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LadaGoddess of marriage, love, summer and beauty. She is also said to be the supreme goddess. She lives in Nav, the underworld, and it’s said that she returns from the underworld in the spring, much like Kore, Persephone and Ostara of the Teutonic people. She is thought to be the mother of Lel′ and Polel′, a god of the underworld and marriage, or not a deity at all; and mother of Lelia.
In Russia, when a couple is happily married, it is said they “live in lada”, in love. She is said to reside in the underworld, vrij, until the Vernal Equinox, Maslenica, when she returns, bringing the lark and springtime with her. Like Jarilo, Lada is often portrayed as a goddess who is born and dies yearly. Her sacred tree is the lime/linden, supposedly because its leaves are shaped like hearts.
One story has her married to Swarog who without her could not have created the world. Other sources give her a brother/lover named Lado, which would make them divine twins such as Freya and Frey. There is also some mention of her two sons, Lel & Polel, and that of a daughter, Liuli or Lielia. She and her daughter are the Rozhanitsy – Goddesses of a child’s fate.

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