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Okay, so here are my definitions. The main reason I wanted to share this exercise with you is not because I felt it had any profound magickal experience to it. I shared it because, for me, I feel that my path is about learning something new everyday. Even if it might be something I thought I already knew. I’m not sure exactly what Christopher wanted us to take from this exercise at this point (although I have an idea) but I can say that it made me think. I made me define for my own benefit, words that are sometimes thrown around very easily and without much thought.

I’m pretty happy with how close my definitions are to good ol’ Merriam-Webster’s so without further ado… here they are! I should mention that I did add some witchy content to my definitions where I thought appropriate.

Law – written rules of conduct for a society
Merriam-Webster definition: the whole system or set of rules made by the government of a town, state, country, etc.
Compare/Contrast: seems pretty close to me.

Justice – the concept where suitable punishment or some other form of restitution is given to someone within a society after breaking a law.
Merriam-Webster definition: the process or result of using laws to fairly judge and punish crimes and criminals
Compare/Contrast: wow… I’m kind of shocked how close my wording is to the dictionary. I swear I wrote my definitions before looking them up!!!

Life – name for measure of time when humans and animals exist
Merriam-Webster definition: the ability to grow, change, etc., that separates plants and animals from things like water or rocks, the period of time when a person is alive, the experience of being alive
Compare/Contrast: it was extremely hard for me to put this one into words. I think the simplest of words or concepts are like that because I had a similar experience with love. I know what it means in my head but it was hard to get out into words to describe. I didn’t even think about the growing/changing aspect.

Balance – when there is equal measurements of something there is balance. In my practice I strive for balance in all things. Equal amounts of positive and negative.
Merriam-Webster definition: the state of having your weight spread equally so that you do not fall, the ability to move or to remain in a position without losing control or falling, a state in which different things occur in equal or proper amounts or have an equal or proper amount of importance
Compare/Contrast: I really tried to gear my definitions toward a magick perspective when I felt it was needed and here is a good example because I didn’t even think about falling! Other than that, I think I was pretty dead on.

World – a space that is inclusive and can be separated from multiples even as they are all part of a larger one. Earth is considered a world and all the people of the Earth live in that world. But a world can also be a family unit or a group. In Temple teachings we believe that there are 3 worlds, the Upper, Middle and Lower, all with specific entities that live in each.
Merriam-Webster definition: the world : the earth and all the people and things on it, a part of the world and the people and things that exist there, human society
Compare/Contrast: of course the dictionary definition is much more eloquent than mine! I don’t see anything from the dictionary, however, that touches on the smaller world concept I was going for, except for the last part about ‘human society’.

Love – feeling or state of mind where another individual or object becomes more important to a person. There are different kinds of love – romantic love is when the feeling of importance is geared towards finding a partner to share your life with. Familial love is what you feel towards parents, siblings and children and can be extremely protective in nature.
Merriam-Webster definition: a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person, attraction that includes sexual desire, the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship, a person you love in a romantic way
Compare/Contrast: this one was the hardest for me! It comes back to what I said earlier about the simplest of concepts being the hardest to define. I’m a little surprised by the lack of definition for anything but romantic love besides the first part. I feel that what I wrote was more inclusive of the idea.

Spirit – a being that may have once been a sentient being in this world that has crossed over. The spirit is part of who you are as an individual and some belief systems see a spirit as coming in different numbers.
Merriam-Webster definition: the force within a person that is believed to give the body life, energy, and power, the inner quality or nature of a person, a person
Compare/Contrast: again with the dictionary version being much more eloquent.

Good – something that has positive characteristics as defined by society.
Merriam-Webster definition: of high quality, of somewhat high but not excellent quality, correct or proper
Compare/Contrast: I’m really surprised by how baseline this definition is. I wasn’t even thinking of quality standards when writing my definition. I like the word choice or ‘correct’ and ‘proper’. I wish I’d thought of them.

Evil – something that has negative characteristics as defined by society.
Merriam-Webster definition: morally bad, causing harm or injury to someone, marked by bad luck or bad events
Compare/Contrast: this is closer to what I had expected to see for ‘good’. I like the ‘morally bad’ part. That was close to what I was thinking but couldn’t come up with the right words.

Progress – the action of moving forward, evolving or improving a situation.
Merriam-Webster definition: movement forward or toward a place, the process of improving or developing something over a period of time
Compare/Contrast: again, I am happy to see similarities between my definition and Merriam-Webster’s.

Light – illumination, the opposite of darkness.
Merriam-Webster definition: the form of energy that makes it possible to see things, the brightness produced by the sun, by fire, a lamp, etc., a source of light (such as an electric lamp), a light on a vehicle
Compare/Contrast: I liked the dictionary’s use of ‘form of energy’ and ‘brightness’ rather than my use of ‘illumination’ so I would incorporate instead.

Truth – a representation of facts that can be validated and proven. Perception also effects how an individual interprets ‘truth’.
Merriam-Webster definition: the truth : the real facts about something : the things that are true, the quality or state of being true, a statement or idea that is true or accepted as true
Compare/Contrast: I’m glad to see the word ‘fact’ being used in both definitions. I think that really is the essential, clinching word to define ‘truth’.

Liberty – (tough one for me because I don’t use this word often) freedom
Merriam-Webster definition: the state or condition of people who are able to act and speak freely, the power to do or choose what you want to, a political right
Compare/Contrast: Great presentation of the definition by the folks at Merriam-Webster. Like I said, this is a word that I don’t use often so if I get nothing else from this exercise, I now have this definition to use.

So there you have it! I would love to know how you did with your definitions so please comment. And as always thanks for walking a little while on my path with me. BB

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