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On our way home from ConVocation last weekend we stopped by a New Age store I’d never been to in Plymouth, Michigan. I’d had heard great things about the store, mostly about their stone merchandise. I already did a video over on the YouTube channel that covered what I bought that I will link below, but I really want to share more about the store.


I asked the ladies that work their if it was okay to take some pictures and they agreed as long as I didn’t photograph people, which I think is a basic rule, since you don’t know who is or isn’t in the Broom Closet. I mentioned that in our 204 podcast as well.



Anyhow, the store! Oh my goodness… it was lovely. Seriously. I was really impressed by the size of the store first of all. I have no idea what the square footage is, but it was in no way a postage stamp storefront where you have to be careful where you step and people can’t even squeeze by each other. Another plus is that it’s a really inviting space, that’s laid out very thoughtfully and has a natural flow to it. I’ve worked retail in many places and I feel that natural flow is important because you want customers to take a journey when they come into your shop, especially one like Earth Lore, and in a heavy traffic situation you also want that flow to keep people moving.


Another thing that stuck out to me is that the store isn’t a mish-mosh of products. What I mean by that is, displays weren’t a variety of products that didn’t have anything to do with each other. Instead, everything was organized by types of products. There was a book section, a tarot section, an Egyptian section and so on. I appreciate that because if I am a returning customer and want incense, I can go to one area of the store and all the incense is going to be right there. That makes sense to me.




One feature of the store that I’d heard about, but was in no way prepared for was the LARGE stones that were on display and for sale. The first one I came into contact with was a huge smoky quartz sphere that looked so cute sitting amongst the fairy garden supplies.




This guy is at least 18 inches in diameter. It’s just gorgeous and I love the light that was strategically placed to shine through it. I wish I had the money to bring this one home.




Then I saw this gorgeous amethyst. You can’t really see it, but it’s actually sitting on wooden base, which brought the top of it to about my shoulder. I’m 5’8” so that’s a really big stone!




The last large crystal was the beautiful crystal cluster. 204 pounds!!! Can you believe it!? With a $14,000 price tag I’m praying to hit the MegaMillions!!!




The store has a wide array of other, maybe more affordable stones as well. There’s an entire round table in one area of the store that you can circle around and choose from a large assortment of stones. I partook of this table a lot!




Now for the final outcome. I really, really loved this store. My only wish is that it was closer. It’s a no brainer that it deserves 5 out of 5 brooms. I highly recommend a visit to this store if you’re in the Greater Detroit area and I’m sure we’ll stop there again. Hopefully soon!




On a side note, after leaving the store we wanted to grab lunch before heading out and came across a wonderful little restaurant call The Burger Shop. I was really happy to see that they had numerous vegetarian/vegan options, including this delicious falafel burger. Now we have another place in Plymouth to revisit!


Here’s their website:






Heart of the Witchs Path YouTube channel: