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For the last few years my coven has planned what we call a “Crafty Craft Day” in December where we make products like soaps and beaded items that we can either keep or give as Yule gifts. Usually these products are all-natural and many have a Wicca theme. We always have such a good time that we decided to include a second “Crafty Craft Day” to this year’s schedule, which we held this past weekend. I thought I’d share what we did.

Yarn Balls

yarn ball supplies
I’ve seen on Pinterest this cool project where you take yarn and dip it in glue, then wrap the yarn about balloons to let it dry. It’s basically paper mache, but instead of completely covering the balloon, you leave gaps between the yarn that you can see through after the balloon is popped. They were so pretty and I thought it would be an easy opening project… boy was I wrong! The jury is still out as to whether or not it actually worked since the glue is still drying. I think I’m going to spray mine with starch before and after I finally pop the balloon. Here are some pictures of our efforts:

If you want to try this at home I highly suggest making sure you put a little extra glue in the places where the strands of yarn overlap to help bind them together.

Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer supplies
Next we made hand sanitizer. This one was really easy, aloe vera, lavender oil, tea tree oil and witch hazel or vodka. You mix the ingredients together and put them in bottles. We mixed the ingredients in a bowl then transferred it to a sandwich bag to put in bottles. I think next time, I would just put everything in the bag and mix it there and skip the bowl all together.

I found the bottles in packages of three at the dollar store! The sanitizer works nicely, too!

Mint Sea Salt Scrub

mint sea salt scrub supplies
Next we made what I think is going to be an awesome scrub. This one went so fast that I didn’t even take any pictures. We put the ingredients together and put them in ½ pint jars. The scent was wonderful and it’s ready to go in the shower or gift basket!!!

Woodburning Runes/Talismans

We had some pretty bad weather last winter and my covenmate had lots of downed branches. This spring she asked her husband to take one of them and slice it for her so we could make rune sets. We had a few extra, so we made talismans from them.

The first thing we had to do was peel off the bark because it was coming off some of the slices anyway. That way we had a common baseline for the them.

Next we sanded the flat sides so we had a pretty smooth surface to write on. It wasn’t perfect because we wanted to still have the wood feel. Once that was done we took a pen and marked on one side of the slice and used a woodburner to make the marking permanent. You don’t have to do that step if you don’t want to. I think ink or a marker would be fine, just know that you would probably need to rewrite them every so often. I picked up the woodburner for less than $20 so it was a great option for us. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of my set of runes after they were burned, but if you comment that you want to see them I would be happy to add one.

I hope you are inspired by our Crafty Craft experiences. There are tons of ideas out there on Pinterest, YouTube and in magazines. If you try any of these projects I’d love to know about it! And see pictures!!! I’d also like to know what you’re making so please share. Until next time!!!