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Svantovit is a powerful and strong god who is mighty in battle. He watches over warriors, taking a keen interest in the outcome of war, and is also a patron of psychics and soothsayers. His priests often perform a form of divination, or auguries, for farming communities to determine the quality of a coming harvest. One such ritual involved a white horse ridden between two rows of upright spears, and the more spears the horse knocks over, the worse the forecast.
A horn of wine is traditionally kept in Svantovit’s temples, and an indication of the quality of coming harvests can be gained from how far the level of the wine drops over a year.
Svantovit’s realm in Water is hard to find, but when reached, it is said, it yields the visitor insights into his future. Four Doors, in the Outlands near the Chronepseum, is an enormous temple compound, surrounded by a wooden stockade scores of feet high. Within is a huge wooden idol, through which the power speaks to his proxies and petitioners. Many of his petitioners practice as soothsayers.
He was popular in the Baltic regions where it was said that he took over as the leader of the gods from Svarog. A statue of him was discovered in Galicia in 1857. It was a miniature imitation of the original in Arcona, which is said to have been huge. A wine filled bull’s horn was held in his right hand. A white horse was kept in the temple. There was a large sword, saddle and head harness for his horse beside him. Three hundred armed men worked at the temple with the priests. Before a battle, the war banner that was hung in the temple was shown to his worshippers.
Svantovit is a horned god connected with the ancestor cult. He is also a god of war, and protector of fields. His idol had four heads, and held a horn filled with wine, from which the priest predicted the harvest. Svantovit also had a sacred white horse, which predicted the outcome of war – if it stepped across the palings with its right foot, it was a good omen, but with its left, a bad omen.





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