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The Circle Within - Dianne Sylvan

“It isn’t enough to be Wiccan on full moons or sabbats. No one ever became fluent in a language by using it once a month. The best way is to surround yourself with the lesson; to speak Wiccan from dawn to dusk until it becomes your nature.” Pg8

Let me start off by saying that I think Dianne Sylvan is a great writer and I wish she had more than two books with Wiccan subject matter. I really like her style. She gives a certain voice to her writing that speaks to me, bringing information to a fundamental level that makes it so incredibly easy to understand what she is talking about with a bit of added humor.

I read this book with my coven a few years ago and find myself going back to reference it often. Its a quick read, coming in at less than 200 pages, and includes a wonderful appendix with prayers. The concept of the book is how to establish a daily Wiccan practice for both a solitaire or for a group. Sylvan talks about Deity and how to maintain an ongoing relationship and how to make every act of your daily life into something magickal.

While reading this book I was introduced to how to form a Wiccan meal blessing, something I still use. I also learned about greeting the four times of day (dawn, noon, dusk and midnight) as well as the four directions. These are all subjects that I’ve revisited in other classes as well so it was like this book was an opener for further study.

The appendix holds morning and evening sample devotionals as well as prayers for all kinds of things like protection and safe travel. Sylvan also includes exercises at the end of each chapter so you can really personalize and tailor things to fit your practice.


If you read my post on the Top Five Books Every New Witch Should Read you will see this book on that list. Therefore I give it 5 Brooms. I think this book can be a great tool, regardless of how long you’ve been practicing, especially because I know that I still go back to it from time to time. This book is still available and if you click on the book cover at the top of this post it will take you to Amazon if you want to order one. Of course, it’s always better to attempt to find it at your local shop or bookstore!

Thanks for taking the time to check out this post and walk a little while with me. Until next time… Blessed Be!
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