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It is believed that Radegast is a god of hospitality, fertility and crops, associated with war and the Sun. He is said to be protector of travelers, traders, foreigners; patron of hospitality. If a householder does not take good care of his guests, if he drives off people seeking shelter or harms peacefully passing foreigners and salesmen, then Radegast would punish him. To good hosts Radegast gives a blessing and as they are compassionate to strangers, thus they always find hospitality and accommodation when traveling.
He carries a double-edged battle-axe and the head of a bull is said to be on his chest. He is also depicted with a swan over his head, its wings stretched out.
Radegast’s name can be derived from Old-Bulgarian raditi, which translates to “take care, look after, consider” and gost – a guest, a stranger, a foreigner. There are many variations on how his named is spelled – Radegast, Radigast, Radigost, Radogost.


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