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Elayne was sure that there was no way she was going to get any sleep that night. After Scott had returned to the room with her suitcases he had insisted that she take the first turn in the bathroom. She was thankful that she had a few minutes to gather her wits as she changed into her pajamas and washed her face before going back into the room. She tried to push from her mind all the opportunities sleeping in the same room could open up for them and concentrated on not getting soap in her eyes.
Scott had already changed for bed when she came back out and Elayne tried not to notice the fact that he intended to sleep in a pair of shorts and nothing else. The sight of his bare chest was so alluring that all she could think about for a good minute was finding out if his exposed skin felt as soft as it looked. She had to tear her eyes from his chest and when she did she noticed for the first time that he had made up a temporary bed on the couch.
Scott noticed where she was looking and was quick to say, “I figured I’d go ahead and take the couch.”
Elayne was a little disappointed that he planned on sleeping on the couch, but wasn’t quite sure how to deal with the situation. It didn’t seem fair that he should give up his bed for her. Especially when it was a king size and there was plenty of room for both of them. “You don’t have to sleep on the couch, Scott,” she told him. “I’m the one invading your room. I’ll sleep there.”
“No, its okay,” he assured her. “I’ll be fine.”
Elayne cocked her head to one side and regarded him skeptically. “Scott, that couch is a good six inches shorter than you are. There is no way that you’re going to sleep comfortably on it.” Her tone was stern, but she was smiling at him, which caused Scott to laugh in return. “Stop being all gallant,” she continued, glancing at the bed then adding, “Realistically we can both sleep on the bed. It’s big enough. Unless you’re a bed hog.”
Scott laughed again, this time sounding a little nervous at her suggestion of sleeping together but secretly liking the idea. “No, I’m not.” He glanced at the bed, then back at Elayne. “Are you sure?”
Elayne nodded her head slightly and cleared her throat. “Its fine,” she said, hoping that she sounded nonchalant.
Neither said another word as they finished getting ready for bed. Scott shut off the overhead light while Elayne slipped under the covers and as he approached the bed he was almost positive he heard her say something to herself about forgetting what he looked like without a shirt. He was hiding a grin as he got into bed beside her.
Elayne purposely made sure to keep her eyes averted from Scott’s amazing body as he moved around the room. She especially didn’t look when he approached the bed after turning off the main light, which didn’t leave her with much of a chance of feeling self conscious about sleeping with him because she was too busy trying to forget what he look like without a shirt.
They had started off with a clear, albeit invisible, line down the center of the bed, but when Elayne woke in the middle of the night she found that she had moved in her sleep and had cuddled up against Scott’s back as he slept on his side. Horrified by her actions, Elayne had retreated once again to her side of the bed and hoped that she hadn’t awakened him with her hasty retreat.
Scott felt the coolness on his backside when Elayne had rolled away from him and missed her body heat. He had been aware of her presence next to him during the night and he was amazed by how natural she felt next to him. When he awoke to the alarm clock going off at eight o’clock the next morning, he found that it was now he that had curled next to Elayne. Which was harmless enough except for the fact that his hand had somehow found its way under her pajama top and he was holding her tightly against him with his palm flat on her soft belly. He smiled to himself as he realized that all he wanted at that moment was to throw the clock against the wall and not move from the bed he shared with this remarkable woman for a week, at least.
Elayne had awakened to the sound of the alarm clock as well and she had to admit that she liked the feel of Scott’s body pressed against the entire length of hers. His hand was so possessive as he held her close and for the moment she couldn’t help but wish she had the right to stay where she was. “Good morning,” she said sleepily as she stretched and Scott rolled over to shut off the offending clock.
“Hey,” he replied, rubbing the last of the sleep from his eyes. “Did you sleep well?” He hoped that she wasn’t offended by his familiarity with her body even though he longed to know her more intimately and didn’t know if he could hold up the agreement that they had made weeks ago. Being her friend was okay, but he wanted so much more.
If she was, she didn’t let on. “Mmm hmm,” she replied as she threw back the covers, suddenly very aware of her state of undress and how close Scott was as she got out of the bed to stretch some more before grabbing a suitcase and heading for the bathroom.
