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What a great weekend! The third annual Rhea Lured Away was a great success. There were only two bad parts… one, it was too short. Two, Cornflower Wolf was sick and couldn’t attend, however, we did try to include her as much as possible by connecting to Facetime and calling her. All in all, another wonderful time spent in fantastic company, with great food and a dash of learning new things!

Cathy and I arrived at the cabin first and made a grocery run after dropping off our bags. By the time we were finished the other women were almost there. They even brought gifts after a stop at a Halloween store. I received a super cute hairpiece with black netting and a glittery spider. I didn’t get a picture of it, but rest assured it was perfect for me! 😉

orgon pendants

We had our first class Friday evening after dinner. Unni introduced us to orgonite and we started the process of making our own pieces. Now, I know many of you might be wondering what orgonite is and I’m going to do my best to explain it as simply as possible. It involves orgone, which is a term coined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich that describes etheric energy, otherwise know as chi or life force.

Orgonites are objects, found mostly in pyramid shapes that are made of a 50/50 mix of organic resin and metal shavings, along with wire, crystals and other decorative objects. What they do is draw in negative etheric energies and transmute them into positive ones that are then released back into the space around them. Usually crystals wrapped in copper wire are put into the objects to help direct the release of the positive etheric energies in a specific direction.

The entire process was really interesting and timely since we were dealing with chilly, autumn temperatures. Optimally the resin should be used in 70 degree weather and sets up rather quickly, but we had to make them outside because the resin was really stinky, ergo 60 degree temperatures instead.

our projects

Here is a picture of all our objects still in the molds. If you are interested in a more detailed explanation of the process please comment below. There are also tons of videos on YouTube that will probably do a much better job of explaining things than I can. You will see my finished piece at the top of this post. I decided to do a most coaster style item instead of a pyramid shape because I wanted to be able to lay things on top of it for clearing. I have a wrapped piece of kynite in mine along with 4 crystal shards and 5 copper beads. The metal shavings are aluminum. Here is a cross section picture:

cross section

Saturday morning I presented my class on the Dead and Wiccans. It went pretty well and sparked quite a bit of discuss, which is always nice. If anyone is interested in the notes I put together for this class let me know and I can make them into a post. We never did the meditation I planned, but that’s okay. We did meditate that day on another subject.


That afternoon Crystal presented a class on stones and how to make a stone elixirs. Before the weekend she had approached us to ask what kind of magick we were interested in. There was a great deal of talk about healing so she used amethyst to make the elixir that we then drank during class. It was pretty cool! I especially loved the fact that she has an antique glass baby bottle that she used to make elixirs that allows the stones to be in the center of the water container without getting wet.


Then Saturday evening we had a ritual for healing that Cathy put together for us. Many members of our coven are experiencing various health issues right now so it was a welcome experience! We each had a glass bowl that we put together a mixture of ginger, frankincense, myrrh and lavender. Cathy also had a few bind Runes she had put together for us to choose from that we drew out on a piece of paper and then added our names to. We took this all outside where we put the contents of our bowls in the cauldron, added vodka and lit it up. It didn’t burn the greatest, but it was good enough that we could burn our papers on. It was a nice ritual!


So like I said, all in all a great time. I did manage to record some vlog-style videos that I’m going to attempt to put together. If I get something worth sharing then I will do so over on the YouTube channel.

I hope you’re inspired to look into putting together a similar outing with your coven or study group and if you do then I’d love to hear about it! I want to tell all my coven sisters thank you for such a great time. I love you all!!! BB

Heart of the Witchs Path YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNFiMg7JNvy2wIywW-OEAHw