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“I need to see Scott,” Elayne told Ronnie, using her thoughts to penetrate his so that she could impart in him a sense of urgency that wouldn’t frighten him.
That was all it took. “Sure, let’s go.” He headed in the direction of the door with the two women, a large security guard falling in behind them. He led them down the corridor to a large dressing room where Scott and Evan sat and a doctor was just putting his instruments in a black bag. Scott looked fine, but as soon as Elayne walked through the doorway she could feel the presence of magick. It was so strong that Connie, who was less perceptive of such things, could feel it, too.
“How’s he feeling?” Connie asked.
Evan quickly stood and approached the small group that had just entered the room. Evan was Scott’s cousin so Elayne wasn’t surprised that he was the one who would be hanging out with him while the doctor checked him out. He spoke to them quietly while the doctor gave Scott some instructions. “The doctor isn’t sure what happened. Scott was having some problems with his voice soon after he arrived this afternoon. We were all worried that he was getting what Ronnie had, but other than the voice, he felt fine. Just to be on the safe side we had the sound guys cue up recordings of Scott’s parts in case his voice totally went. It was a good thing we did, too, because during the encore that’s exactly what happened.”
“We had no idea,” Connie said, concern evident in her tone. “We left before the encore so that we could get backstage before all hell broke loose. What’s the doctor going to do?”
Elayne didn’t wait for Evan’s reply as her horrified gaze went to Scott to find that he was just noticing their arrival in the room. His expression was bleak, but he attempted a reassuring smile that went no further than his lips. He was sitting in a straight chair that had been pulled away from a makeup table for the examination and he looked like a lost child even though he was over six feet tall.
Scott saw the concern in her features and almost wished that they hadn’t invited the two women to come. He was happy to see Elayne, but he didn’t want her to worry about him either.
Elayne circled around Evan and went to stand in front of Scott, her hand slipping into her pocket. She didn’t know how she was going to give him the amulet and counter act the spell without giving herself away, but she knew she had to do it. “Hey,” she said as she lifted her other hand and brushed a lock of his long hair off his forehead.
He started to say hi back until he realized that nothing was coming out and waved at her with a stoic look instead.
“I have something for you,” she told him as she pulled the amulet from her pocket and held it so that it dangled from its cord between the fingers of both her hands. Scott’s expression turned to quizzical and he looked from her to the necklace.
“Thanks,” he mouthed then shrugged his shoulders in frustration. He reached out to touch the amulet and was surprised when a sense of peace fell upon him, pushing all the frustration he had just been experiencing out of his mind. His brows furrowed questioningly as he looked up at Elayne again.
“May I put in on?” Elayne asked. She waited until she saw his brief nod of approval, then lifted the cord around his neck and let her fingers run down under the cord until they neared the amulet.
“Tansera’,” she whispered in Latin as she settled the necklace so that it rested on his chest. Tiny sparkles of light shot between her fingertips and the amulet and Elayne smiled as she realized that the spell of protection she and her coven mates had woven had worked. Scott would be safe now.
Scott didn’t understand the warmth that suddenly spread from the center of his chest outward as soon as the amulet made contact with his skin there. He hadn’t understood what Elayne had said as she slipped the necklace over his head, but he was damned sure it wasn’t English. He had seen the sparks of light that had passed between Elayne’s fingers and the pendant as she had put it around his neck, but he figured that it was light reflecting off the metal of the amulet from the overhead bulbs.
He was surprised as a sudden bout of clarity seemed to fill his head and a feeling of release left him light headed. He gently lifted the charm to look at it more closely. “What is it?” he heard himself voice his question, then he stilled as his green eyes locked with her blue ones.
“It’s a dragon,” she told him, a radiant smile crossing her features at the obvious evidence that the spell had worked. Now she had to try to play it off, but she doubted it would work. After all, he hadn’t been able talk when she had entered the room and now he could. “You liked my necklace so much last night that when I saw this one I immediately thought of you. Do you like it?”
Scott couldn’t believe that Elayne was acting as if there hadn’t been anything wrong with him just a moment ago as he regarded her questioningly. Surely one of the guys had told her what had happened during the show. Hell, he would be lucky if the press didn’t get word of it themselves and create something horrid out of the story.
Scott didn’t want to think about that for the time being. How in the hell could he not be able to speak one minute, then regain his voice as if nothing had ever happened? And what was it that Elayne had said when she put the necklace on him? He stood and looked down at the amulet again and realized that something very odd was afoot.
“What’s going on here?” he asked Elayne, he eyes narrowing. Feelings of betrayal were poking around the back of his brain, but he didn’t want to allow them access. He had let Elayne into his world, the first woman he had let do so since the divorce, regardless of the small part she had seen so far. Now there was something going on and he wasn’t sure what to do about it. Had she slipped him drugs during their lunch that had caused his loss of voice? But if that were the case then how was it that he could now speak without a problem just as she had entered the room?
Elayne frowned and crossed her arms over her chest as she looked at him crossly, still trying to maintain her masquerade that was quickly floundering. “I just gave you a gift Scott Gerald Marsters. Usually in cases like this people say thank you.” Elayne knew that the situation pretty much demanded an explanation, but she was still hoping to get around it if she could. She intended to maintain the masquerade as long as she could. She didn’t know if she could get him to understand what was happening around him.
Scott wouldn’t let her evade him. “You know what I mean, Elayne. I felt something when you put this around my neck and now I can talk again.” He knew that the idea was ludicrous, but he knew he felt something. “I know I’m not dreaming, but I’m not sure I want to know what’s really going on, either.”
Elayne glanced over her shoulder and saw that the doctor had stopped to talk briefly to Evan on his way out of the room and now Evan was approaching them. “So he didn’t really have anything helpful to add, huh?” he asked when he reached them and Elayne faced Scott again.
“Not really,” Scott answered, his eyes never leaving Elayne’s. He wanted an explanation and he wasn’t going to give her the opportunity to weasel her way out of it.
Evan’s jaw fell as he stared at his cousin, who up until a minute ago couldn’t utter a single word. “Uh, cuz,” he managed. “Do you mind telling me what’s going on here?”
“I was just about to find that out myself,” Scott said, his gaze still locked with Elayne’s. She knew without a doubt she was going to have to tell him about everything. Her premonitions. The amulet. Everything. She just hoped that he would believe her.
Elayne turned to face Evan, effectively breaking the stare down between Scott and herself. Connie had come forward with Ronnie as well and that made Elayne feel better, knowing that she had at least one person she could rely on to back her up.
“You can talk again?” Ronnie asked in wonder as he looked around the small group. “Did Elayne make a special tea for you or something?”
“Something like that I think, Ronnie.” Scott’s tone was dry and caused Elayne to glance around the group. All eyes were on her.