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The tour pulled into Oklahoma City just as dusk was settling over the city. Like always, many of the fans had mysteriously found out which hotel the group was staying at while they were in town and there were hundreds of teenagers lined up outside the hotel. As the buses slowly made their way to the building, Elayne and Scott stood in front of one of the tinted bus windows, looking for the illusive girl in the throng of screaming people. Elayne was incredibly relieved that there was an underground parking lot at the hotel that allowed them some privacy as they got off the buses and entered the establishment.
Elayne was impressed with the orderly way in which everyone departed from the buses and quickly made their way into the hotel. They had arrived just in time for dinner and many of the crew and dancers had already made plans to have dinner together, so everyone was eager to check in and grab a bite to eat.
“You guys joining us?” Ronnie asked from the doorway to the room that Scott and Elayne were sharing.
Scott glanced at Elayne. He had really enjoyed the time they had spent together in the bus that day and wanted to continue where they had left off, but he didn’t want to push things too far, too fast. Nor did he want to help create a situation where the others would tease her, either. He knew that nobody meant any harm, but he and Elayne were just getting to know each other and he didn’t know yet how far she could be pushed. Kristen had always hated it when Ronnie and Ollie teased her about anything and Scott had always had to run interference between the three. Not that he thought Elayne was anything like his ex-wife, but he didn’t think it would be fair for her to have something over her head like a intimate relationship with him either.
“Scott?” Elayne asked when she turned to look at him. She had just put one of her suitcases on the floor near the bed and had turned to face him when he didn’t answer Ronnie right away. He seemed to be lost in his own thoughts, as if he hadn’t even heard Ronnie speak from the doorway.
Elayne smiled to herself and thought that maybe he was thinking about the kisses they had shared on the bunk during the drive. She had to admit that the experience had been an incredible one for her as well. She had felt like a teenager again who was making out in the backseat of her boyfriend’s car. The strange thing was that the car was actually a decked out bus and the guy that she was locking lips with was an international star. The thought was mind boggling to say the least. They had to finally pull apart from each other and get some breathing space, neither wanting to run the risk of going further and getting caught by Ronnie or Evan.
“You okay, buddy?” Ronnie took a step into the room and was regarding his friend with concern.
Scott blinked and quickly looked from Elayne to Ronnie. “Sorry,” he laughed slightly as he grinned at them. “I was just thinking about something. Did you say something Ronnie?”
Ronnie rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms over his chest and did a really good impression of looking like a parent about to scold a child. “Dinner? Did you guys have plans or do you want to go with Evan and I?”
“Are you just going downstairs?” Elayne asked. She didn’t feel safe going too far from the safety of the hotel room. She had already planned on protecting the area with some of the herbs and other things she had brought along with her, but it was a time consuming effort that would have to wait until after dinner.
“Yeah. Raoul said our first public appearance is at nine a.m. so I think everyone wants to turn in early.”
“Sounds good to me,” Scott said as he threw an arm over Elayne’s shoulders and pulled her toward the door. “I’m dying for a burger.”
Dinner was a lively event. Ollie had decided to join the foursome as well and they were able to get a table in one of the quiet back rooms of the hotel restaurant. Others from the crew and dancers filled the other tables about the room and it was apparent that everyone got along like a big family, which was a good thing considering they spent so much time together. Elayne was amazed that they could still hear the fans screaming outside, but the others seemed to be used to the noise and went on with their meal without comment.
It was early when Scott slipped his hand under the table and caught Elayne’s hand in his. “Well guys, I’m calling it a night,” he said then wiped his mouth with a linen napkin.
“It’s barely eight,” Evan commented after a quick glance at his watch.
“Yeah, come on. It’s way early,” Ollie piped in as Scott stood and pulled Elayne to her feet as well. “I thought you wanted to go over that new arrangement for tomorrow night.”
“There’s plenty of time for that in the morning,” Scott told him as they pushed in their chairs. “I’m tired and so is Elayne. We’re hoping to catch a glimpse of the girl tomorrow and we can’t do that if we’re sleep walking.”
“Sleep walking, huh?” Ollie said as his left eyebrow bobbing up and down questioningly.
