I may have mentioned in previous posts that the members of my coven study books on the Craft together. We meet every two weeks and read/discuss the material from the book we are working on, then we have lunch and maybe even work on Craft related craft projects. I love these study sessions for a couple of reasons. The first of which is because we are learning something together. That’s always a plus, especially when our members are at different places on our individual paths. For me, the more important perk of the time spent with my coven sisters is that it strengthens our bond as a group. The sense of community I receive is really important to me.

way of fourSo this is a book review of the latest book we completed. It’s called The Way of Four: Create Elemental Balance in Your Life by Deborah Lipp. As the title suggests, the subject matter deals with the four elements and I found this book to be pretty interesting. It’s a quick read, coming in at less than 300 pages, that includes wonderful appendixes that include exercises, music for each element and quick reference charts.

Deborah is a very witty writer. She has a really funny way of interjecting humor into her material and that made it really personable for me. She shared quite a bit about her relationships with the elements as well. She covers how to work with the elements not only in spellwork and ritual, but also in love, work and in our daily lives.

But what I appreciated most is that the text is filled with tests that are designed to help you figure out which of the elements you are most connected with in the categories I listed above. As witches, I know we all strive to maintain balance in our Craft and I found this book helpful to see where I need some work in connecting with the elements.

way of four spellbookI should mention that there is a companion spellbook that goes along with this book. I don’t have it, but I think it’s something I will look into purchasing now that I know how helpful the original book is.


All that being said, I give this book a solid 4 out of 5 brooms. The content was well presented, with many tables that are kind of perfect to add to a Book of Shadows if you wanted. It was a quick read, which made it perfect for a group study. And the information, while it is something I’ve had experience with, contained new information that made it worth while reading for me. It wasn’t exactly a worldview changing kind of book, so that’s why I’m holding back from giving it a 5 broom.

Hope this is helpful! Let me know if you’ve read this book and if so what your thoughts are about it.