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This week I wanted to share some very specific products that really stand out for me, some of which are actually on my list! I don’t think I’m going to have ten items this week but who knows, if I run across more there’s still time before the holidays that I can share another post!

So let’s jump in!!!

Cucina Aurora Products
This company is at the top of my list of products I really want to try. I first came into contact with the owner, Dawn, and Cucina Aurora on YouTube and was geeked to learn that she is involved with the Temple of Witchcraft. She wrote a cookbook with Christopher that is available on both the Cucina Aurora and Christopher Penczak websites.
Cucina Aurora offers some really yummy looking infused oil and risotto packets. I really appreciate how open Dawn is about the fact that she is a witch and how she makes her products magickally. The first ingredient listed on every product is ‘love’, isn’t that awesome!?!? On the site you can find some really nice looking gift basket ideas that include the risottos and oils and the prices seem really reasonable.

Odin Statue
odin-WU75357A4I’ve mentioned before that Odin Father is my patron god and I want to set up an altar for him. This is the statue I want for that altar. It’s from a company that makes statues of deities from many different pantheons.


Christopher Penczak Books
Believe it or not, there are some of Christopher’s books that I still don’t have! The great thing about Christopher’s body of work is that there is something there for any point in a person’s path. For beginner’s, I would recommend either Mystic Foundation or Inner Temple of Witchcraft. For someone with a little more experience, Outer Temple of Witchcraft, The Three Rays of Witchcraft or The Witch’s Shield. And for the more advanced, The Living Temple of Witchcraft (vol. 1 & 2) or Temple of High Witchcraft. Personally, I am looking for Foundations of the Temple and Ancestors of the Craft.

Sabbat Box
It seems like there is a subscription box out there for just about everything. I was really surprised to learn about this one, but I think the idea is solid and very beautifully executed. Sabbat Box is a subscription that will arrive in an unmarked box every 6 weeks. The box will contain at least 4-7 magickal products and each box is themed toward one of the eight Sabbats. There are three different options for subscription payment and currently there is a waiting list to sign up. I went to the site to get prices and because of the waiting list it’s very hard to read the amounts, so I will read it as best as I can to share with you. You can either pay by the box, which is $39.95 each time, or you can pay for a half a year (4 boxes) for $155.85, and lastly you can pay for a full year (8 boxes) for $311.60. I haven’t subscribed to this service myself, but I would like to, and I have watched a couple unboxing videos so I have an idea of what they are like.

Planner Stickers
This year I started using a good planner. I really spent some quality time figuring out what I wanted to use my planner for, besides the obvious, and I ended up looking on Etsy for some customizable stickers that I wasn’t finding in stores. What an amazing resource by the way! I stumbled across these adorable Sabbat stickers and recently I realized the shop owner is Dianne Sylvan, a Wiccan author that my coven is currently reading. These stickers are on my Yule wishlist this year for sure!!! 😉

Lotions, Potions & Notions Headache & Migraine Spray
I really love this product! I first came into contact with Lotions, Potions & Notions in the vendor room at ConVocation. The owner does a lot of wildcrafting and growing of the herbs that she uses for making all her products and everything I’ve tried works well. I carry one in my purse all the time.

Heart of the Witchs Path YouTube channel: