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Con 2016 with theme

So the class schedule is out for this year’s ConVocation and I’ve been going through it to learn what is being offered. Each year this 4 day event has a theme and since we wrapped up our journey through the Major Arcana cards in 2015, we are now moving on to the Qabalalic Tree of Life. The theme this year is ‘Rebirth in the Sea of Divine Knowledgeand deals with Keter or Kether, depending on which school of thought you follow, and is the first or highest sphere of the tree of knowledge.


Now if you follow my studies with the Temple of Witchcraft you will know that this year’s course of study is centered on the Tree of Life, so I’m looking forward to learning more about the subject and maybe even get some different perspectives. I only wished that we were starting with the sphere of Malkuth at ConVocation since Kether is at the end of my Temple year of study.

If you want to learn more about the event then visit their website here. Pre-registration is open until the end of the month!


So let’s look at the Top 5 classes I’m looking forward to!

5. Nine Sisters: Gods and Goddesses of the Northern Seas – Raven Kaldera

Today the oceans are threatened more than ever before in the history of the Earth. We tend to think that the seas are unimportant to us, but the Gods and Goddesses of the Oceans would disagree. In this workshop we’ll explore the ancient Norse deities of the cold northern seas, especially the Nine Sisters who are the daughters of Aegir and Ran, and who have begun to approach modern Pagans once again. Come and discover their magic, their danger, and their beauty – and learn more about the power of the seas, and how you can help. We’ll also have a short ritual to help heal the oceans.

Raven always brings interesting workshops to ConVo and it looks like he’s not disappointing this year either! Conservation is a topic that has become even more important to me in the past year so this class stood out to me right away.

4. Introduction to Kabbalah – Richard Kasczynski

The language and symbolism of Kabbalah underpins much of Western esotericism, so a basic understanding of its concepts will enhance your appreciation of modern magical practices. This talk explores two main variants of Kabbalah: The magical systems taught by Western mystery schools like the Golden Dawn , A.’.A.’. and O.T.O.; and the “kosher” Kabbalah, the rabbinical system presented by Aryeh Kaplan and Benjamin Blech.

As far as I know this will be Richard’s first time to ConVo and since he knows a great deal about Aleister Crowley and the Golden Dawn, I can’t wait to see what he has to offer.

3. The Witch, the Healer, and the Door – Journey into you personal Akashic Records – Jacki Smith

Jacki returns to for a 8th consecutive year to take you in a journey into your Akashic Records, this time into your life’s passion. Her students return again and again to learn something new about themselves each time she takes them on this journey.

The Akashic records are the collective cosmic mind – sounds daunting big and unrelated to today’s life, doesn’t it? Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “sky”, “space” or “aether”, and simply put, your Akashic records are the place in the astral realm where you can access all information about you today, your past lives, your future lives and generations of your current genetic history.

I love me some Jacki and her knowledge of the Akashic Records is great.

2. Discovering the Tree of Life through Tarot – Jane Pierce

If you know the Tarot, come discover how much you already know about the Tree of Life. Learn to Travel the Tree with the Major Arcana as your guide.

Understanding the sphere’s and what they unlock is one thing, but to truly understand how the Tree of Life works you have to have a solid grasp on the paths and how they connect to the cards of the Major Arcana. I’m hoping this is a good one!

1. Honoring the Dead – Selena Fox

Create, develop and work with meditations, chants, altars, obituary writing, memorials, and ceremonies to remember and honor Beloved Dead at the time of death, on anniversary dates, at seasonal celebrations, and other times. Explore healing approaches to bereavement through memorial altar making, story sharing, gravesite tending, and remembrance rites.

For my own practice and to serve my community I feel that I need to learn more about how to facilitate the process of death and I hope this workshop will be a giant step forward in that.

I did a video on my YouTube channel where I talked about the Guests of Honor for this year’s event which I will link below. If you plan on coming to this event then I would love to meet you! I will be there all weekend with members of my coven so look for me and say hi!




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