As Elayne shut the door behind her, Scott found that he was really beginning to like having her around. As he rolled over onto his back he remembered how her body had felt pressed against his when he woke and he wondered what she would have done if his hand had travel further under her pajama top. He smiled to himself as he remembered their stupid agreement to be friends and he realized how much torture he had gotten himself into by insisting that she stay in the same room with him.
He assured himself that it was the right thing to do for two reasons. One, the main reason for Elayne being here was to help find the girl and stop her before she hurt someone again. Second, he was just as worried about her as she was about him. If she were close he could do what he had to in order to make sure she lived through all this as well.

As soon as Scott went to the bathroom for his own shower, Elayne phoned Connie to let her know what the latest news was involving the girl. Connie listened intently to the plan Elayne and the others had come up with the night before and confirmed that the idea was a sound one.
“Just let us know if you need anything,” Connie told her, completely sure that her friend had the situation well in hand. They then changed the subject when Elayne asked how the party had gone the night before. Connie reported that everything had gone off without a hitch and that Serena’s husband, Richard, had dazzled the hostess with his ‘natural charm’. Like the women of the coven, Richard possessed his own special abilities and was the only male member of the group. The two friends laughed with delight as Connie shared how Richard had managed to talk down one of the guests who had unfortunately had too much to drink. As a member of the Lansing Area SWAT team he was used to dealing with stressful situations and had used his natural abilities of negotiation many times in that vocation, which had really come in handy with the unruly guest.
Elayne was laughing as she replaced the phone on its cradle and noticed for the first time that Scott had entered the room once again and was regarding her with a serious expression that made her uncomfortable. “When do we leave?” she asked as she rose from the chair at the desk and quickly gathered the last of the things she had needed to get ready for the day and put them back in her bag.
“By ten,” Scott replied as he put his own things in a bag so that it was ready to be taken down to the buses. His hair was still damp from the shower and when he turned toward her, Elayne noticed that he had failed to wipe off a dollop of shaving cream that was under his chin. “What?” he asked when he found her laughing at him.
“Come here,” she managed between rounds of giggles as she moved closer to him and wiped the white foam from his skin. When she moved away again, Scott saw what was on the end of her finger and immediately understood her laughter.
“Oh, you think that’s funny, do you?” he asked as he moved to grab her hand. Elayne was able to dodge him quickly enough, but what she wasn’t prepared for was that he would still pursue her. Before she knew what he was up to, Scott had his arms locked around her and his mouth was mere inches from hers and a familiar warmth rooted itself in her abdomen.
“I couldn’t let you go out in public with shaving cream hanging off your chin, could I?” she asked innocently. She loved being this close to him and she settled her hands on his strong shoulders. I will not let this chance get away, she told herself as she gazed up into his green eyes.
“Probably not,” Scott replied. His eyes were on Elayne’s mouth as she pulled her lower lip inside it to chew on it nervously. They stood there for so long without moving or saying a word that Elayne was sure she could hear the argument that was going on inside Scott’s head without using her ability to do so. She knew that he had his reservations about relationships after his divorce, but Elayne couldn’t let an opportunity like this pass her by.
She had tried to be just friends with Scott, but the sleeping arrangements from the night before had quickly proven that they were past that alternative now. They couldn’t make it through one night without touching each other. Of course the contact had been innocent enough, but they couldn’t deny the attraction any longer. At least she couldn’t. She lowered her eyelids slowly as she rose up on tiptoe and tentatively pressed her lips to Scott’s, giving him plenty of time to stop her if he wanted.
The amazing thing was that he didn’t stop her. Instead, Scott pressed his palms to her back as his mouth claimed hers totally. Elayne heard a desperate moan slip from the back of her throat as her hands went to his hair and her fingers tangled themselves in his damp locks.
“You taste so good,” Scott told her hoarsely; when he pulled his mouth away from hers long enough to speak. Their bodies were pressed together from chest to knee and he loved her softness as it was flattened against him.
