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The girl was hard at work on her first spell as Scott and Elayne slept snuggling in each other’s arms. She had carefully read each spell over and over that she would work over the next few days until she knew them by heart. She took a deep breath before she started.
“Great Hecate,” she called out in a strong voice. “Goddess of the Shadowlands and ruler of the moon. I call upon thee to aide me in my quest. Grant to me your protection as I prepare to do you honor.”
In the distance she could hear a series of thunderclaps that grew louder and stronger with every word she uttered and she smiled. The Goddess was granting her what she asked. Nothing could be better now.
Soon, Scott, she thought. Soon…

Elayne came awake slowly, but as soon as she realized that there was a warm body pressed against the back of hers she remembered the glorious night that she had shared with Scott and she smiled to herself. His palm was flattened on her stomach once again and Elayne couldn’t stop herself from wishing she could wake up like this every morning for the rest of her life.
She could just make out the first rays of sunlight that were peeking through a small slit where the curtains met across the room and she knew that the day would be a beautiful one. She glanced at the clock on the bedside table and saw that it was a few minutes after six, time to get up and get ready for the day. Normally she would be meditating by now, but she knew that they would be pressed for time and she promised herself that she would have to make up for not only one, but two days of not going through her daily exercises. Scott and Ollie were scheduled for an interview with a reporter from one of the local papers at nine and she wanted to make sure that she left him enough time to shower and dress after she had finished.
As carefully as possible, Elayne lifted Scott’s hand from her stomach and rolled away from him. To her relief he didn’t wake, but moved to lie on his stomach instead, cradling her pillow against his chest. She paused for a moment next to the bed and looked down at the man that she was afraid had already taken possession of her heart. She knew that she wasn’t afraid to love Scott, but his lifestyle was one that would make it hard to maintain a relationship. On top of that she didn’t know how he felt for her. Did he think this was a convenient opportunity to play house or were his feelings for her just as serious as hers were for him?
Not wanting to put a damper on what promised to be a wonderful day, Elayne quickly gathered the things she needed for her shower and headed for the bathroom. Time would tell what the Goddess had in store for her and Scott and for now she was content to be happy with what she had.
As the door closed behind her, Scott’s head lifted from the pillow and his gaze fell to where she had just gone. He hadn’t counted on her being an early riser. He needed to call his friend in LA to see how he was progressing on Elayne’s gift and Scott didn’t want to get caught. Oh well, even the best-laid plans needed adjustments along the way, he thought with a quick grin. He figured he should make use of his time while he could so he rose from the bed and pulled on a pair of boxers before going to the phone again and dialing.
“How’s it going?” he asked when the person on the other end answered.
“Hey,” a tired male voice answered on the other end. “What time is it?”
Scott glanced at the clock and quickly calculated the time difference. “Three your time. How’s it coming?” Guy Perkins was the best jeweler Scott had ever known. He had had him create a custom watch for Kristen the last Christmas they were together after seeing Guy’s work at a show a few weeks prior. The man was like an artist when it came to metal and stones and Scott knew he would create something spectacular for Elayne.
“Good. The design you wanted is really turning out incredible. I’ll have it finished soon and delivered to you by noon.”
That was another thing Scott liked about Guy. He was unbelievably quick. When the man sat down to create something, he rarely got up until it was finished. “You’ll have the check by this afternoon,” Scott informed him.
Guy chuckled. “I know you’re good for it, man. I have to say, if the lady is anything like this piece you’ve designed I hope that I get to met her sometime.” His tone turned serious with the last statement and Scott smiled. He and Guy had become good friends since they had met and Guy was glad to see that he was finally getting over the fiasco of the divorce and moving on with his life.
“I hope you can too, man. She’s incredible,” Scott intoned with a huge grin that came through loud and clear on the other end of the line. He heard the water turn off in the bathroom, alerting him that Elayne was finished with her shower and would be coming out soon. “Look, I gotta go. I’ll talk to you soon.”
“Okay. Let me know if she likes it.” Scott hung up and quickly crawled back into bed, pulling the covers over his head as he pretended to be asleep.
Fifteen minutes later Elayne immerged from the bathroom and peeked at the bed to see if Scott was awake. When she saw that the covers were over his head she smiled to herself as she tried to determine if she should wake him or not. It wasn’t quite six-thirty yet and she knew he was probably still tired so she decided not want to wake him just yet. Instead, she grabbed her jacket with the intention of going out for a quick look around in hopes of finding the morning paper. Maybe the girl was here in the hotel and Elayne hoped that she could find her without Scott there. She didn’t want him to be hurt and that was what she was afraid might happen if he was with her when she found the girl.
She went to the desk to leave a note for Scott and as she did he peeked out from the blankets. Seeing that her back was to him, he quietly got out again and snuck up behind her.
“Whatcha doin’?” he asked as he wrapped his arms around Elayne’s body. As expected she screamed out in surprise.
“Dammit, Scott,” she scolded as he pulled her against his chest. “I thought you were still sleeping.”
He could barely hear her over his own laughter, but he dropped a few kisses on her cheek in apology. “I’m sorry. I woke up and you were gone. When I realized that you were in the shower I couldn’t help myself.”
“You are a bad man.” It wasn’t like she was really angry with him and he knew that. She smelled so good from her shower, he wondered what it was. Lavender? Chamomile? He couldn’t place the scent, but he was sure it was something that he would link with Elayne for the rest of his life and he like the prospect.
“Wanna go get some breakfast before the interview?” he asked. He had slipped his hands under her arms from where he still stood behind her and was now caressing her lower abdomen as he continued to place kisses on her cheek and neck.
“Mmm hmm,” she answered dreamily as she tilted her head to the side to give him better access. “Did you want me to wake Ollie?”
“Ollie isn’t invited. I was thinking more along the lines of breakfast in bed,” he informed her as his hands moved up her torso until they cupped each of her breasts that he began to gently knead. The offer was tempting to Elayne but she remembered the interview that was set for just a few hours away and she knew that Scott had to allow extra travel time because he was always being stopped by the fans that he and the other guys loved so much.
“We don’t have time,” she protested feebly as his fingers continued to manipulate her. If he continued there would be no way she could resist his charms. Her body was already beginning to respond to him and she turned her head to meet his warm lips.

