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The tour continued uneventfully for the next two weeks and during that time, Scott and Elayne spent nearly every minute of the day together, getting to know each other’s likes and dislikes. Mundane things like how they liked their hamburgers, what shampoo each preferred, and what sleeping position was their favorite. Scott had even started joining Elayne in her morning meditation exercises in the hopes of getting to know her better.
He also began to ask Elayne about her powers and what it meant to be a Wiccan. Elayne knew that he had been raised in a religious home and she was grateful that he didn’t seem to be judging her about her beliefs. In fact, he seemed to sincerely want to know more about her religion and not just because they were sleeping together, but because he was genuinely interested.
Elayne told him about the basics of Wicca and about her powers. She explained how the women of her circle had come together and how they each represented one of the four elements. Amy was earth, strong and steady. Serena was air, calm and cooling. Connie was water, inspirational and soothing, while Elayne was fire, passionate and intense.
She also explained in detail her limited form of premonition and how she had been trying for the last couple of years to develop it more, but so far had met with little success. Elayne told Scott about her ability to plant suggestions in people’s mind and how because of the Rule of Three she would never use the gift maliciously or for personal gain. She outlined how she could manipulate fire and after Scott asked enough, actually show him some of the ways she could do so. She showed him how she could create it from nothing and could control existing fire so that it didn’t spread.
“When did it all start?” he asked one morning as they were quietly talking in bed after making love. Elayne was sitting Indian style at Scott’s side so that she was facing him, with the sheet tucked under her arms to cover her chest. Scott was lying on his back with his hand on her thigh as they talked.
“I was about 16,” she told him as she thought back to that time in her life and how confusing things had been for her. “There was no one else in my family with magickal abilities so there was no one for me to talk to about them. Pretty much all I have been able to learn is based on instincts and what I’ve taught myself.”
Scott asked if anyone else in the coven had gifts like hers and Elayne explained the primary powers that that each of them had. She told him that Connie could control the weather and water, that Amy could stop time and manipulate the earth and that Serena was able to move things with her mind as well as dream travel and command air. She also included Serena’s husband, Richard, and his gifts of concealment, minor healing and water direction.
“Serena’s mom had gifts, too,” Elayne explained, “that’s why she is the strongest among us, she had training from her mother before she died a few years ago. We’ve been trying to teach each other some of our personal abilities, as well as begin training for Serena’s daughters who are starting to show signs of gifts themselves. I’ve begun learning to dream travel.”
Scott’s brow lifted as he watched her with interest. “Is it possible to learn each other’s gifts?” he asked.
Elayne remembered all the hard work that she had already put into learning about from Serena and the few results that she had been able to yield so far. “I’m not sure,” she replied with a shrug. “Serena’s lessons have gotten me to the point where I can do a few things, like be aware of whether I’m dreaming or in a place that someone like Serena has created. I’m able to change things in the dream world, but I’m not as good at it as Serena is.”
She paused for a moment and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear hesitantly. She knew that her abilities were pretty weak when compared to the others in her coven and she couldn’t help but feel a little inadequate talking about them. She hoped that Scott didn’t start to think that she wasn’t strong enough to protect him. “I think that the powers that have manifested in each of us are the ones that we are meant to have and are linked with our element. I’m trying to concentrate most of my efforts into developing them first.”
In the shot time they’d spent together Scott had begun to learn how Elayne and her thought processes worked. And even though he had a long way to go before he ever fully understood her, he knew that when she tucked her hair like that behind her ear she was nervous and something in the back of his mind told him why.
“Your friends sound really interesting, honey,” he said as he squeezed her thigh. “But personally I’m glad that it’s you that’s here. I think it’s your gifts that are of the most use. And besides,” he added with a sly grin as he reached for Elayne’s hand to pull her down for his kiss, “most of them are married. I couldn’t do this to Amy or Serena.”
His lips claimed hers in a possessive kiss that almost made Elayne forget his choice of words and how closely they had been to what she was thinking. Almost. It wasn’t the first time that his words had echoed what she had been thinking and Elayne wondered if it were more than just coincidence.
“Why did you say that?” she asked after dragging her mouth from his.
Scott frowned slightly. “Say what?”
“That my gifts were of the most use. Why did you say that?”
Scott shrugged, not entirely sure where the words had come from himself. “Well, I guess it makes sense that’s all,” he answered, sounding as if the reason was an obvious one. “Amy being able to stop time wouldn’t be of much help finding this girl and neither would Serena’s telekinetic ability. You’re the one with the ability to feel her with your premonitions, Elayne. Just because your powers may seem weaker than the others doesn’t mean that they would be better equipped to find this girl.”
Elayne blinked at him, surprised at how closely his words had reflected exactly what she had been thinking. She began to wonder if he was in some way reading her thoughts, but the idea seemed unlikely. Usually magickal abilities manifested themselves during the teen years of the individual. Of course, it wasn’t like there was any studies out there on people able to do magick so she supposed if would be possible, but if Scott could read minds… wouldn’t she be able to sense it?
“Don’t you agree?” Scott asked, snapping her attention back to him.
Elayne blinked, not really remembering what they had been talking about. “Sure,” she mumbled, dropping her head so that it once again rested on Scott’s chest. As he drifted off to sleep her mind tried to grasp the fact that Scott might possess gifts like hers and she wondered how she could find out for sure.





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