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“You guys looked great,” Elayne said as she and Scott walked off the elevator on the floor where their room was located. Even though she still didn’t know that much about the business, she thought that the show had indeed been wonderful. The new arrangement had worked perfectly and from what she could tell, no one had missed a cue or entrance.
Scott smiled down at her as he pulled Elayne closer to his side with the arm he had wrapped around her shoulders. The show had been good. Even he had to admit that. The crowd had been so hyped and everything seemed to fall into place perfectly. He never had an experience like it before. In his mind, Scott attributed it to Elayne’s presence. Maybe it didn’t have anything to do with her magick, but just having her there was the best good luck charm anyone could ask for. He knew he was falling hard for her and he didn’t care. He couldn’t wait to get back to their room and tell her how he felt.
“I know I’m a little biased,” she continued. “I can’t help it.”
He chuckled then as he pulled the passkey from his pocket and unlocked the door. Scott allowed Elayne to enter first so he didn’t see her initial reaction to the room, but he heard her gasp of surprise. The staff had done well with the time given to them. They had set up a small table and chairs near the window of the spacious room and had lit candles practically everywhere. A cart stood next to the table and was filled with covered plates and a bottle of red wine.
Elayne was amazed as she looked around at the setting that Scott had taken so much time to have prepared for her. She now understood all the secretive phone calls he had made throughout the course of the day and she loved him all the more for it. As the thoughts of love for him echoed through her mind, Elayne felt tears gather in her eyes as she turned to face him and she wondered how she was going to survive when he finally walked out of her life. It was too late for her, Scott Marsters held her heart in his hands and there was nothing she could do about it.
Scott saw her tears and panic set in. “Have I done something wrong?” he asked as he took her face in his hands and tilted it until her eyes met his.
Elayne shook her head as she attempted to keep the tears from slipping past her lids. “No. It’s perfect. I love it.”
Scott sighed with relief and lowered his forehead to hers and chuckled. “Don’t cry then. I thought you hated it.”
“No, it’s wonderful,” Elayne assured him as she pulled back and laid a hand on his cheek. “I love it, truly. No one has ever done anything so special for me before.” Which was the truth. The few men that Elayne had dated where idiots who lacked any form of romance in their way of thinking. She was so touched by Scott’s gesture that she didn’t know what to say.
Scott took her hand and pulled her toward the table where he held out her chair for her. They talked about the events of the day as they ate the meal and Elayne loved the familiarity between them. She loved the way he looked at her as he took a sip of wine and how his hand would reach over and cover hers while she talked. She found that she really wanted to tell him how she felt about him, but she didn’t want him to think that she expected a declaration of love from him in return.
After they had finished Scott left the table and pretended to look through his overnight bag for something. “There’s a box in my coat pocket, will you get it for me?”
“Sure,” she said as she rose from her chair and crossed to the bed where he had tossed the jacket earlier. As she pulled the long velvet box from the pocket, she wondered what was inside. “Here you go.”
“Open it.” Scott had straightened and was now regarding her with a wide smile on his tanned face.
Elayne stopped and looked at him quizzically. Why did he want her to open it? Of course she had wondered what was inside what so obviously looked like a jewelers box, but she figured that she would learn it’s contents if he wanted her to. “What?”
Scott lowered his voice and repeated, “Open it.”
She lifted the lid hesitantly and gasped when she saw what was inside. Small platinum pentacles, the size of dimes, had been linked together to form a delicate bracelet. Elayne was rendered speechless as she silently marveled at the obvious skill of the craftsman who had made the piece. With great care she lifted the bracelet from its bed of velvet and watched as it sparkled in the candlelight of the room. She knew that things like this weren’t made everyday and she wondered where Scott had found it. Or when he had found the time.
“Do you like it?” he asked eagerly. He hadn’t moved since she had opened the box and he was praying that she liked it.
When her eyes met his, Scott could see that there were tears of happiness gleaming in hers. “It’s absolutely beautiful,” she whispered.
He reached out and took the bracelet from her fingers and flipped it over so that she could look at the back. Most of the pentacles were just the outlines of the star and circle that surrounded it. One near the clasp, however, had a solid back and she saw that there was writing on it.
My heart is yours, S, the tiny words said. She didn’t know what to think. Elayne knew in a way that this was a proclamation of sorts on Scott’s part, but she wasn’t sure exactly what he was trying to say to her.
Scott could see the question in her eyes and he knew that the time had come to tell her of his feelings. Taking a deep breath, he began to speak in an even voice. “I wanted you to know just how much I appreciate you being here.” He kept his eyes on hers as he continued, “I don’t know if you realize it or not, but I think there is something more here… something between you and me that goes farther than finding this girl and stopping her.” He transferred the bracelet to one hand and used his now free one to caress her cheek with the back of his knuckles and Elayne smiled up at him. “I haven’t been the same since I met you. I’m a better man and I have you to thank for that.”
Elayne took his hand in hers and kissed the center of his palm. “I’ve changed, too. I can’t explain it because I’ve never felt this way, either, but when I’m with you it’s like I’ve come out of a shell that bottled me up for so long and all I can think about is making this time with you the best possible.”
Scott fastened the bracelet around her arm and when the metal contacted her skin, Elayne felt a small surge of warmth spread up her arm and into her chest. It was like the Goddess was telling her that this man was the one she was meant to spend the rest of her life with. He was the other half of her soul. The doubts that she’d worried over no longer mattered as she put her arms around Scott’s neck and their lips met hungrily. His hands seemed to be everywhere all at once and Elayne didn’t mind one bit.
Their clothes fell to the floor effortlessly as they kissed and caressed each other hungrily, as if they had been apart for a long while. Elayne marveled at his tanned skin as it began to glisten with sweat. She ran her hands up his chest, around his neck and into his hair, pulling his mouth greedily to hers again.
Scott was so aroused by Elayne’s enthusiasm that he almost threw her on the bed without thinking. He was realizing for the first time just how passionate this woman was and what an incredible choice he had made in the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. As he eased her down on the bed and covered her body with kisses, Scott regretted the time he had wasted with Kristen, but he was so glad Elayne was with him now.
Soon they were joined together as one and Elayne felt her soul reaching out toward Scott’s. This is it, she thought to herself in ecstasy as she reached an earth-shattering climax that left her fiercely shaken. “Scott…I love you,” she cried out as she felt him explode inside her.
Her unspoken words echoed in his head, but Scott thought it was only his own mind that had said them. This is it. He felt a momentary stab of fear at her abrupt declaration. Am I ready for the type of relationship that Elayne deserves? his mind raged when he could think clearly. He hoped so, but right now he wasn’t sure.
Afterward, as Scott held Elayne tightly against him, he wondered if he would only end up hurting her in the end like he had Kristen. He didn’t want to, but the way he lived his life hardly left room for much else. His mind kept echoing that she was it for him, Elayne was the other half of his soul, even though he had never been one to think about love in that way before. The question was could he take the chance that he wouldn’t hurt her?




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