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Elayne heard someone call out her name, as she and Connie stood in the VIP area backstage. The concert had been over for about a half an hour and the two women were waiting for the guys to join them after they had a chance to shower and change. Elayne couldn’t remember the last time she had a more exciting time. The show had been thrilling with all the lights and pyrotechnics and the guys had looked so sharp in every outfit they had worn on stage.
Elayne turned to see that it was Ronnie who had called out to her. He had entered the room with fifty times more energy than what she had seen last night, so she knew that he was feeling much better. “Hi,” she managed to get out before he enveloped her in another huge bear hug like the one he had given her the night before.
“You are better than Florence Nightingale,” he pronounced as he lifted her off the ground and twirled her around.
“I take it you’re feeling better,” she choked out, trying to get a deep breath as she laughed at him.
“Better? I feel fantastic,” Ronnie exclaimed as he put her on her feet again. “You should bottle whatever it was you put in the tea, girl. The whole crew wants some.”
Elayne smiled up at Ronnie brightly as he turned to greet Connie, then she glanced around to see if anyone else had entered the room with him, but he was alone. She was still very worried about Scott and whatever it was that was centered on him, so much so that she had been extremely relieved just to see him onstage. If magic was being used on him or directed at him, he was vulnerable and he would need someone who knew what they were doing to help him break its effects.
Elayne knew that she didn’t know everything there was to know about Wicca or the use of magick, but she knew that her heart was true in her determination to help Scott and sometimes that meant more than the knowledge itself. As she and Connie had stood in the audience during the show she couldn’t help but sense once again that something was in the air that strongly reminded her of what she had felt the night before, but there was no way for her to detect it’s source. There were just too many people in the crowd and too much going on around them for her to pinpoint anything.
That was another reason why she was so anxious to see him. Scott’s enemy was unknown and only she would be able to recognize whoever it was with her intuition ability. Scott was powerless against it. She couldn’t leave him unprotected.
That was why she had brought him the amulet. After her lunch with Scott, Elayne had gone home and immediately called Serena and Amy to come to her house so that the four of them could perform the ritual. She felt that time was of the essence, but unfortunately they were unsuccessful in learning anything of value and Elayne was nearly sick with anxiety.
“Maybe the Goddess has something else planned and that’s why we couldn’t learn anything,” Serena had suggested afterwards as the four women discussed the best form of action to take. Elayne didn’t like the thought that the Goddess would put an innocent person in harms way, but she was sure it was for the good of all in the end. It was the consensus of the group that Elayne should do what she could to find out where the magic was coming from and to protect Scott if necessary.
So she had taken an amulet from her own jewelry box to make a gift to him and then crafted a spell that would not only protect him from harm, but counter any magic that might be directed toward him. The amulet was now in her pocket and all she had to do was put in on him and say the final words of the spell in order to activate it.
Normally she would only do something like this for a coven mate, or someone who had asked for her help. Elayne was a little reticent to complete the spell for Scott because it was part of the law that she lived by, harm none, do as ye will. Yes, the spell was meant to protect Scott, but that wasn’t what worried her. How would the spell effect whoever was targeting him might cause a karmic backlash to her. Then there was the matter of her religion and how Scott would react to it, much less if he would believe in her powers if she told him. For now it was easier to give him what protection she could and just wait to see what happened.
Elayne realized that she was worried about how she was going to explain all of this to Scott if she were able to identify the source of the magic. She had been a practicing Wiccan for years before she had been able to harness her powers, as had the other women in her coven. What would Scott think when faced with the possibility that someone was plotting against him and using an unknown force to do it with?
“So did you like the show?” Ronnie asked before he went to a table and grabbed a soda from a chest filled with cans and ice.
“It was amazing,” Connie told him with a wide smile. Of the two women, Connie was the one who had any real knowledge of what a great concert was since she had been attending them since before she was born and the fact that she was a natural musician herself, playing both piano and guitar. So if Connie said the show was amazing, then that was really what she meant.
“And she wasn’t talking about you, Ronnie, so don’t go there,” Ollie noted as he made his own entrance with Raoul in tow.
“Hey,” Raoul said in greeting as he made his way over to give each of the women a brief hug. “How are you ladies doing tonight?”
“Fine,” Elayne managed, her eyes moving once more to the door to see if Scott was there yet. She caught a nervous glance as it passed between Ollie and Raoul, but she stopped herself from commenting on it for the moment.
They chatted for a few minutes while fans that somehow managed to gain backstage passes began to float in around them and Elayne found her eyes moving toward the door more often then before. The three men were gracious about signing autographs and talking to the fans, but when Connie and Elayne tried to move aside to make room for the growing number of young women, Raoul took each of them by the hand and pulled them closer again.
“Stay with us,” he pleaded. “You are our guests and we don’t want you pushed aside. This won’t last long and then we’ll head out for some dinner or something.”
“Where’s Evan and Scott?” Elayne asked, unable to hold the question back any longer.
The worried expression crossed Raoul’s features again. “I think Scott picked up Ronnie’s bug. His voice was doing some weird stuff this afternoon and finally he lost it entirely during the encore. He’s getting checked out by the doc.”
Just as she was about to ask Raoul to take her to him, a pack of girls commandeered his attention so she turned to Connie instead. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” she told her friend in a low voice.
“So do I and I don’t have your abilities.” Connie appeared just as worried as Elayne was about the situation. Scott only provided backup vocals for the group, but they hadn’t noticed any problems with his performance and had left before the encore to make their way backstage. He had been fine at lunch and if Scott’s loss of voice was related to whoever it was that had stranded the van, they were dealing with some powerful magic. Again Elayne was reminded that time was of the essence.
“I need to get this to Scott,” Elayne said, her hand in the pocket of her jeans where the amulet rested.
“Lead the way,” Connie told her; ready to do what she could to help their new friend. Elayne scanned the room and saw that for the moment, Ronnie was free from gangly teenage hands. Knowing that Connie would follow, Elayne headed in Ronnie’s direction and fiercely grabbed one of his hands.


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