraft taught me how to make contact and gain knowledge through all sorts of plants, animals and other spirit guides.

How has my personal magickal correspondences changed? They’ve grown! They’ve changed so that I receive the separate archetypes and sometimes personalities that Bay, Wolf, Rosemary, Aloe, Eagle, Bear and Moonstone can have. I feel this is a natural progression of understanding as I continue to grow and become exposed to new ideas and have new encounters in my practice.

What about your outlook on correspondences? I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to respond!