Now is the time of year when my thoughts turn towards getting outside and getting my hands in the dirt. I’m a bit late in getting started this year because winter temperatures lingered longer than usual, but finally we’re able to move things along and that’s all that matters!

The Roomie and I have worked really hard in recent years to make our little space inviting. We started off small, mostly growing herbs in pots and establishing flowerbeds we felt we could manage. I don’t have the best of green thumbs, but I like to try which I think carries most of the work! Since we live in a rental, we can’t go crazy, but we add new areas and plants each year and we have some beautiful perennials that are now established and consistently coming back.

Like all aspects in my life, I look for magick in things, especially when it comes to working outside because of the direct connection with Mother Earth. I’ve developed or started relationships with plants because I took the time to grow them. I’ve even been able to use some of what I’ve grown in spellwork and that adds to the power of my magick, which is something I want to do more of as I add more plants to my space.

I thought I would share some of the ways that I make connections with plants and how I work with them. If you grow your own herbs and plants you’ve probably experienced some of the same things. Like I said, I’m not super experienced in gardening but I like to learn. Here we go!

  • Most mornings, regardless of the time of year, I like to greet the plants that live in our backyard on my way out, including the magnificent Oak and Cedar trees we have there.
  • I share energies with the plants and soil as I clean out flowerbeds and prepare pots. This helps to clear out energies that aren’t needed and gives you a clean slate.
  • I like to lay my hands on the trunks of the trees and give a bit of myself to them in thanks of our relationship.
  • When I buy new plants I will take the time to ask them if they would like to go home with me and I don’t ever remember any ever saying no. By doing this you introduce yourself to the plant, letting it know that you are aware of it’s spirit.
  • I have a tender spot in my heart for plants that have been what I think of as ‘Charlie Brown-ed’. This usually means that something has happened to the plant, like its container was tipped over, causing dirt loss, or it was damaged in some way. There’s a part of me that needs to take that plant home and give it a place to come back to life. If I sense any life left in a plant I will save it!
  • I like to add pretty ornaments and lights to our outdoor environment for protection. We have two gnomes, Norm and Norbert, that look out for us. You can see one in the picture at the top of the post.
  • The Roomie and I are trying our hands at growing some veggies this year so we added intentions of feeding our bodies when planting them. Check out more about that in the video below!


If you are new to gardening I would have to say good for you! I’ve found that it’s very rewarding to be a part of the beautiful process of growing something. It doesn’t have to be a huge landscaping project either. If you live in a rental or small space you can start with a potted plant that sits next to your kitchen sink. Plants are good for the environment and help to put oxygen back into the air we breathe. They are important and necessary.

I hope you’ve found something useful in this week’s post. I’m thinking of sharing more of our experiences with our outdoor friends as the wheel of this year turns, so look forward to that!



NOTE: Don’t be afraid of working with or growing ‘baneful’ plants like Mandrake and Daturas. There are lessons to be learned from all plant and animal spirits, just be aware of them around pets and children.

I took a video of how things look so far in our yard that I’m posting on my YouTube Channel. Here’s a link:





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