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Elayne stayed close to Scott for the rest of the night. She told herself that it was because she hoped to find a clue as to who the mysterious witch with black hair was, but she had to admit that there was another motive as well. She was quickly finding that she was genuinely attracted to Scott and that he seemed to maybe share the same feelings for her in return.
The guys stayed true to their word and the group of men had a late supper with her and Connie at a small restaurant that had agreed to stay open late for a healthy tip. At dinner she and Scott sat side by side at the crowded table and their legs touched during the entire meal. Afterward, as they talked over coffee Scott had draped an arm over the back of her chair and leaned his upper body against hers protectively. The feeling was exhilarating to be so close to him that she wanted to pinch herself to make sure it was real.
It felt incredibly natural for Elayne to be in such close proximity to Scott. Even though they had only known each other for barely twenty-four hours, Elayne couldn’t explain why she felt the way she did. She hadn’t been in a serious relationship in a long time and even though she knew nothing would develop between them; she liked Scott’s company and wished that he didn’t have to leave the next day.
After dinner the entire group returned to the guy’s hotel where they hung out and talked until dawn. By the end of the night Elayne hadn’t picked up on any more twinges of uneasiness so she felt confident that Scott would be safe now that he wore the amulet and had promised that he wouldn’t take it off.
All too soon it was time for Elayne and Connie to go home. Much to Elayne’s surprise, Scott had given her the number to his cell phone and had asked for her phone number in return, saying that he would like to be kept up to date on anything she could find out.
“Don’t think you have to limit your calls to just that, either,” he said with a smile as he walked her down the hall to the elevator. Connie was already standing at the doors with Evan and Ronnie by her side. The three had spent a great deal of the evening covertly talking about the fact that she and Elayne were witches and what all that entailed.
Elayne looked up at him and smiled in return. “You mean I’m part of the inner circle with your private number?” she asked with mock disbelief as she held a hand to her chest like a Southern belle.
“Don’t be a smart ass,” Scott scolded as he threw an arm across her shoulders. They reached the others just as the elevator doors opened and Scott looked at Evan, “Oh, man, I forgot to grab something for Elayne from my room. Why don’t you guys ride down with Connie, and Elayne and I will take the other one?”
Elayne’s brow furrowed in confusion as she looked from Connie to Evan, then Ronnie. Scott hadn’t mentioned anything about having something for her before that moment and her heart quickened at the thought of being alone with Scott. “Okay,” Ronnie said with a shrug as he waved a hand for Connie to enter the elevator car first.
“What was that all about?” Elayne asked seconds later as they stood at the door to Scott’s room and he slipped his passkey into the lock.
“I found an article in this magazine that I thought you’d like to check out.” He opened the door and quickly crossed the room to a desk that stood next to the room’s only window. Elayne didn’t follow him into the room because the urge to close the door and lock it behind her was too great. He shuffled some papers around the desk as if he couldn’t find whatever it was that he was looking for. “I can’t find it,” he said with a shrug when he turned to face her again. “Maybe housekeeping threw it away.”
Elayne narrowed her eyes. There was something about the way that Scott was looking at her that made her believe that he was lying to her. “It’s no big deal,” she told him from the doorway. “You can just tell me about it if you want to.”
“Great idea,” he pointed out as he crossed to Elayne again and stopped in front of her, a warm smile on his lips. “But not now. It’s late and you’re tired. If I come across it I’ll send it to you.”
Within moments they were alone in the elevator. Elayne’s back was against the wall on the opposite side of the elevator as Scott so she could keep an eye on him. She still didn’t understand why he had lied about the article. Nothing else had come from the visit to his room. Maybe he thought she had wanted something to happen, but when Elayne hadn’t followed him in he had changed his mind.
Scott reached out toward the control panel and hit the button that stopped the car’s decent then turned to face her. “I wanted to be alone with you when I told you thank you,” he confessed, his green eyes boring into her. He started to walk toward her, causing her heart to go wild in her chest.
“Really?” she asked as she braced her hands on the railing of the car. The sexual tension was thick in the small space and from the way that Scott was almost stalking her as he crossed the car; Elayne hoped that he intended to kiss her. “There’s no need to say thank you,” she said, her mouth a little dry.
“Oh, I think there is.” Scott stood in front of her now and he placed his hands on the rails next to hers on either side of her body. He grinned at her wickedly and even though Elayne was shy about where she found herself, she couldn’t think of anywhere else she wanted to be.
