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I had an incredibly busy, but rewarding weekend!

My coven sister and podcast co-host, Cathy, has been involved with the Mid-Michigan Pagan Council for the past year or so. Groups like the MMPC are important because they do a great deal of community building by organizing events like the Pagan Picnics and Pagan Pride Days. I was really excited when Cathy joined the board of the MMPC because she has a ton of experience working in marketing events and she is really organized, among many other talents! I’m very proud of her!

Anyway, last Saturday the MMPC hosted an Oracle Night fundraiser and I was asked to be a tarot reader. This was a first for me. I’ve read tarot for about 25 years, but only for friends and family. It ended up being a really great time and I was able to meet some new people, which I always like! I really hope to participate in more events like this in the future and I have already agreed to teach again at this years’ Pagan Pride Day, so look forward to hearing more about that! 😉

Then Sunday our coven and some of our friends got together to paint Tree of Life pictures. In our area there are these relatively new types of businesses that are gaining popularity where you can go in as a group and doing something like paint a picture or paint pottery/ceramics. It’s super fun and the people who work there know how to break a project down so you make something nice, even if you’re not the most artistic person, like me!




Cornflower Wolf knows an instructor who will actually come to your house and lead a class! Oh my goodness, it was so much fun! At the top of this post you will see a picture of my painting, which is quite a bit different from the others. The big project that I have to complete for this year’s Temple of Witchcraft class is to create a Reality Map and I had the inspiration to use my painting to depict my map. It’s not all the way done just yet so I will post a picture where it is complete.

Again, this was a great way to build community, a subject that I’ve been thinking about a great deal lately. It was such a great way to pass the afternoon, hanging out with both Pagan and Non-Pagan friends, having a meal and strengthening bonds. I like that we area crafty coven and have crafty friends, because it’s so much fun to create things together.




I highly recommend checking out a business like this in your area. The painting place we’ve gone to before is Painting With a Twist and they allow you to bring in snacks and wine. The ceramics place I’ve been to before is called Playing Picasso. Both are in the Lansing area and I’m not sure if either are a chain of any kind. You might want to try a google search to see what’s in your area. I’d love to see any projects you might make at any of these places!

Thanks for walking a while with me and until next time… BB!!



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