I hope everyone had a wonderful Samhain!

My weekend was really full and busy with some little pockets of downtime. It went by too quickly honestly. I was able to spend some time and make offerings at my Ancestor Altar I keep at home before packing up items to take to ritual.

I attended ritual with my coven sisters and it was as memorable as always. I think that Cathy and I covered how and what we do in our last podcast so I’ll link it below.

I did want to share a photo of our Samhain main altar because it always looks so great!

And here is our Ancestral Altar.

Feast was hardy and filling. Good food with a chance to talk and reflect on the experiences of the ritual. Because Samhain is the witch’s New Year and because of experiences in recent homework exercises, I find myself doing some inner reflecting on where my path is headed during this next year of the Wheel turning. I hope that those of you who are following these posts are enjoying the content I’m sharing here as well as on my YouTube channel because I’m having fun doing it.

I hope the rest of your Autumn is full of happiness and love. Thanksgiving is around the corner and after that is the always crazy Holiday season. Look forward to some crafting projects I’m planning and let me know how you spent Samhain.



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