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This week I will be spending much of my time preparing for a weekend getaway with my coven sisters. I think I’ve mentioned before that I am an Elder and one of the founding members of the Mystics of Rhea Lur Coven and this weekend will be our third annual Rhea Lured Away!!! We started this event for a couple of reasons, the first being because our entire coven attends ConVocation and we wanted to experience more spiritual learning in that type of setting. The second reason is that going away like this gives us more time to bond and hang out.

One of our member’s has a sibling who owns a beautiful cabin that we go to and it’s a perfect place for us to have our own space where we aren’t paying for hotel rooms. There’s plenty of sleeping room so we’re able to separate the snoring members and everyone even sleeps well! We usually leave a gift of some kind as payment and thank you so it all works out for everyone. We go in October when the leaves have already turned and there’s that crispness in the air that everyone equates with autumn.

So what do we do you might ask? Well, the first year we broke up our time so that all six of us taught a class. That proved to be a little too much and left little to no down time to enjoy each other’s company. Last year we divided our group in half and three of us were responsible for meals while the other three taught. This worked out great for us and gave us lots of time to play games on Saturday night. This year we are switching the cooking/teaching roles to keep everything even. I can’t wait!

Last year I was on the cooking team so I’m teaching this year and the subject of my class is about ancestors and the Mighty Dead. I will be using Christopher Penczak’s book by the same name as the bulk of my resource material, as well as doing other research, so I will plan on some kind of review of the book after this weekend.

Next week I will share what the other classes were about and maybe even some pictures. I highly recommend spending time outside of ritual with your covenmates. I think it strengthens your relationships with each other and let’s face it, if you are regularly in sacred space with someone we are supposed to do so in perfect love and perfect trust, right? If you are a member of a coven do you do something similar? If you do, I’d love to hear about it so leave a comment. If you’re not a member of a coven, is this something that you would do if you were?

Until next time… BB

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