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I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I know that I sure did! I attended a wedding last Saturday and was able to help celebrate two people pledging their lives to one another, something that always chokes me up! Then on Sunday my coven celebrated Mabon and we wore our new ritual dresses for the first time. I think Mabon was probably the best time for us to wear them for the first time. Since it is the second harvest and, therefore, our time of thanksgiving.

We had talked about the idea of ritual wear for quite a while. We knew that we wanted something long, like a robe or cloak, but we didn’t want something with draping sleeves that would easily catch on fire. I felt that if we were going to make something that it should be multi-purposeful. I wanted us to be able to wear them all year, adding layers when we needed. We decided to make sleeveless dresses that had armholes large enough to put a turtleneck or long sleeved t-shirt under.


The white ones are mine and Cathy’s because we are the Elders and founders of the coven. The two grey ones are for our initiated members. The black is for our member who is a minor and the red one is for Crystal, our much loved elder.

We use cords in our coven to signify levels that will also serve to cinch up the dresses. We may make bodices or side belts in the future.

So here is a coven picture. I’ve blurred out those who have chosen not to be identified.


So what do you wear for ritual? Please comment to share and until next time… thanks for walking a while with me.


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