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Devana2I haven’t located any deities in Slavic Mythology that start with the letter E so I thought I’d share another from the D’s!

Devana or Dziewona is the Slavic equivalent of the Roman goddess Diana, who was mentioned by 15th century Polish historian Jan Długosz in Annales seu cronici incliti regni Poloniae (History of Poland). Her name, though similar to Diana’s, is apparently derived from Slavic word that means ‘virgin’ or ‘maiden’ (deva, dziewica). However, most of contemporary scholars don’t regard Annales seu cronici incliti regni Poloniae as a reliable source on Slavic mythology and have doubts about existence of such deity in Slavic pantheon.

She is also known as Devana to the Czechs and Diiwica to the Serbians of Lusatia.

She is a goddess of the hunt. She is depicted as young and beautiful and she is said to ride a swift horse through the forests of the Elbe and the Carpathians, with a pack of hounds.