Elayne could see where his thoughts were leading and decided to cut him off before he said something to make Scott defensive again. “Yeah. Besides, I was showing Scott some stuff on the bus earlier that he can use to get you jokers in line after I’m gone,” she told him, somehow managing to keep a straight face as she did so. “It’s pretty tiring so he needs to get some sleep to recoup his strength.”
Ollie’s expression turned from jovial to astonishment as he looked from Scott to Elayne. “Are you serious?”
Evan looked as if he were about to comment until he caught Elayne’s wink and smiled at her in return. “Yeah, Ronnie mentioned that earlier. Sounds like a good idea to me.”
Ollie’s head whipped around to look at Evan as if he had sprouted a second head. “You think this is a good idea?” he asked incredulously. “He’ll drive us around like cattle if Elayne teaches him any magick.”
“I want to learn,” Ronnie butted in. “I think it’s cool.”
“Sorry, fellas,” Scott replied with a grin as he and Elayne started to walk away. “See you in the morning.”

Elayne found that she was unbelievably nervous when they arrived back at their room ten minutes later. Another hotel guest had stopped them in the lobby to ask Scott for an autograph for his niece and Scott complied graciously. By the time they reached the room, Elayne’s stomach was fluttering with nerves because she was thinking about the possibility her and Scott picking up where they had left off that morning in Dallas. And even though it was exactly what she wanted, doubts plagued her mind as she wondered again what sex with Scott would be like.
She didn’t want to admit that her experience with men was limited. She had dated only a few, but nothing that could be considered material for a great love affair. She found that she held back from men a great deal because she was a witch and that meant hiding her abilities until she trusted her partner enough to share. Unfortunately, that had never happened for her and on more than one occasion she had looked at Serena and Amy’s marriages with a touch of jealousy. Of course she never said anything to her friends because there was nothing to be said, however, that didn’t stop the longing in her heart to find her life partner.
Scott seemed a little nervous as well as he closed the door behind them and secured the bar lock. He was aching to take Elayne into his arms and give her what he knew they both wanted. The problem was that he didn’t want to push her too fast. Elayne Daniels was different. She was special and he wanted his actions to convey that to her.
“I think I’m going to have a quick shower,” he spoke up after a moment.
Elayne nodded and breathed a sigh of relief as the door to the bathroom closed behind him. She needed to get a hold of her emotions before she threw herself at him and embarrassed both of them. She had to find something to do with her hands until her nerves had a chance to calm down.
I’ll do the protection spell for the room, she told herself, then crossed to where she had put her ritual bag earlier and began to pull tubes of herbs and other items out of it and placed them on a table in an orderly fashion.
She smiled secretly to herself as she heard Scott start the shower and visions danced in her head of him naked in the next room. Pushing those thoughts from her mind so that she could concentrate on the task at hand, Elayne shut off the overhead light, leaving only a table lamp on to illuminate the room. Then she began to light candles about the room that she had taken from her bag as well that would help enhance her natural element of fire. Soon she had a mixture of herbs put together that she sprinkled sparingly around the windows of the room as well as the door leading to the hallway. She didn’t use much because it wasn’t necessary, not to mention the fact that she didn’t want housekeeping to ask questions when they cleaned the room after she and Scott left.
Scott entered the room once again just as she was finishing her clean up. The candles were still burning about the room and he liked the romantic atmosphere the glow created. At first he thought that romance had been her intent, but when he saw the few tubes of herbs and crystals that were still scattered about the table, he knew she had been doing something else entirely.
“What’s all this?” he asked, stepping further into the room.
Elayne had been concentrating on what she was doing so she hadn’t heard Scott’s entrance. When he spoke she nearly jumped out of her skin and spilled most of the contents of the celandine tube that she had been in the process of closing.
“I’m sorry,” he said as he immediately came to her side and gently laid a hand on her arm. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”
“I-it’s okay,” she told him with a shaky laugh as she looked down at the celandine that now covered almost half the table she had been using. “Damn,” she muttered as she carefully began to swipe what was left together so she could hopefully save most of it.