“What kind of a thank you did you have in mind?” Her voice was low, but he had no trouble hearing her. Scott lowered his mouth to hers and gently kissed her soft lips. The contact was brief, but electrifying, and it left Elayne wanting more. She felt him pull back again and opened her eyes to find that his were smoky and looked like liquid emeralds.
“Is that all?” she asked dreamily as her hand left the railing and moved up around his neck. “I think you can do better than that.”
Scott chuckled as their lips met again for a kiss that could have set the place on fire. His mouth was soft, yet demanding, and Elayne never wanted another day to go by that she didn’t know the feeling of his lips on hers. A soft sigh escaped her lips when Scott’s tongue slipped into her mouth and slid along her own. He shifted his body so that his lower half came up against hers and his hands moved to her waist. She felt him begin to harden against her leg and she smiled to herself as she returned the kiss.
Elayne felt the fire inside her build as their lips and tongues became more demanding and she wondered how long she could take this sweet torture. Her hands were in his hair now, tangling her fingers in his long strands in an effort to keep his mouth where it was.
Scott’s hands were warm when they slipped under her shirt and he lightly stroked the soft skin of her lower back. He groaned as Elayne rose on her tiptoes and arched her back, crushing her breasts into his chest. He wanted her so badly, but something held him back besides the fact that they were standing in an elevator and that Connie and the others were waiting in the lobby.
Warning bells sounded in his head that said now wasn’t the time to begin this sort of a relationship with Elayne, with any woman. He knew he still had issues about his broken marriage to deal with and on top of that he would be leaving in a few hours. What could he hope to give her other than heartache like he had Kristen?
Elayne felt a gust of cool air as Scott pulled away from her. She looked up into his clear green eyes and understood the uncertainty she saw there. She lifted her hand to lay her palm against his cheek then ran her thumb over his bottom lip. “It’s okay,” she told him in a low voice that was a little unstable from his kisses. She knew that the timing was bad for the both of them. The best she could hope for from Scott was his friendship and that would have to be enough.
“No it’s not,” Scott replied as he took her hand in his and kissed her knuckles. “Can I take you with me?”
Elayne blinked at his sudden request then laughed shakily. “Don’t tempt me. You know that I have obligations here. I can’t just drop everything and run away.” Even though she would if she thought he was even remotely serious.
Scott sighed as he lowered his head to rest his forehead against hers. “I know. Why don’t we just concentrate on a friendship for now and see what happens?”
Elayne was silent for a moment as she studied his shirt, knowing that she wanted much more that friendship from him, but she sighed eventually. “I think I’d like that.”
After a quick kiss to her forehead, Scott pulled back and went to the elevator control panel to hit the button that started the car once again. The doors opened to reveal that Connie and the others had taken a seat at one of the many conversational areas that were scattered about the lobby. Elayne felt her friend’s gaze travel over both Scott and herself and knew that his rouse about leaving something in his room for her had failed.
The two women left to go home after quick good-byes. Connie was nearly exploding with the desire to question her friend about what had happened, but she held her tongue. They were both in bed soon after locking the door behind them and while Connie drifted off almost immediately, Elayne found sleep eluding her as she thought of Scott’s lips on hers.

The young girl with raven hair slammed shut the door of her hotel room with unbridled fury, then threw the keys of the sports car across the room so that they struck a large mirror where it hung on the wall, causing it to shatter on impact. She couldn’t understand how he had made it through the show and not lost his voice.
“The next time you won’t be so lucky,” she raged to no one in particular as she paced the spacious room in quick, sure strides. Silently, she cursed the woman who had interfered with her plans of teaching Scott Marsters the lesson he so desperately deserved. Didn’t he understand that all she wanted was to be with him? To make him happy? She would have done whatever it took to make him forget the woman who had hurt him so badly, but he had turned to another and that was unacceptable.
“What to do next,” she thought out loud as her eyes fell on the large leather bound book she had only had possession of for a few months. The book had belonged to her mother and she remembered how happy she had been when she found it in the attic. It had proven itself invaluable in her quest to get what she knew was hers for the claiming.
The girl went to the book and carefully turned page after page until she found what she wanted. A slow smile spread across her beautiful features as a plan began to take form. If she couldn’t make Scott understand that he was hers then she would just have to show him another way.