I thought it was important to take a moment to reflect on our experiences together before I put you to rest. Things were pretty rough those last few months and I wasn’t sure if I could put together a letter that wasn’t laced with bitterness and sarcasm. I’ve spent the last few days transmuting that negative energy into something more positive so let’s see what happens.

Well 2015, you sure brought a great deal of change to my life in such a short amount of time! Changes that have helped me to feel like I’m doing good work to become a better person. I started some hardcore recycling and went cruelty free early in the year. It was a growing experience and I’m grateful to my Roomie who took that journey with me. We figured out what brands we would switch to for some products and which ones we could keep using. She was a real trooper since she stuck with me as we tried out new, more natural recipes to make our own products like deodorant and shaving gel. I also went vegetarian during our time together. It’s still early in the process, but I can say that I don’t miss meat in my life and look forward to seeing what other positive changes it’s absence will bring.

I continued to work on various studies, both on my own and with my coven. I finished Witchcraft 3 in the Temple of Witchcraft mystery school and started the 4th year. I taught a class outside my coven for the first time! All great milestones.

And who could forget another great time at ConVocation and the third Rhea Lured Away!

As for the Heart of the Witch’s Path blog… I had a pretty successful run of making posts on a mostly frequent basis. I had some patchy-ness in the beginning of the year, but after that I made a post nearly every week. I also established a YouTube channel and started a podcast with the help of my great friend. I’m happy with this success.

Then there were the low points, of which I decided to only mention briefly here… a lot sickness, computer issues, betrayal, financial stress and the loss of not one, but two beloved pets in the same week.

All in all, what I choose to do is to take the lessons I’ve learned from you and move forward. I will treasure that which deserves to be treasured, while not allowing myself to be held back by that which doesn’t serve. Thank you for these lessons and I ask for new growth in 2016.

Blessed Be






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