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I had the chance over the weekend to visit a store that I’ve wanted to get to for literally years. I know that I’ve mentioned Jacki Smith and her candles in previous posts and how much I love her as a crafter and as a presenter. I met Jacki the first year I went to ConVocation and she is just a wonderful person. Super top notch. I love her and her energy!! She’s always willing to take a few minutes to talk and give advice and she’s someone that I would love to sit down and have a meal with to just chat.

Anyhow, Jacki owns the Candle Wick Shoppe, a store in Ferndale, Michigan (near Detroit) and she has recently moved locations to a larger storefront. Every year at ConVo we (Cathy and I) mention that we need to visit the store and she always tells us to let her know when we plan to visit and she will try to be there.

This is Jacki!

Last weekend happened to be Cathy’s birthday and she wanted to do some witchy shopping, so we decided that it would be the perfect time to make the trek to Ferndale. I messaged Jacki to ask if she was going to be around and she said yes! I was thrilled to be able to see her as well as the shop!!

So we walk in and my senses immediately went into overtime, taking everything in. First of all, the shop is wonderfully laid out. Along the right hand side of the store you will find mostly incense and incense holders. There are several brands of incense available as well as loads of scents. Great selection!

In the left, front corner of the shop is the Mojo Bar, where you will find packages of dried herbs. I like that throughout the store you can catch glimpses of Jackie’s HooDoo practice and I saw examples of this especially at the Mojo Bar. I saw railroad spikes and High John root (things that I never thought to use in spellcraft before meeting Jacki) along side vanilla bean pods and lavender. I love that.

Next to the Mojo Bar was what we know and love Jacki for… her candles. I’ve used Coventry Creations candles for years and so have my friends. We all buy up candles in February like we’re stocking for a long winter and they always, always help to bring about the change we are looking to make in our lives. There are pillar candles, votive size candles, even sets. She also has magickal sprays and oils. I’ve said this before and will again… you need some of them in your life!!

I won’t go into detail here on what I ended up buying because I cover that in my first ever, in front of the camera video on my Heart of the Witchs Path YouTube channel, which I will link below.

<link to video>

Also, I will share links below to Jacki’s store and candles. She does mail orders so please show her some love, either in person or online.

Candle Wick Shoppe
Coventry Creations

Now as far as how many brooms I give the Candle Wick Shoppe… it has to be 5 out of 5 for sure! There’s more to offer besides incense and candles so the stock is very well rounded. Besides that, how many storeowners will come in on a day when they aren’t working to see you? It was a wonderful experience and one that I can’t wait to have again.


We love you Jacki! Thanks again for your hospitality. Until next time! XOXO

Have you ever used anything from Coventry Creations? If so, I’d love to hear your experiences. Please let me know if you’re thinking of ordering or visiting the shop because I’d love to hear all about it and what you take home.

Until next time!


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