They barely made it to the interview with two minutes to spare. Ollie made comments on the entire trip to the restaurant where they were meeting the reporter that he couldn’t believe that he had to call Scott’s room three times before someone answered. Neither Scott nor Elayne would confirm or deny any of the silent accusations that Ollie jokingly made. Instead, they sat next to each other in the back seat of the SUV, hand in hand, and let Ollie run his mouth.
The day was a busy one. After the interview Elayne and the two men rejoined the other members of the group at the arena for sound checks and Elayne was able to get a better understanding of what it took to put a tour on. She was amazed by the seriousness of the group as they worked out the new arrangement that Ollie had mentioned the night before until it was perfect. As Elayne watched from first the backstage and then the floor of the venue, she could see that they were professionals in every sense of the word and she beamed with pride at their effort.
Throughout the day she had kept her eyes open for any sign of the young woman she had seen in the audience in Dallas, but there was nothing. Her senses told her that something was coming, but like most of her premonitions, there were no specifics intertwined with her knowledge. She tired to keep her alertness to a minimum so that Scott could concentrate on preparing for the show and she was sure she succeeded.
For his part, Scott could tell that Elayne was on edge and trying to hide it. He hoped that if she sensed something that she would share it with him, but he had a feeling that she wouldn’t. Scott was pretty sure that Elayne would attempt to protect him just as much as he wanted to be involved. If that were the case then he mentally noted that they would have to sit down for a long talk later.
Guy’s package had arrived around noon as promised. Scott couldn’t wait to give it to Elayne and he couldn’t wait until after the show that night. He had already talked to the hotel staff when he’d had a moment to himself and had planned a quiet dinner for just the two of them after they returned after the show. For about the tenth time since it had arrived, Scott slipped his fingers into his pocket to make sure the slim, black velvet box was still there. For the first time in his career Scott couldn’t wait for the concert to be over so that he could be alone with Elayne.


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