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Like many of you, I celebrated Ostara over the weekend with my coven. This sabbat was particularly special for us because it’s one of only two of our eight holidays that will fall on the weekend this year. My coven meets on Sundays twice a month for coven study and we keep coven rituals to the same schedule, so it’s always a joy when we celebrate on the actual sabbat day.

Ostara is when the Goddess returns to her maiden aspect and she and the God gain strength as the world is warmed by the power of the sun. It’s the perfect time to set intentions for things or behaviors you want to manifest in your life and this is part of our ritual.




We also like to share a reading of some kind during ritual, either a poem or story. Above is a picture of Cornflower Wolf reading a story for Ostara.




Another part of our ritual is where we honor Persephone, who returns to her mother, Demeter, in the spring after her time with her husband, Hades, in the Underworld. One of us will take on the role of Persephone by donning a veil and leading the rest of the coven in a dance that ends up outside. We chant a rhyme as we use rattles and jingle bracelet/anklets that’s meant to awaken Mother Earth.



We also used this ritual to rededicate ourselves and our coven to our patron goddess. Usually, this would be done at Imbolc, but we needed to postpone it to Ostara this year. We have a beautiful glass bottle that contains different colored sand for each member. When a new member joins the coven they add their sand so that it mixes with the rest of ours in a visible reminder of our collective consciousness.




For feast we usually have quiche… Ostara is an egg holiday after all! This year it was very much a classic brunch menu with hash browns and fruit salad. I didn’t get a picture of dessert, but we had a fun s’more-like concoction made with Peep Bunnies and chocolate that was baked, then you could dip graham crackers in. It was very sweet!!!!


I’d love to hear about your Ostara celebrations so feel free to leave a comment. I’m participating in the 2016 YouTube Pagan Challenge so I will share a link for my response to the week 12 question.






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