This week’s post is a sad one. I wanted to make that clear right away so if you want to back out now, that’s okay. I’ll completely understand.

Over the weekend my roomie and I suffered a pretty devastating loss when one of our cats passed. Seven years ago we brought home a pair of sisters from the Humane Society and forever changed our lives. The roomie grew up always having pets in the house, but this was her first time as the responsible pet owner and I hadn’t had anything besides fish or birds since I was like 3 years old.

Chloe and Jasmine were already 5 ½ when we got them and they had some serious sass from the get go. Chloe looks like a Russian Blue, all gray with beautiful green eyes. Jasmine was mostly gray, with white paws and belly. She even had a little patch of white in her upper lip.

Jasmine hadn’t been feeling well. She had an upper respiratory infection a couple of weeks before and she seemed to be okay, but the roomie began to think she wasn’t eating. I can’t even begin to type the details of what happened over the next five days, it’s just too fresh. I’ll be brief in saying that she was really sick. We tried a steroid shot, hoping to kick start her system, but she quickly deteriorated. We are blessed in that one of our closest friends is a Vet Tech and she was there for us through all the anxiety and unsurety of what to do next and I thank the Goddess for her every day.

Jasmine passed on Saturday. I stayed home with her all day, praying she would sleep and miraculously get better, my mind was racing with the desire to magickally help her in whatever way was for her highest good. I was working on homework for my Temple of Witchcraft class that dealt with Fluid Condensers, which some might think is like a potion, but they aren’t exactly.

Fluid Condensers are etheric energy in the form of a subtle fluid flowing between the planes. After interacting with some of my spirit guides, I felt that I could make a condenser that would help Jasmine to whatever her next step was. Based on her condition, I thought that her next step was passing on to the other side and if that was the case I wanted it to be as humanly and peaceful as possible.

I followed the steps in Christopher Penczak’s book The Temple of High Witchcraft to make an infusion Fluid Condenser with my stated intention and once it was ready I put a few drops in an aromatherapy diffuser near her. She passed soon after that first usage and I buried the rest of the condenser with her.

The reason I wanted to share this story is to prove that even in the crappiest times of your life you can use magick. You do have the power to make change at any time. You can persevere and made a horrible situation better.

I hope this helps to empower you all and I hope you have a wonderful week.





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