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I’m a bit short on males for the letter ‘F’ so I thought that this week I’d give you a mother/daughter pair from the Celtic pantheon. If you are a fan of the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne then these ladies will be familiar to you.



Goddess of the forest, woodlands, hunting and wild things. She had a magic cow that could produce milk enough for three hundred men in one night. She is also a shapeshifter. Wife of Ailill and associated with hunting and the protection of all animals. Flidais was not only the huntress of wild animals, she was also their protector. Flidais was the mistress of stags, who had chariot pulled by deer.

Flidais was the mother of several daughters, who were druidesses or witches, such as Bé Chuille, Dianann (Dinand), and Bé Téite, and Fand; the last daughter being the wife of Manannán Mac Lir. Both Bé Chuille and Dianann aided the Tuatha Dé Danann against the Fomorians, in the Second Battle of Mag Tuired. They used their sorcery to create illusions.

Flidais was also the fertility goddess, the only one beside Queen Medb of Connacht, who could satisfy Fergus Mac Roich. Otherwise, Fergus would need seven ordinary women in his bed.



Fand is the wife of Manannan Mac Lir (ruler of the Seas) and is a somewhat enigmatic goddess. Fand is a queen of the Sídhe said to live in a hidden palace that stands on an island in the middle of a lake.

She owns the Pearl of Beauty that will make anyone beautiful. She lives in Tír Tairngini: The Land of Promise, which has three trees of purple glass at the east entrance and a silver tree. Her husband left her once and the kingdom was attacked by three Fomorii kings. Cú Chúlainn was sent to protect her and he became her consort. She returned to Manannán later and Cú Chúlainn and Emer were given a drink of forgetfulness.

Her sister is the sea goddess Lí Ban. (Beauty of Women) They take the form of two birds bound together with a chain of gold and appear later at night. Fand in a crimson mantle and Líban in a green mantle. Dress of Tarraingteach: red silk dress blesses the female owner with divine beauty. Also can be snakes or flowers. Their temple is near Bonn.



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