“Here, let me help.” Scott carefully began to push the dried herb together into a small pile. It was at that moment that Elayne noticed that he was only wearing a towel wrapped around his lean waist and she stilled her movements to gape at him. It wasn’t like she had never seen him in that state of undress before after last night, but it still shocked her.
When you think about it, he had worn practically the same thing to bed the night before, she told herself. But it was the fact that if she wanted to, all she had to do to see every inch of him was to simply grab one side of the small white towel and pull. The thought caused her whole body to shiver.
“You okay?” Scott asked as he reached over and took one of her shaking hands in his. They had managed to gather most of the celandine into one pile and now all that had to be done was to return it to its package.
“Fine,” she said, desperately searching for a subject change. “I was just doing a protection spell for the room.”
“Good idea.” Scott’s eyes locked with Elayne’s and he blinked at the desire he saw in her blue depths. Throwing all his good intentions to the wind, he took the tube for the herb from her hand and put it on the table then pulled her roughly to his chest with the hand that he still held and claimed her lips with his own. He placed his other hand behind her neck to hold her close as his mouth opened over hers.
Elayne was frozen momentarily, but after Scott’s abrupt action she soon found herself under a spell, this time of his weaving. She sighed as his tongue slipped past her lips to tease hers. Her hand went to his waist where the towel was knotted and she allowed her palm to slowly glide along his body where the cloth met his warm flesh.
“Rain check time?” she asked, her lips hovering a hair under his.
Scott chuckled a little as he edged them closer to the bed. “Do you mind?” he teased as his hands once again slipped under her shirt.
“Not at all,” she told him with a smile just before she dipped her head to drop small kisses on his shoulder and chest. She had no reservations about what they were about to do. In fact, she couldn’t wait for it.
Scott couldn’t wait, either. He wanted to see all of her as soon as possible so he gathered Elayne’s shirt in his hands and quickly pulled it over her head and dropped it to the floor. He looked down at the flesh he had just exposed and immediately fell in love with the way her nipples were already pushing against the fabric of her powder blue bra. He leaned forward to kiss one through the fabric while his arms went around her waist and Elayne used the opportunity to slip her fingers into his dark hair.
Feeling greedy, Scott took her nipple into his mouth and teased the delicate skin with his teeth through the fabric until it stood even more erect in its tight enclosure. He smiled when he heard Elayne moan softly in pleasure as his hands moved to cup her butt.
“You are so beautiful,” he told just before his lips claimed hers again. The kiss seemed to go on forever and Elayne thought she would drown in the passion Scott was stirring inside her. Heat was raging through her body like never before. She could feel it in her chest and abdomen and it coursed outward like a wild fire on a dry day. Her fingers clenched together in his hair so that he couldn’t break the contact of his lips on hers and Scott pulled her hips firmly against his own.
Scott could feel the heat, too. He didn’t know where it was coming from, but he did know that it was like nothing else he had ever experienced. Without taking his lips from Elayne’s, he brought his hand between them and deftly undid the button and zipper of her snug jeans and pushed them down her hips until they pooled around her feet.
Elayne stepped out of the jeans and moved toward the bed. Once there, she climbed on her knees to the middle of the king size mattress and turned to face Scott, giving him a perfect view of her derriere as she did so. He loved the fact that her panties matched her bra and he wondered for a moment if there was any way he could get her to wear only that set whenever they were alone together.
Elayne felt incredibly bold as she locked gazes with Scott and reached behind her back to unhook her bra. Slowly she allowed the straps to slide down her arms until she finally held the garment in one hand. She grinned at Scott mysteriously as she threw it at him while beckoning him to come to her with her other hand.
“My God, you’re going to be my undoing,” he growled as he quickly joined Elayne on the bed and caught her lips again for a hot kiss.
She stopped him when his hands moved to undo the towel from his waist. “Let me,” she whispered as she slowly eased the ends of cloth apart, then held them in either hand and pulled to bring his hips to hers. The contact was thrilling. She could feel the hard length of him pushing against her stomach and she couldn’t wait to feel him inside her.
“I want you so bad,” he ground out between the kisses he was placing along her neck and shoulder.
