I feel like its time for me to open up a little and maybe ask you all out there for some helpful advice/suggestions.

So… unfortunately for me, my spiritual path has always been a cyclical one. By that I mean that I tend to have spurts of time where I am very consistent about a daily practice. I will meditate regularly and make offerings on my various altars and work on homework on a steady basis.

Then… I hit periods of time where I know that I’ve made these commitments to myself about my ‘schedule’, but I have little to no drive to actually do them. It’s a part of me that I have never really understood, but never the less tried to change.

What usually happens during these times is I silently beat myself up for what I see as laziness and it takes a bit of time before the cycle changes and I get myself back into a groove again. This isn’t a habit that I’m exactly proud of, but after years of trying to change myself, I’m coming to the conclusion that maybe I have to accept this behavior and learn to work with this part of my personality.

You can probably tell by my lack of postings here and on the YouTube channel that I’m going through one of those unproductive periods right now. Because it’s a big birthday month for me and some of my closest friends, April tends to be the month where I loose track of projects because we literally celebrate for most of the month. This year three of us went to Chicago for a long weekend and that really threw me off between the planning and the actual trip.

I’m hoping that this time my cycle of un-motivation isn’t a long one. Spring is finally here in mid-Michigan and I want to get outside and prepare flowerbeds for planting and I have only a few more lessons left for this year’s Temple work.

So here’s my question to you out there… do you have cycles like this, too? I wish that I had paid more attention to my cycles in previous years because I can’t help but wonder if the arrival of Spring has anything to do with my inertia. If you do experience something similar to what I do, what do you to in order to come out on the other side of it? Usually I end up waiting it out or I start something new, like my next year of study with the Temple.

I’d love to hear from you!




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