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I’m kind of excited to introduce this new weekly post to everyone. I’ve written fiction for several years, mostly centering on supernatural gaming adventures from a tabletop group that I used to belong to. This fiction is located on my friend and co-host of the podcast, Cathy’s website that she maintains for our gaming world. I’ll link the site below if you love vampires, werewolves, fey and mages!


Anyhow… while meditating last week I was approached by my patron Goddess, Bridget, and another animal spirit ally. It was suggested to me that I begin to share some of my witch inspired fiction here on the blog for a couple of reasons. The first one being it will help me as a writer because I will be practicing the art of writing and the second being that I will tapping into my inner creativity. So every Friday I’m going to be posting either a chapter from a longer story or an entire short story. I hope you enjoy them.

This week I am starting with a novel I wrote a few years ago called Tansera’… here we go!



Nine months ago…

“Have the parties been able to reach an agreement on the division of the marital holdings?” the judge asked from his seat behind the bench.
“Yes, they have, your honor,” Richard Paxton, the defense attorney, said as he stood and smoothed the front of his expensive suit jacket over his stomach. Outside he appeared calm and collected, like the water of a lake in the crisp morning air; inside he was beaming with a tremendous amount of glee. This was the biggest divorce case he had ever handled in his career and he felt like a million bucks. He had been able to get everything that his client had wanted while managing to pretty much guarantee himself a healthy bonus at the same time when this was all said and done.
“Mr. Rawlins?” the judge asked, turning his attention to the other lawyer who sat before him.
Edward Rawlins was at least a decade older than his counterpart at the other table and had a great deal more experience in the courtroom. Even so, he conceded to himself that Paxton had done well by his client during the divorce proceedings, even if it was at the expense of his own client.
Not that he hadn’t done his job. On the contrary, Edward was quite sure that this case could have had a very different outcome if his client had allowed him to actually argue the case like he normally would have. It was something that Edward didn’t understand and was powerless to do anything about.
Edward passed a hesitant glance at the man who was sitting next to him as he got to his feet, noting that the younger man was silently looking at his lap in defeat as if he were nothing more that a useless lump of clay. Edward cleared his throat then said, “Yes, your honor. We agree to the terms.”
His major quandary was that he wasn’t at all happy with how the division of the marital assets were screwing his client, but he hadn’t been able to convince him to attempt another means of rebuttal. Edward felt as if he had let his client down in some way, but there was no way he could talk him out of it.
“Very well then.” The judge looked over the papers that had been laid before him one last time then picked up his pen. “If there is no further discussion then it is the order of this court that the marriage between Scott Gerald Marsters and Kristen Rinz-Marsters will be dissolved and final six months from this date.”
There was a scuttle of activity in the back of the courtroom as members of the press took notes and quietly talked into mini recorders or cell phones in an effort to document what the judge had just decreed. As the activity reached a notable level the judge’s attention was brought to the group who had hung around the courtroom like a pack of jackals and he cleared his throat loudly. Everyone noticed and quieted.
“On more than one occasion I have had to stop the proceedings of this court in order to deal with our guests in the back of the room,” he began in his best authoritative tone. “I am still not finished with this case and I will not hesitate to hold you all in contempt of court.”
No one moved.
For his part, Scott wanted nothing more than to sink lower in his chair, but experience told him that he couldn’t give the press the satisfaction of seeing him squirm. The past three months since Kristen had asked for a divorce had been hell for him, not only emotionally, but publicly as well, and in a way he was glad that it was almost over even though it meant the dissolution of his marriage.
He had been constantly hounded with questions about the break up since it had been announced by his publicist a few weeks before, but the questions that really plagued him were the ones about what had gone wrong in his relationship with his wife. Those were the questions that he couldn’t answer because those were the questions that hurt the most. Those answers were the ones that were almost impossible for him to even admit to himself.
He now longed for the routine questions about his favorite color or book that had been the norm since the time that he and his fellow band mates had ‘made it’ big. Now he dreaded interviews and the press even more than he ever had before, but there was no way to dodge the situation. Unfortunately, along with the fame came the loss of privacy and that was a price he had agreed to pay long ago.
The judge leaned back in his leather chair again and regarded the four people that sat on his side of the wooden railing. “If within the six months prior to this divorce becoming final, either of the parties involved decides to change the agreement we will find ourselves back in this courtroom. Is that understood?”
Scott braved a glance in Kristen’s direction, something he had been able to control himself in doing until that moment, only to find that she was studying the nails on her right hand as if she were bored and couldn’t wait to get out of the room. He couldn’t help but wonder again for the millionth time what had happened to them, but he knew that it ultimately boiled down to the fact that they had been apart more than they had been together during their marriage. He had tried his damnedest to keep it together the best way he could, but in the end it had been Kristen who had asked for the divorce and he had been sick of fighting about it so he gave in.
He heard the judge rap his gavel on the desk, signaling that in six months he would be a single man again and as Scott stood and watched the judge leave the room, he wondered in which direction his life would now lead him.

No one paid any attention to the young woman with the long, jet-black hair who sat in the back of the courtroom and she had eyes only for Scott.


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