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She watched from the window of her suite as the line of buses pulled away from the back of the hotel, barely able to maintain control over her anger. He’s going to pay, she seethed to herself. No one got away with making her look like a fool the way Scott Marsters had and she wasn’t about to let him walk away without paying the consequences for his actions.
She couldn’t understand what he saw in the frumpy woman who now seemed to be glued to his side. Her hair was in a serious need of a deep conditioning and her clothes looked like they were so far removed from the rack that even her own nail technician wouldn’t be caught dead in them. She always thought Scott had more class than to be caught dead with a woman like that. Even Kristen knew how to dress, no matter how ugly she was.
The girl had spent most of the night with her mother’s book, trying to find a way to finally get what she most desired. She had found several possibilities to remedy the situation, but nothing that would produce the quick results that she wanted. Her small parlor tricks wouldn’t work now that the other witch was with Scott and shielding him from her magick.
She found her answer when she noticed that some of the pages near the back of the leather bound book were secured together. Carefully, she had pulled them apart and had been rewarded with just the spell she needed to get rid of the woman and finally make Scott hers. There were many ingredients needed that she didn’t have with her as well as some smaller spells required before she could attempt the main one. That meant that she would have to return home to gather the supplies and time that were required.
An hour later she was following the bellhop as he carried to her luggage to the limousine that waited to take her to the airport. She knew Daddy would be happy to see her, but she didn’t care. Right now she had to concentrate on Scott and getting him where he belonged, by her side.

It took most of the day for the caravan of buses to get to the next stop on the tour schedule. Elayne had never been to Oklahoma City before, but Scott assured her that she would have a chance for some sightseeing if she wanted. The concert was the following night and like always, the guys had press and a fan meet and greet to do during the day before the show.
“That sounds great, but I’m not here to be a tourist,” she told him after he had made the suggestion. Scott shared a bus with Ronnie and Evan but she was glad that they had managed to find a quiet corner to talk in. In actuality it was a bunk in the very back of the bus where Scott usually slept when they were on the road, but it was comfortable and gave them some privacy to talk. Ronnie was playing a video game up front and Evan was working on a song that he was writing.
Scott smiled at her comment as he sat down next to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders to pull her back so that they were leaning against the wall of the bus. “I know. I just don’t want you to miss anything. You’re traveling with us for a specific purpose, but I want you to feel free to do things that interest you, too,” he told her.
Elayne smiled at him in return then settled her shoulder against his chest and made herself comfortable on the narrow bunk. What she really wanted to do was spend as much time with him as possible. Truth be told, she didn’t care about shopping or sightseeing. She knew that her time with Scott was going to be limited. This girl couldn’t hide forever. Sooner or later she would do something stupid to give herself away and when she did Elayne would do what she had to in order to contain the situation. She fully believed in the Law of Three and knew that whatever the girl had done would come back to her three-fold, regardless of whether her intentions were good or selfish. That was the way of things. Elayne was just worried about what would happen next if the girl wasn’t stopped.
And with that resolution would come the end of her time with Scott. Elayne wouldn’t allow herself to become distracted by the idea that she and Scott had a future together, regardless of the spark that existed between them. They were from two different worlds and nothing would change that. Her life was in Michigan with her business, while his was in Los Angeles where he had made a life. She didn’t know how close they would become in this time they had but she had come to the conclusion that she wasn’t going to stop anything either. Elayne knew that she had feelings for Scott that probably went far deeper than any he felt for her. She would take what she could get for the time being and be satisfied when it was time to part ways.
Elayne lifted her head from Scott’s chest and looked him in the eye. “What I’m interested in has nothing to do with any landmark or mall,” she told him in a low voice that conveyed her real meaning. Scott’s dark brows rose in interest as he watched her slowly lower her lips to his.



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