Dazhbog is the brother of the fire god Svarog and a very popular power amongst the Slavs. As god of the sun, he is credited with providing his worshippers with many good things, in recognition that the sun gives rise to so much life. Dazhbog is thought to resemble a large man in glowing robes who drives a chariot driven by white horses.
The sun lived in the east and was drawn from his beautiful golden palace every morning white horses breathing fire. A Polish legend had him riding in a diamond chariot with two wheels that is pulled by twelve horses, white with golden manes.
Serbian pagans thought of the sun as being a handsome young king on his gold and purple throne. Accompanied by two virgins, Aurora of the morning and Aurora of the evening, seven judges (planets), seven ‘messengers’ (comets) and his bald uncle Myesyats, the moon.
Folklore from Russia says that the Sun was the king of twelve kingdoms, the twelve signs of the Zodiac.
Another myth suggests that his daily movement represented changes in his age. Every morning he would be born, maturing in the afternoon and eventually dying at sunset.
The relationship between the sun, Dazhbog, and the moon, Myesyats also varies. A certain popular legend saw the moon as the beauty that gets married to the sun in summer, abandoned every winter and returned to in spring. The stars are said to be their children. When the couple argued an earthquake would occur on earth.
Dazhbog was a fair and just divinity associated with light and happiness. He rewarded the ones leading a good life and punished the evil.