“I’m not living up to our agreement,” she said in a husky voice that ran up his spine and Scott found himself wondering if she were bewitching him in some way. He instantly dismissed the stray thought as he lowered his mouth to hers again for a soul-shattering kiss that left her clinging to him desperately.
“To hell with any fucking agreement,” he told her when his mouth finally released hers to drop a trail of wet kisses along her jaw and neck. Elayne let her head fall back against Scott’s hand and found herself lost in warm waves of desire that had started in her belly and were now slowly working their way along every pore of her body. Scott’s hands had moved to her waist then slowly slipped under the hem of her blouse where he already knew he would find soft, warm flesh. Elayne pressed her body closer to his as their lips met again and she wondered how long she could stand this sweet torture.
A loud knock at the door broke off their kiss. “Damn,” Scott muttered as he rested his head against Elayne’s, his eyes closed tightly as he tried to get himself under control. He was thrown off kilter by her lips and Scott knew Elayne was a drug he would gladly allow himself to become addicted to if the little taste he just had was any indication. Whoever it was at the door knocked again after a minute and Scott finally answered, “Who is it?”
“Are you coming?” Ronnie asked through the door.
“Give me a minute,” Scott smirked then he put his lips to Elayne’s forehead for a long chaste kiss as their heartbeats and breathing returned to normal once again. Elayne knew that, if given the chance, they would have gone much further than just the passionate kisses they had shared and she couldn’t help but wonder how they would have felt about it afterward.
“They wouldn’t leave without you, would they?” she teased in an attempt to lighten the mood as she took a half a step backwards to put some space between them and looked up into his green eyes that were still clouded over with desire.
“They’d better not,” he replied dryly. Elayne shivered in his embrace and Scott gently rubbed his palms up and down her arms until she stepped further away, still not sure she could trust herself to be so close to him. “I want a rain check on this,” he informed her, then dipped his head to plant a quick kiss on her upturned mouth.
Elayne smiled tentatively as Scott moved away and gathered her two large suitcases while she picked up her overnight bag, ritual bag, and the small suitcase he had brought in for the overnight stay. She was amazed by his lack of luggage then realized that the most of his stuff was probably kept on the bus and he only brought in what he needed for the night.

“Nice to see that the two of you could join us,” Raoul said with a knowing look as Scott and Elayne exited the hotel. Everyone had already assembled near the caravan of buses that were lined up behind the structure, engines already running. Elayne noticed that everyone, including the dancers, were eyeing her and Scott and giggling as they walked up.
“Yeah. What were you guys doing?” Ollie piped in knowingly as his eyebrows danced. He was trying to act innocent, but it was apparent that everyone in the group thought the reason that they were late to join them was because the two were otherwise engaged. Elayne was horrified, knowing that if it weren’t for Ronnie’s knock that that’s exactly what they would be doing, but Scott was quick to stop the teasing.
“Sorry. We had to look for my phone,” he said in a tone that dared anyone to question him. Without waiting for a reply, he stowed Elayne’s suitcases in the under carriage of one of the buses then took her hand and ushered her inside it.
“Don’t you think that was a little rude?” she asked once they were inside.
Scott turned from where he had just put down his carry on that he had taken from her and smiled. “I won’t let them embarrass you by trying to provoke a reaction out of me.” He took the few steps necessary to stand in front of her and pulled her to his chest.
“And you think that wasn’t a reaction?” she asked dryly before she smiled in return then rested her head on his chest. She felt him drop his chin on the top of her head and for the first time she realized how protected she felt just being in his arms.
He was so easy going that Elayne found it hard to imagine that he could really be angry with anyone, especially a person he considered a friend. She knew that the matter of their sleeping arrangements wouldn’t be suppressed that easily in a group this size, but she did hope that the rest of the guys and the crew wouldn’t judge her or Scott for it, either.
She didn’t really care all that much about what the crew and dancers thought about her relationship with Scott. What mattered the most was that the rest of the guys in the group understood that she was here to keep him safe and that was her top priority. What happened after that was something she didn’t want to think about just yet and so she pushed those possibilities aside for the moment.





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