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The name literally mean ‘three headed’.
Also sometimes called Troglav, is a god or complex of gods in Slavic mythology, similar in nature to the Trinity in Christianity or Trimurti in Hinduism. He is either depicted as a three-headed man, wearing golden blindfolds or completely veiled, or as having three goat heads. It is the belief that the three heads represent sky, earth and the underworld.
He is considered one of the most mysterious gods in the Slav pantheon. Triglav is a unity of three war gods. The exact members of the triad vary by place and time. An early variation included Svarog (Heaven), Perun (Earth), and Dajbog (Underworld). Later, Dajbog was replaced by Svetovid or Veles. Triglav is usually described as a fusion of these gods. More rarely he is said to be their son. It may also be a unity of lesser gods (Lesser Triglav).
It is said that Triglav wore the gold blindfold because he was so fond of humans that he could not see the evil deeds of men. He rarely appears around mortals. The book of Veles leaves this possibility open with the sentence “We pray and bow to the first Triglav”, after that they immediately mention Svarog as the conceiver of all gods and after him Perun and Svetovid. The same sentence makes the other theory of Triglav not being the one god, but the joint name for this “trinity” more believable.
Several temples dedicated to Triglav existed near Szczecin, Poland.




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