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The holiday season is upon us and for many of us the next two months will be spent planning and preparing meals, baking cookies and shopping for gifts to give to family and friends. For me, this time of year can be a crazy but fun time and I’m always on the look out for just the right gifts for my witchy friends.

This week I will share ten ideas I’ve found for those of you who enjoy making your gifts. I’ve actually made some of them so I will include recipes for those. I hope you find something that sparks an idea!

Let’s jump in!

Spell Candles
I saw this idea online and thought that it was a really cool one, especially when you have someone in mind with a specific health issue or want to bless their home. All you need is a pillar candle, essential oils or herbs and something you can use to carve into the wax. As witches, most of us have done candle magick before, so get creative and make a sigil or use runes to carve into the candle, then anoint it with a corresponding oil. If you have a young witch that you are buying for, maybe you want to put together a kit where he or she makes their own spell! The sky is the limit with this idea, just make sure that your intent for the spell is something your loved one is looking to bring into their life.

Knit or Crochet Projects
I’ve been doing these kinds of craft projects for a few years. Now don’t dismiss this idea if you don’t already know how to knit or crochet, because I am here to tell you that I totally learned how to crochet by watching YouTube videos, even as a left hander! There are tons of free patterns on Pinterest and all the major yarn companies websites that range from beginner to advanced levels. I’ve made scarves, cowls, arm warmers… even afghans and doilies as gifts in the past and have plans for more this Yule season.

Florida Water
I recently came across a recipe to make Florida Water and I’m thinking it would make a useful gift idea because of its cleansing properties. It would be perfect if put into a really pretty glass bottle! I don’t remember where I found this recipe but here it is:

16 oz Moon Water (or distilled water)
2 oz Vodka
12-15 drops essential oils (any will work)

Magickal Oil Blends
Gifting oil blends is really similar to the spell candle idea and the two can be given together if you are doing something like a health working. If you plan to use dried herbs you will want to start your blends soon so that they will be ready for use by Yule. As far as recipes go, there are tons of suggestions in books by authors like Christopher Penczak or you can research and make up your own. You’ll want to start with a good base oil like extra virgin olive oil or jojoba and then you will need either your plant matter or essential oils. You can also include stones or coins to add their properties to your blend as well. For packaging, I like keeping an eye out at the dollar store for cute bottles.

Altar Cloths
Altar Cloths can be a very quick gift to make. Fabric stores like JoAnn’s have all kinds of cotton prints and solids that you can either hem or use bias tape to finish off the edges. If you want to kick things up a notch you can find small mirrors (circle or square shaped) or jewels at most craft stores that you could either glue or sew on the altar cloths. If you do embroidery you could add that kind of detail as well.

I’ve been making soap for years as gifts and it’s so easy. I know people who make their own soap base, but it’s a complicated process that requires many ingredients I don’t have room to store, so I stick with the pre-made ones you can buy in craft stores or order online. This is another project that you can use your essential oils and dried herbs for and there are so many things you can use for molds. I have some Celtic Knotwork ones that I use all the time and I’ve even seen some witchy ones available to order online. The possibilities are so endless with this kind of craft project that I could (and maybe will) do a separate post later.

Bath Salts
This is probably the easiest item on this list to make. Seriously. So easy and something I love to get. All you need is some Epsom salt and essential oils. Mix it together and put it into some kind of pretty container and you are done. I love using peppermint oil because it makes a perfect foot soak before a pedicure. As a matter of fact, I’m all out right now so if anyone is looking for a gift idea for me this Yule season here you go! If you have someone on your list that loves to take baths, this is a win-win gift idea!

Prayer Shawls
I wanted to include this kind of project as a separate entry from the other knit/crochet projects because of the intent imbued into the item while making one. My Roomie (who is a crafter as well) has a pattern book with numerous crochet prayer shawl patterns and the book speaks to the idea behind what a prayer shawl is. They are usually gifted to people who are going through a tough time in their lives, such as those battling with long-term illnesses or those dealing with trauma. The person making the shawl holds the intent of healing or encouragement while working on it and there are also prayers included to bless the shawls once they are done. I’ve made several shawls for new mothers that they can use for all those late night feedings with their newborns.

Bath Bombs
Who loves those Lush bath bombs that cost anywhere from $5-$8 each? I know I do and last year I found a recipe to make them for a fraction of the cost on YouTube! I don’t remember the link for the exact video where I found this recipe, so if it sounds familiar let me know.

1 cup baking soda
½ cup citric acid
½ cup corn starch
½ cup Epsom salt
2 ½ tsp. coconut oil or almond oil
¾ tsp. water
2 tsp. essential oil
food coloring (optional)

Mix all the dry ingredients in a metal or glass bowl. In a separate bowl mix all the wet ingredients then slowly incorporate them with the dry. You want to be careful how fast you add the wet ingredients so that you don’t activate the citric acid. Mix everything together until you get a wet sand consistency, then pack the mixture into molds. Allow to dry for 1-2 days before removing.

Lotion/Massage Bars
Massage bars were another new craft I tried last year that was based off a Lush product. In case you’ve never seen one before, they are like ‘bars’ of soap that are made from shea and cocoa butters and bees wax that are warmed from the heat of your body and then melt into your skin. These are especially nice for extremely dry hands and only take a few minutes to make. Lotions are another easy gift idea to make because you can personalize scents to who you are gifting. Shea butter is a great base to add essential oils to and is a natural product that doesn’t break out most of even your most sensitive gift receivers.

Well, there you have it… ten gift ideas that you can make to give away this Yule. Most of these ideas are pretty inexpensive and as a witch you probably have many of the components at home already. I will definitely be making gifts to give to my coven sisters again this year and I will share with you what I’m making as I finish them up.

Be on the lookout for more Yule gift idea posts in the coming weeks. I’d love to know if you are inspired to try any of the suggestions form this weeks post or if you’ve made something before. Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks for walking with me for a while and until next time Blessed Be!

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