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This entry will mark the end of the ABCs of Slavic Mythology. It’s been fun researching and sharing these Deities with you and I hoe you look forward to the next ABC series… the Celtic Pantheon!


Goddesses of dusk and dawn.

There are two of them, two sisters. Zorya Uternyana ( ‘Utro’ means ‘morning’), the goddess of the dawn who opens the gates for king Dazhbog every morning. Zorya Vechhernyaya (‘Vechter’ means ‘evening’), the goddess of dusk who closed the gates after the king returned from his journey every night. Together their job was to keep watch over the dog, Simargl, who is tied by a large chain of iron. They are seen as being the protectors of the universe as the breaking of the chain would result in the end of the world.

The morning star Svezda and the evening star Dennitsa accompanied the two sisters according to some myths. They helped the Zorya in their work and looked after king Dazhbog’s horses. In a popular legend Dennitsa is married to the male Myesyats (Moon). Dennitsa is classified as almost equal to the greatest of gods.

Some stories say they are possibly the fates. They watch the demonic god chained to Ursa Major; and when he escapes the world will end. When requesting protection from them, say the following prayer to the Zorya:

“O Virgin, unsheath your father’s sacred sword.

Take up the breastplate of your ancestors.

Take up your powerful helmet.

Bring forth your steed of black.

Fly to the open field,

There where the great army with countless weapons is found.

O Virgin, cover me with your veil.

Protect me against the power of the enemy,

Against guns and arrows, warriors and weapons,

Weapons of wood, of bone, of copper and iron and steel”