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There aren’t any Q’s in Slavic mythology so I’m giving you a second entry from the letter R.

Rod was once a truly great power, but recently he has lost worshippers to Perun in large numbers, and seems to be declining. He is a god with many aspects, but he is slowly losing them as his power wanes. His principal aspect is one of fertility, always a popular Slavic theme, and he is also famed as the guardian of the dead. His petitioners retain their memories, and can be conjured if needed be to answer queries. For performing his duty as their guardian, he is much honored. His realm in Bytopia reflects his twin aspects of fertility and the dead, with large tracts of farmland being punctuated with symbolic tombstones, naming those who are working nearby. In Radiance, he has a palace all his own which sparkles and twinkles all the time (assuming you can see it, of course). He doesn’t speak to Dazhbog, because they tend not to be worshipped in the same places.