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Hey guys! Welcome back to the Heart of the Witch’s Path! Today I am going to continue a series of postings centered around gift ideas for all your witchy friends for this Yule season. Last week I shared ten things you can create yourself that would make really nice gifts. This week I have ten ideas you can find either online or in your local New Age store. Let’s get started!

I thought I would start off with a big-ticket gift suggestion for that someone special on your list, maybe yourself! Drums come in all shapes and sizes. From the djembe style, which is a traditional African instrument, to the Irish bodhran, which is a flat style drum with a skin on only one side. Drums can be purchased with designs painted onto the heads or plain if you are artistic and want to create something yourself.
Rattles are just as diverse as drums in terms of what’s out there, if not more so. I have one that is made with sculpy clay with bb’s inside it, while a coven sister recently bought one made from a turtle shell.
I did some online searching for drums and rattles and it looks like there are some reputable folks on etsy. Here are a couple that I really thought were worth sharing:

2016 Llewellyn’s Witch’s Spell-A-Day Almanac
Every year the Llewellyn publishing company releases a Spell-A-Day Almanac. I’ve bought them in the past, but it’s been a few years since the last one. I think this would make a nice gift for someone new to the Craft because there can be some pretty useful information. I will post a link to Amazon where it’s less than $11 right now.

Prints or Statues of Deities
If the Witch on your shopping list has a patron god or goddess then a print or statue can be the perfect gift for them. Most of us like to set up altars for the deities we work with, even if it’s someone we connect with for only a short time. It’s pretty easy to find Buddha statuary and most of the gods from the Greek or Egyptian pantheons, but a few years ago I was looking for a representation of Freya and came up empty handed. There are some good companies out there that are producing some really beautiful pieces as well as expanding into pantheons/deities we haven’t had available before. These gifts can be on the more expensive side but there are deals to be had if you shop around. Here are a few links:

I think herbs are a great gift because we use them all the time. Spellwork, tisanes, elixirs… these are at the heart of our practice in the Craft and you can never go wrong giving mint, chamomile or any herb to a Witch. And they are readily available at different price ranges to fit your budget. You shop at a dollar store, in bulk at a health food store or online in the comfort of your jammies!

Mini Altar Kits
I love, love, love mini altar items!!! I remember when I was putting mine together. It was great fun looking for a small pentacle and little candles and such. There are some etsy sellers out there who have adorable kits ready for purchase, but I think it can be a fun hunt to find items that remind you of that special Witch on your list. Creativity and individuality are going to be key in putting one of these together, but your thoughtfulness is sure to be a hit.

Tarot Decks/Runes/Divination
There is definitely a vibration that happens between a Witch and her divination tools. But if you are buying for someone who is a collector of decks or runes, you are likely to find something that will interest them. There are soooo many tarot and oracle decks out there and if you do some covert snooping you should be able to find something your giftee will like. Are they a cat person? If so, there are multiple decks out there with cat themes. Are they into Steampunk or vampires? There are lots of those decks as well. If you are buying for a newbie, I think that the Rider-Waite deck is good choice for a starter deck and can even be a solid addition to any divination collection. When it comes to runes, the most popular sets are the Elder Futhark, but the materials they are made from are virtually endless. Metal, wood and stone are among the options you will readily find and rune sets are also something that can be made if you have the skills. I really love the clay set I was gifted years ago and use it the most often. Ogham sticks, I Ching coins and 4 pennies are other types of divination sets you can consider if you are shopping for someone who is already well versed in the more standard methods. As far as where to find them… any New Age store will usually has large sections for divination, including books, and of course you can find all sorts of options online.

Incense can be pretty personal in terms of what you like and don’t like, but lately I’ve been finding that there are times when I’ve needed a scent that isn’t in my normal wheelhouse so I think that having a variety can be useful. A gift of widely used like myrrh, frankincense, dragon’s blood, sandalwood and patchouli are great additions to anyone’s stash since like herbs, it’s something we use large quantities of. The great thing is that incense is something that you can find just about anywhere, so it can even be a great last minute gift, even for someone who isn’t Wiccan.

What girl doesn’t like something sparkly to wear? Witchy jewelry is always a great idea, regardless of age, gender or amount of time in the Craft. You can choose a stone setting, an intricate piece of knotwork or a one of a kind piece of beading. Jewelry is something you will usually find in all New Age stores, but like so many other items on this list, there are loads of options online as well. Narrowing down a list of good online resources would take days so I would suggest hitting up etsy if you want something really unique and Azure Green of you are looking for something more mass produced.

Along with the almanac, Llewellyn also releases a calendar and datebook each year. I’ve had the calendar in years past and I think they are really nice. The artwork for both is very similar from what I can tell from year to year. It’s the only specific witch calendar that I know of but I’ve also seen ones that center on a particular artist’s representation of deities or tarot decks. I looked on Amazon for links to the 2016 Llewellyn calendar and didn’t find one but here you can find the datebook.

I’ve been known to do a little antique-ing in the past and I love the idea finding a beautiful, cast iron cauldron in a little antique store and giving it a new home. Our coven was actually given such a cauldron and it’s something we truly treasure, along with the spirit in which it was given. I did a quick search on ebay and saw that you can find cauldrons in various sizes, both new and old, and can spend as little as $10 and as much as you $375.

So there you have it! I hope this list is helpful, but it’s certainly not the only options out there. I’d like to know what you are planning to buy this year so please share below.

For next week, I’m working on a list of specific products that are either on my own list of things I’d like to find under the tree or things that I think are exceptional enough to mention. Hope to see you back here and until then, thanks for walking a while with me. Blessed Be and have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.
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