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Oh boy, did I have a busy weekend! It was great!!

Saturday I went to the MMPC (Mid-Michigan Pagan Council) Pagan Picnic, an event put on every year as a means of bringing area pagans together to spend an afternoon getting to know each other. I’ve mentioned before that Cathy is on the MMPC board, so of course I went to support her and the event.

So, among the many memorable things that happened… I experienced great food, especially in the form on a magnificent bean burger and gluten-free lemon bars. A fun bingo-style game meant to help folks get to know each other. A tea cup raffle, cuz who doesn’t like a teacup raffle!?!? And meeting some really cool people.

It was a small event, but one definitely worth attending. Now that summer is upon us, I’m sure that similar gatherings are going to be taking place, not only in Michigan, but across the country. If you have one going on in your area then I highly recommend going. If you live in the Mid-Michigan area and want to learn more about the MMPC and their events, like the upcoming Lansing Pagan Pride Day, here is a link to their Facebook group page:



While at the picnic I found out about a really interesting pair of events coming up this weekend. If you are into the goth scene and will be in the Lansing area on June 11, you might want to check out the World Goth Day Mid Michigan. During the day there will be a Cemetery Picnic at Pioneer Cemetery that will be followed that night by a club event at The Avenue Cafe. If you are interested in more information about either event here is a link to their Facebook page:



Then on Sunday I attended the 2nd Annual Gypsy Goddess Summer Festival in Chesaning.  WOW!!!! I grew up in Chesaning, which is a pretty small, conservative town, and didn’t know what to expect. I am happy to share how great this event was. Wonderful, world class vendors that included clothing, rocks/crystals, art, jewelry and homemade soaps. Fantastic live music and dancing. Workshops, which I unfortunately didn’t get to attend. There were even many options for psychic readings, aura photography, acupuncture and massage.


My big purchase of the day was a drum!

I’ve been looking into either purchasing or making my own drum for a long time and the price for this handsome guy was perfect! It’s made from ethically harvested wood and the skin is from a free-range goat who had been allowed to live its life in peace. In other words, perfect for me! It’s tone is deep and rich and I can’t wait to use it in ritual!!! Rob had fantastic prices and also makes orgonite! Here is a link to the Instruments of Healing Etsy shop:


I really hope that the Gypsy Goddess Summer Festival will happen again next year because it’s one that I will definitely keep an eye out for. And since it was so good I would feel no qualms about sharing information about it with you guys as well, so look forward to that next summer!

So that was my witchy filled weekend. It always feels good to spend time with like-minded people and to learn what others are doing with their time and resources. I love and am committed to community building for Pagans and its events like the ones I attended last weekend that help to bring us together. If you’ve never gone to something like these then I encourage you to get out and do so because you never what you’re missing until you do.

On that note, I will be teaching at Lansing Pagan Pride Day again this year and that will be taking place on August 27th at Valhalla Park in Holt, Michigan. I had a great time last year and I hope to see you there. If you want more info I would say to join the MMPC Facebook group at the link above since they are the folks putting it on.

This next month is going to be a busy one for me as I finish up my fourth year with the Temple of Witchcraft mystery school. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year already! That being said, I have loads of assignments to finish up but I will try really hard to keep posting things here. Thanks for stopping in and walking with me on the Path for a while. Until next time… Blessed Be!





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