Elayne allowed the towel to slip from her fingers and onto the bed as she explored the warm skin of Scott’s back and buttocks. His muscles twitched under her fingers and she delighted in the exhilaration that wound its way through her body.
Gently, Scott pressed Elayne down on the bed and gave her a brief, hard kiss on the lips before grinning at her wickedly. She watched as he proceeded to place slow, wet kisses down her body, stopping here and there to give a certain area a little extra attention. Elayne felt like she was being cherished as he languished over her collarbone and then the valley between her breasts. For the first time in her life Elayne knew that she was sharing an experience with someone that was going to alter how she looked at things for the rest of her life.
Her sharp inhalation when Scott took her nipple in his mouth again caused him to look up at her and the desire she saw in his beautiful green eyes made her feel even more special. After he had explored what he could of her body, Scott hooked his fingers under her lacy silk panties and pulled them off carefully. He was amazed at how much control he had at the moment. He had been anticipating this time with her since the kiss they had shared in the elevator so many weeks before.
He just couldn’t get over how beautiful she was. Her blue eyes sparkled in the candlelight and her skin was pink with desire. I could love her. The words echoed in Scott’s mind and he was stilled by them.
“Scott?” Elayne asked breathlessly after a moment. Had he changed his mind? She couldn’t even think about the possibility while her body was screaming for completion. What had caused him to stop?
As he looked down at Elayne, Scott’s thoughts were reflected on what a beautiful person she was. Without saying a word, Scott’s hand sought out the core of her heat at the same time his lips found hers. As his fingers slipped inside her, all thoughts of doubt fled Elayne’s mind as she gave herself over to the moment once more. She couldn’t stand much more of this. Her body craved what only he could give her and the need took over.
“Scott,” she heaved breathlessly. “Please.”
He needed no further prompting. Scott carefully rolled over on top of Elayne, using his arms for support so that he didn’t hurt her. Her skin glowed red and orange from the flames from all the candles that Scott thought she looked like a Pagan priestess. He wondered briefly if Elayne was on the pill, but her hand closed around the length of him and any intent he had to be a gentleman was lost as she guided him inside her. He was surprised by her tightness as he entered her warm opening, but when he looked into her eyes he found only desire alive in her blue depths.
“Don’t worry,” she told him as she brought her legs up and locked them around his waist, drawing him deeper inside her. She knew that he was probably worried about the possibility that she could become pregnant, but she had always been very careful, even when she wasn’t dating anyone, and she took her little pink pill everyday like clockwork.
Their lovemaking was intense. Scott was surprised when Elayne met him stroke for stroke as their bodies moved together, creating sensations that neither had experienced before and likely wouldn’t again with anyone else. Scott did his best to ensure that he didn’t push her too fast. It was obvious by her tightness that Elayne hadn’t been with that many men, but that didn’t stop her from reacting exuberantly to him. She was a passionate woman and once the dam that held that passion back was broken away there would be no turning back for her.
As she cried in release, Elayne knew that she would never be the same again. Scott felt altered as well as he climaxed, not knowing how to react to what had just happened. Afterward, Scott held her close to him as he caressed Elayne’s arm and back trying to reassure himself that she was real; that what they had just shared together was real.
“That was…absolutely amazing,” she said finally. Her voice was sleepy as she rested her head and hand on Scott’s chest, listening as his breathing and heart rate returned to normal.
“Amazing doesn’t begin to describe it,” he replied in disbelief. He was thinking again how easily it would be to fall in love with her. Hell, maybe it was too late already. And he was also thinking that maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing, either. Thoughts of his marriage to Kristen returned to plague him, but then Scott wondered if she would have ever dropped what was going on her life to be with him, to protect him, like Elayne had. He doubted it very much.
Scott smiled to himself as he listened to Elayne’s even breathing as she drifted off to sleep. A plan was developing in his head that he hoped would show her how important she had become to him and how glad he was that she was here. He was so excited that he couldn’t wait for morning to put the plan into motion. He waited until Elayne was sleeping deeply then he carefully eased out from under her and crept to his cell phone. As he waited for the person on the other end to answer, Scott quietly moved around the room, blowing out the candles, then crept into the bathroom.



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